When The Courts Run Amok

President Trump is barely three weeks in the office, but he’s already having problems with the government. What to expect?

ISIS Is Still Alive And Well

It will take strong leadership, backed by a strong military, to stop the spread of Islam overseas and to stop its spread here at home.

The Party of Voter Fraud Exposed

Democrats are interested in one thing and one thing only; that’s power. And in their eyes, the ends justify the means.

Paris – Ground Zero For The European Jihad

President Bush responded to it by declaring “War on Terror,”. He was late, terror, had already declared war on the western world.

The Silent Invasion Of The Western World. US Next?

What if I was to tell you that we are all living in the midst of a world-changing disaster? One that will change life as we know it.

How Our World Is Changing: Christianity Under Siege

Those of us who are conservatives, who believe in the Constitution, as written by the Founding Fathers, must take a stand. Christianity is under siege.

First Shots Of The Racial Civil War

While the frustration and anger is quite real, it is being misdirected and manipulated to create a crisis; quite possibly to create a racial civil war.

Illegal Aliens… It’s Worse Than We Think

According to police reports, the murderer of that young woman is an illegal alien who has been convicted seven times of felonies and deported five times.

Illegal Immigration: The Democrat Vote Machine

Seems like the horror of the Confederate Battle Flag is much more important than the loss of our country’s sovereignty.

Obama’s Unilateral Immigration Amnesty

On November 20th, Obama announced his plans to push forward with granting amnesty to 5,000,000 illegal aliens in the United States…

The Real Reason Why Obama’s Fostering Immigrants

Like most of Obama’s other actions, this one too is clearly going to hurt our country… We just don’t know how… yet