How Our World Is Changing: Christianity Under Siege

While there are many on the left who would like to erase it from history, the fact is that the United States of America was founded by Christians to be a Christian nation. The vast majority of the signers of the Constitution and the soldiers who died in the Revolutionary War proclaimed Christ as Lord. Yes, there were atheists amongst them, but over 90% were Christian.

The writers of the First Amendment, which guarantees us freedom of religion, as well as freedom of expression, weren’t thinking about giving Muslims and Hindus freedom to believe as they wanted to.

They were trying to ensure that different denominations of the Christian faith didn’t persecute each other. Many of the earliest settlers came to these shores in search of religious freedom, trying to get away from persecution in Europe.

Yet today, we see those same Christian beliefs and those who follow them under attack. Apparently, religious freedom has been redefined by the political left to mean freedom from Christianity and the Bible, not freedom to follow one’s own religious beliefs.

Where Is This Coming From?

{adinserter bph}We can’t really lay the blame on any one doorstep. There are a number of different groups, all of which are opposed to Christianity, which have decided that Christianity is an offense to them directly. In response, they have chosen to attack Christians and Christianity, in order to remove it from blocking their desires.

These groups use names like homophobic and Islamphobic to describe Christians, calling them racist and haters but they do so without understanding that which they are denouncing. There is a large element of assumption in those names and the hate that they assume is in the heart of the Christian.

Herein lies a lot of the problem. When people start assuming what others believe and feel, they universally get it wrong. Believing that someone hates you doesn’t make them hate you. But unfortunately, there are just enough Christians around who do hate these people, that it justifies the names of the accusers, at least in their own minds.

When one feels hated by another, it is natural to respond in kind. It takes a person with great compassion, understanding and self-discipline to not respond in hate, to being hated. So, these people, most of whom have no reason to avoid hating Christians, continue hating those who they think hate them.

Of course, few Christians actually hate these people. I won’t deny that there are some, but the vast majority of Christians only want to be left alone by them. If you ask Christians about homosexuals, the only thing that most say is something along the lines of, “That’s their choice, I just want them to leave me alone.” Pretty much the same response will come when asking them about Muslims, although they might have more concern about the violence of the Muslim extremists.

With Christians thinking like that, where does all the assumption of hate come from? Simple, the Bible says that homosexuality is sin. I’ve got a surprise for the homosexuals in the world. It’s possible to not be in agreement with their lifestyle, while still accepting them as people. Accepting them doesn’t mean that Christians have to accept their lifestyle.

Let me put it in another, similar context. The Bible says that adultery is a sin as well. Most Christians will tell you that just as clearly as they will say that homosexuality is sin. When they find someone committing adultery, they will say it’s wrong, even if the person committing it is their best friend. Actually, they are more likely to say it’s wrong if the person is their best friend. But that doesn’t mean that they hate their friend or that they won’t talk to them again. They’ll probably talk themselves blue, trying to talk the “sinner” into repenting.

When Law Overcomes the Belief

The attacks which are being levied against Christianity, in the courts and in the legislature, are all based upon that assumption of hate; a hate that doesn’t exist. It is being used as an excuse to limit the First Amendment rights of Christians, calling their beliefs, “hate crimes.”

I am a firm believer in Freedom of Religion. Not as the liberal left is trying to define it, but as the writers of the Constitution understood it. I don’t care if you’re Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or believe in the ancient Greek mythology. That’s between you and God. When I became an officer in the military, I swore an oath to defend your right to your own religious convictions and although I’m no longer in, I still stand by that oath. Believe what you want, but in turn, you must allow others to believe as they want too.

In recent times, we’ve seen a number of cases in which political and judicial pressure has been placed on Christians to go against their faith. I guess it started becoming obvious with Obamacare. Several businesses and religious organizations had to go to court, in order to try and receive an exemption from paying for abortion, something that Christians call murder. Yet, Obama was handing out free exemptions to his friends, in a glaring case of crony capitalism.

Did you know that Muslims are exempt from Obamacare? Apparently their religion has something against insurance. So, they get a free ride from the whole kit and kaboodle, but Christians are being forced to pay for abortions that they disagree with. That’s fair?

Now, Christians are being forced to support same sex marriages, even though they disagree with them. Christian owned private businesses are being fined crippling amounts for not providing services to those marriages, because it’s supposedly “discriminating.” It doesn’t matter that the homosexual couples sought out a Christian business specifically, so that they could bring up a case against them. All that matters is the feelings of the homosexuals.

Sure, let’s destroy the lives of others, just because they don’t agree with our lifestyle. If Christians had that attitude, there would be no homosexuality at all, and we’d go back to the days when they were stoned to death.

Now, with the Supreme Court weighing in and saying that same sex couples have a right to get married, we’re seeing a new salvo being blasted at Christians. Forget that their ruling doesn’t make it law and forget that it was a totally illegal ruling anyway, adding something to the Constitution that isn’t there; the LGBT community is going wild. In their eyes, and apparently in the eyes of the government, the Supreme Court ruling has made it law. Same sex couples are now flocking to the County Clerk’s office to get their marriage licenses.

There, in one obscure county clerk’s office, they encountered a Christian who didn’t agree that the Supreme Court’s decision made it law. She refused to issue a marriage license, following her own understanding of the law and her Christian faith, and asked that her name be removed from the marriage license. She didn’t feel that she could issue those licenses because it would be a violation of her Christian beliefs and her personal morals. Seems rather simple to me. All they had to do was put someone else’s name there. But no, a judge decided to throw her in jail, to teach this disobedient Christian a lesson. Granted, she only spent a couple of days in jail; but still, that was the judge’s response.

Where is the law which says we are to give up our humanity, our beliefs and our conscience, just because they don’t line up with another person’s? Muslims aren’t expected to do that. Homosexuals aren’t expected to do that. But Christians are being expected to do that and it’s becoming more frequent all the time. We, those of us who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, are being denied our faith, in the very country where Christians invented the idea of Freedom of Religion.

The battle is not yet over. There will be many more salvos fired before it is. Sadly, it is a war for which I don’t believe there is much hope. Those who oppose Christianity aren’t constrained by Christian morals. So they will use weapons that Christians won’t touch. That will ultimately give them the advantage.

We must stand. Those of us who are conservatives, who believe in the Constitution, as written by the Founding Fathers, must take a stand. We must make our voice be heard. We must cry out for justice and keep on doing so, until justice returns to this land. It must not be a self-serving cry either; but one which takes into account the equal rights of all Americans. We must stand for the rights of the Muslims and the LGBT community, as well as the Christians. Fair treatment under the law is the only acceptable answer to what is happening today.

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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Even more concerning to me, is the WAY that many “Christians” choose to willingly and openly denigrate others who claim to be Christians. We have enough to concern ourselves with in fighting against evil in general, and against those in the Middle East who want to murder all non-believers (includes anyone professing a belief in Christ), that we need NOT be antagonistic or intolerant when we have differences in MINOR theology. Our republic is being intentionally Balkanized by the current Administration, we need to NOT allow ourselves to be segregated by differences in Christian theological practices and minor differences. Our enemy will NOT make that distinction at all.

  • you write “Did you know that Muslims are exempt from Obamacare?”

    That would be interesting: if true. According to Snopes? it is not true.

    Christians would be the most honest people. You, Bill, are not.

    Your opinion is made up stuff.

    Do we see Christians forgiving their enemies, as Christ forgave us? Or supporting State terror and organized murder?

    Obama is so awful as he continues the Bush Foreign policies? Why do US Christians universally support his policies?

    Could it be you really do speak for a majority of Christians, Bill? You have a whole of religion, but apparently, not so much Christ, or his Spirit.

    Best of Luck

  • Thank you for the article Bill.

    It baffles me that people today will defend the religion that KILLS those who don’t agree with them, but hate Christians because Christians “hurt my feelings”. As Christians we know that we are as sinful as anyone, and anyone who claims to be less sinful than anyone else is a LIAR (read it in the bible). Many so-called Christians have twisted the word of God to fit their own purpose which in turn makes all Christians look bad. The world is just as God told us it would be. I just never imagined it being in my lifetime. Persevere Christians. Christ will reward.

    • Anne, well spoken. Christ will reward.

      What did you like about the article?

      I’m not sure I agree with the main point Bill makes: the Christian is denied his faith.

      in the case of marriage, this didn’t just arrive in a box.

      Christians, across the board, with exceptions, support the government’s right (power) to be in the marriage business.

      here in CA, in San Diego, at Foothills, a large prominent church, the pastor refuses to marry couple without marriage licenses.

      the marriage license provides the contract of marriage and dissolution.

      Bible Standard of dissolution is not “for any reason or no reason”.

      Christians, in CA, compromised, and now complain.

      What did they think would happen when you compromise away God’s law.

      They got the benefits: lower tax rates, favorable treatment in numerous little ways, in medical, insurance and property rights. So they went along with licenses.

      They gave to Ceasar, what belongs to God. Maybe? I don’t know. just a thought. The way they go on about it?

      State sponsered murder;
      Indefinite detentions;
      Asset forfeiture. (4th amendment- sacrificed to the war on drugs)
      Oppressive Bails (8th amendment- doesn’t affect Christians, so why speak out?)
      A trillion dollars of printed money to wage wars- each year? Christians go along with all that and Bill says Christians aren’t allowed to their faith?

      Baffles me….

    Two very strange articles in one week? First in your 2nd/A one you advocate the same tyranny the unconstitutional regime is pulling by telling people to run privacy invasive registration background checks on their neighbors during PRIVATE GUN SALES, And in this article you are essentially condoning the establishment of a theocracy in a Secular Egalitarian Nation?!

    The United States and what it stands for as a Constitutional Egalitarian society was NOT/NEVER/NO WAY EVER “… founded by Christians to be a Christian nation”.

    Just because there were a lot of sectarian religious groups who shared the same novel about a savior, and little else if even that when the Framers created our Laws of the Land, doesn’t mean they had anything to do with Christianity’s laws of god. Quite the contrary, in historical fact, if you’re religious intransigence can break you out of your denial and re-direct your confirmation bias now fully blown into a venue it shouldn’t be in but instead opens your mind to the honest historic reality.

    The very visionary Framers made sure that the nation would in fact NOT be a Christian Land for the reasons set forth in NO uncertain terms, laws, and subsequent explanations starting with the 1st/A. Primarily Because they knew first hand how destructive theocracies were to a free society. No exceptions to the rule.

    This delusional and patently specious notion of our nation being ‘founded on judeo-christion principles is an intentional lie which is the product of agenda based Constitutional subversion and historic hi-jacking by deleterious theocratic Corporatist religionism, which violates the most sacred tenet of honest spiritualism by taking advantage of the gullibility of emotionally challenged and confused sheeple. Shame on all those who do that!

    And that ‘Jim Jones’ style theocratic wench stealing 85 grand a year off the taxpayers for merely signing her name on lawful documents should be the first to ‘cast stones’ when you consider her sinful background?! She should be impeached and charged with a discrimination crime. There’s no ‘war on religion here’ But there should be a definite attack on stupidity and criminality like this? Why do you think the Framers made the 1st/A in the first place if they really wanted the country “…to be a Christian nation”? And never mentioned ‘god’ one time in the Constitution, and no ‘Christian’ god anywhere else in the Laws of The Land’, including the Declaration of Independence? They said ‘Nature’s God’, in it, NOT, the Christian God. Just as a reminder In case the brainwashing and denial deleted that from your CPU already? If this anti-gay rights clerk get’s away with this, what’s next, would she like burning them at the stake like they did to young women they found laughing and dancing together in the woods…as witches?! That’s why the Founders and Framers DID NOT ENDORSE, PROMOTE, OR ALLOW RELIGIOUS MANDATES OR VIEWPOINTS IN THE LAWS OF THE LAND.

    So What the FUCK in ‘god’s name is going on here? Christians these days are getting on the same bus heading straight off the cliff of radicalism that the islamists or driving!

    As an ordained exorcist I will humbly be available to assist anyone with such terminal ‘belief’ systems gone awry and out of control as to be dangerous to your health and potentially treasonous. I will assist you to remove these demons before it is too late. You will know your spiraling descent into madness when you are getting messages from god in your dreams–like O’Reilly mentioned he did have on an interview, — which dictate what you do and where you go in life, and that’s all you think about. (that question will soon be on the form 4473’s if we don’t repeal all this registration and the ’68 GCA. “…how often do you have messages from god in your dreams or hear voices from god in your head?”) I’ll see you by private appointment only, no credit cards or obamacare. Cash, gold, or ammo. only.

    Meanwhile I’ll pray for you all that you get some true history ‘therapy’ to get your heads out of your asses, and the theocratic shit flushed out of your brains.

    • Mahatma! thanks for taking the time to respond! Yes and amen! Haha. Bill probably won’t have the time to read as he is doubtless raising funds to help the clerk find a new elected position. She clearly has no attitude for issuing marriage licenses.

      Do rights of men originate with “Nature’s God”? The rights of life, liberty and money, I mean happiness, original with the Christian God: you do find those in the Declaration.

      Up until St. Reagan was elected president, you will find states had laws against “usary”. Many states capped interest rates and had a slew of “usary” laws.
      Not financial interest or loans or the like: Usary. From the Bible. As in “Don’t fuck with Uncle Teddy”.

      Credit cards were not in common usage until the new legislation destroyed these laws.

      And the Holy Sainted One, gave us our economic boom. Isn’t that great? Prosperity by institutionalizing loan sharks.

      My point is very simple one. Many things from the Bible were so commonly held beliefs that explanations such as “what does usary mean?” were needed.
      Those common concepts made it into the laws.

      Not a good enough illustration?

      Social Security provides exemptions for professional ministers and church workers of any stripe.

      the exemption is not based on the tax.

      It is based, in the original and still existing code, on the requirement to be “numbered”.

      Why? Read the law. US code explains that King David was punished when he decided to number the people. US code contains the entire Bible account.

      Was it a political payoff? yes, of course. Pastors didn’t mind if their flocks were sheered if they were protected.

      Nevertheless, politicians went through the trouble of Bible exegesis to prevent Christians from uniting and throwing off the new laws.

      Hope you like that last one.