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On The Edge Of Pandemic: 6 Rules For A Safe Bug Out

Ebola is transmitted through contact with microscopic amounts of perspiration … such as the doctor who went bowling at two bowling alleys…

What It Takes To Prevent Ebola

If you’re reading this, you likely feel the same way I do … that you need to hear the whole message before you decide the best course of action…

Ebola Has Discovered The New World

It was bound to happen, and it has; like Columbus, Ebola has made it across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered the New World!

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Pandemic in Big Cities: Surviving Quarantine

Things are getting way out of hand: officials from the WHO claim that Ebola is spreading faster than they can keep up with.

Diseases to Fear in the Aftermath of Disaster

Many people believe that the biggest fear after SHTF is going to be starvation or attack from other humans, but the likelihood of mass death by disease is a much more terrifying probability.

Surviving The Next Black Death

Throughout human history there have been several pandemics which have swept over the world, devastating the human race and leaving innumerable dead in their wake.