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We wake up one morning to find a cold house because we forgot to turn the heat on and all our winter coats are

When people confront a problem, they reach for their wallets. Which only ever papers over the cracks as it causes our problem-solving skills to

It's important not to overlook the benefits of CFLs and LEDs for situations that require low heating combined with the increased spectrum and light

Selecting a good generator for your home may seem tricky at first, but with all the right info, it will become just another shopping

First, having a generator available,in a SHTF situation is like winning the lottery. Yet, a working generator comes with advantages and disadvantages.

In case you haven’t noticed, winter is here. It might not officially be here, but winter weather is. It’s even hit South Texas, where

California is experiencing a series of intentional power outages, as the electric company shuts down power in multiple counties in order to avoid disaster.

If you are determined to lower your heating bill and get away from expensive heating fuels, this is a viable option that has worked

When Hillary Clinton was asked by reporters to describe the difference between being the Democrat Party and socialism, she couldn’t give them an answer.

The idea of breaking free from the electric company, the water company, and all the others who expect a piece of the pie every

Our electrical grid is subject to cyberattack on a daily basis. Hackers make focused attacks on our grid, attempting to take over control of

When we talk off-grid power, that means solar and wind power. While there are some other means of generating electricity, most of us are

Typically, we see solar power as a means to energy security, providing us with power in a grid-down situation. In that regard, solar power

Survival gear is important, but many survivalists are overly focus on things. In order to survive, we need the problem-solving skills that make some

What we're going through these days looks very much like a holiday at the North Pole. Heating is the last thing you would want