15 Skills For Surviving A Collapsed City

Urban Survival Tips

Will you survive a disaster in a city without having resources such as water, food and safe shelter at your disposal? Let’s find out!

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7 Steps To Increase Privacy When Using The Internet

Increase Online Privacy

Americans have traditionally valued privacy very highly. Follow these seven steps to protect your privacy when using the Internet.

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Prep Blog Review: Are You Prepared For The Worst?

Are You Prepared For The Worst

One thing’s for sure: survival will be your biggest challenge when SHTF. We gathered 5 worst-case scenarios to be prepared for.

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Prep Blog Review: 2016 Survival Assessment (So Far)

pbr july 23

Venezuela is a study case. Riots can be found anywhere from US, to Turkey. Theorist attacks are scarier than ever. What are you prepping in what’s left of 2016?

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Stories To Learn From: WWII Survival On The Home Front

8655488 - us army soldier

During WW2, on the home front, we were all Americans. We were all in this together, and we intended to win. We never felt alone, and we survived as a community.

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Prep Blog Review: 5+ SHTF Facts


That’s what we’re all prepping for, thinking of and questioning about. Here are the latest findings on survival websites and blogs.

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Prep Blog Review: The No.1 Priority in Surviving

PBR 2016 july 9

What’s going on in this America of ours? Seems like a new attack or a riot is always around the corner. That just means we need to up our prepping game NOW.

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7 DIY Safe House Projects To Hide Your Valuables

safe box

Nowadays even my monkey has something to hide. Check these 7 clever methods to protect your cash or your valuables, that you can DIY in a few hours!

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Discussions with a Liberal: We Need Solutions That Work

6267684 - political symbols of republicans and democrats facing off

It’s time to talk people. It’s time for a national conversation on a plethora of issues. What we need are solutions that work.

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Prep Blog Review: 5 Defense Tactics Inspired By Orlando


Orlando has been in our prayers and in our minds these past few days. Terrorist attacks have become the 2016 reality, so get prepping!

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How The World Would Change Without Fuels?


Since diesel and gasoline were only invented in the late 1800’s, it will not be so hard to “go back” to a lifestyle without these fuels. But do you know how to do it?

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Prep Blog Review: 5 Venezuelan Survival Lessons


Greatest survival lessons come not from imagined situations or TV show scripts.
Study case 1: Venezuela 2016.

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A History Of Poverty

What has 50 years of giving handouts to the poor gotten us? According to census data, we’ve reduced the poverty rate by a whopping three percent!

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13 Things To Remember From PrepperCon 2016


This is great news if you are interested in survivalism or emergency preparedness, and attending expos like PrepperCon has a lot to offer.

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Just Whose Bathroom Is It?

bathroom transgender issue

You’d think that nowadays, liberals could find something important to scream about. Still, they choose to scream over made-up issues and manufactured stories.

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6 Ways To Defeat Facial Recognition Cameras


Many Americans feel technology routinely violates US citizens’ rights. Law was created to protect rights and property. Now it is often used to legally plunder them.

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