12 Animals Signs Which Save You From Disaster

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When the tsunami hit Thailand in 2004, nearly all of the animals who were free to roam made it to higher ground and survived. More than 200,000 humans died: the animals knew something that we didn’t.

Take a good look at your pet and don’t disregard its changing behavior. It might save the day and the rest of your life as well!


Gabrielle Ray

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Gabrielle Ray is Commander in Chief of Customer Happiness @ Survivopedia. She is a full-time survival editor, passionate urban homesteader, and proud mom and wife. She loves being self-sufficient, and growing vegetables and other plants in the tiny urban backyard of her house. She enjoys canning her own food from her garden, and discovering traditional canning techniques from different countries of the world. You can send Gabrielle a message on gabrielle.ray [at] survivopedia.com.


  1. There's an important you forgot. Most people don't take any notice of it and perhaps many more don't even know about it. That's the electro/magnetic current within the earth. It's most apparent for many of us when we feel that need to 'get back to Nature.' Even birds must roost and are still connected to that force. When combined with the other 'clues', animals KNOW something is brewing. It's why we really do need to "stop and smell the roses." It takes time to 'listen' to the animals and what they signal.

  2. Bill Reed III says:

    Until I actually witnessed this I was sceptical. When the clouds darken and it's apparent that bad weather is approaching often it's difficult to determine which direction the bad weather is coming from if you have a limited view of the sky.
    Watch the leaves. They will rotate and show their underside to the source of the weather disturbance.



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