The Biggest Killer When SHTF – And How To Avoid It

What if you could receive the exact advice you need to guarantee your health when SHTF?

Custom-written for you?

Because I know you’re sick and tired of useless filler-filled articles and books from so-called experts on how to treat your illnesses (that’s potentially dangerous) but—truth is it’s not that easy, it’s risky and you still need medical advice. But now you have the answer…

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Why Self-Reliance is the Key

If society collapsed, manufacturing of clinical medical supplies would come to grinding halt. On top of that, in case of any major disaster, the chances you’ll catch a deadly disease are 60 times easier in a FEMA camp. That is why health should be your top priority.

Let me break this down for you…

You probably heard about “The Third Army” in the American Civil War and how it slaughtered over almost 500,000 U.S. soldiers.

That’s because the American Civil War represents a landmark in military and medical history as the last large-scale conflict fought without knowledge of the germ theory of disease. Unsound hygiene, dietary deficiencies, and battle wounds set the stage for epidemic infection, while inadequate information about disease’s causes greatly hampered its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Altogether, two-thirds of the approximately 660,000 deaths of soldiers during the American Civil War were caused by infectious diseases, and epidemics played a major role in halting several major campaigns. Such delays, coming at a crucial point early in the war, also prolonged fighting by as much as two years. It’s only in modern times that bullets, and bombs, cause more casualties than bacteria and germs. That’s how things will be when SHTF…

It’s true that nowadays most of the diseases that killed half a million Americans can be cured in a couple of days, but that doesn’t mean you can easily disregard them…

Since cuts and scrapes and other open wounds are the most common type of injury you are liable to deal with, it is vital you understand how to use the things you can find at home to make the medicines necessary to prevent those injuries from becoming life threatening.

However, first thing is to recognize what medical skills are the most valuable.

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Why Your Opinion Matters

I bet that every now and then you become skeptical when someone asks for your advice because, in the end, they’ll do it however they want anyway… But this is where things change. Because with your involvement, you can get exactly what you need… and it only takes 4 minutes top.

Just think about it… In the USA, health care costs have been an on-and-off concern for decades and even on July 10, 1969, Richard Nixon, admitted:

“We face a massive crisis in this area. Without prompt administrative and legislative action, he added at a special press briefing, “we will have a breakdown in our medical care system.” 

And it’s been like that ever since…

So the question here is: are you fully prepared for the unavoidable collapse? Because if you want to upgrade your survival skills and be your family’s savior, you must know the root of your problems, so you can prevent and cure every personal health issue.

And if you’re true to yourself, you’ll realize you need to know a couple more things. That’s why you can now have a say and get the exact information you need from now on, from Survivopedia.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s a helpful hand you’re giving to yourself.

Fill in the following report and wait for your tailored info to arrive…

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