April 2016

PBR 30apr2016

Shifting focus from man-made problems to nature’s force, can offer some valuable perspective to prepping.

In this week’s edition of our blog review, we keep the 2016 elections, economic turmoil, and other trouble in the background, to seek information about a different type of threats. And it’s essential you, and every God loving American, learn about them.

SVP diy glueToday’s article is not for glue-sniffers, but for preppers and/or homesteaders who want to make glue for their projects in a post SHTF world, or want to use home-made glue instead of buying it from the hardware store. Or maybe they like art, or have kids that are art-project happy etc.

There are a few reasons for making your own natural glue at home, and if you twist my arm hard enough, I can think about 100 survival uses of glue after an apocalypse. Don’t make me go there right now, okay?

survivopedia grain mill

You are well prepared for a major disaster, and you think that stockpiling will guarantee that you have everything possible for your new life. But even if you have been off gridding for years, you will soon find that a few things that you took for granted are no longer available. A grain mill for making flour is one of them.

If you have been conditioning yourself to live on a lot of breads, and other flour based foods, lack of at least one grain mill will present a problem.


With all that’s going on in the world today, you’d think that liberals could find something important to scream about. The world is full of real problems; some of which are actually liberal issues.

But the vast majority of what we hear coming out of the political left today is screaming over made-up issues. They manufacture a story, based on some imagined slight and then use it to try and change the world. Isn’t that what #BlackLIvesMatter is? Or how about the $15 minimum wage?

As a former detective and investigative researcher, my interest always gets piqued when I hear of untimely celebrity deaths. These situations are invariably not as they seem.

After the obligatory ‘sanitized’ public obituaries, there’s usually “the rest of the story”. Often it’s an old, well known killer like substance abuse.  Sometimes depression, hopelessness, or misadventure from a life style far exceeding the rationale speed limit of society.

But the recent demise of the iconic music entertainers Merle Haggard and Prince, stretches the outer limits of reality and sanity to reveal something so evil…that even the most intrepid conspiracy bloodhounds would retch in revulsion from the super suspicious mephitic stench wafting from the darker issues accompanying these unfortunate deaths.