Emergency Preparations To Weather The Winter Storm

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There’s nothing like a winter storm to ruin your weekend, or even the whole week. An depending on where you live, it might be even longer than that. But, as you can’t do anything about the weather to control it, all you can do is prepare the best you can to face its tantrums.

That being said, you probably insulated your windows frames and roof by now and made sure heat isn’t leaking, but if you wonder what else you could do, here’s an infographic to get you started!

Winter Storm

Let me know how are you prepping for the next winter storm in the comments section below!


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  1. My grandmother, during the great depression, would heat up a cast iron skillet and "iron" the bedsheets (right on the bed) just before the kids jumped in for the night. Rocks or bricks can also be heated--by whatever means--to keep warm. Several medium to large (manageable size) rocks piled together will keep their warmth for a while. This is a worst case situation, but all knowledge is helpful. Stay warm!



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