November 2015

BIG racism

I don’t know about you, but after so many years of hearing cries of “racism” every time I’ve turned around, I’m burnt out. It no longer means anything to me. Perhaps that’s because the people who are using that word are constantly morphing the meaning of it, until it no longer means what it once did.

I have to say, I was raised to condemn racism in all forms. While I grew up mostly around whites, there were always a sprinkling of other ethnic groups in my life. I always treated them like anyone else and many became friends at one time or another.

Even now, over 50 years old, I still spend a lot of time with people of other ethnic backgrounds. My wife and I enjoy encountering them and learning about their cultures. Actually, I live in an area where I’m considered the minority, with over 80 percent of our local population being Hispanic.

Unless you grow all of your own food, you have no way of knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body. Even then, up to 90 percent of all ground water contains at least trace amounts of pesticides and herbicides due to run-off. A simple can of green beans or a bottle of water can contain toxins that aren’t even listed on the label.

The bottom line: food labels are confusing and often misleading. For that matter, many of the chemicals in your food aren’t even LISTED on the label. Those are the ones that we’re going to discuss today.


How convenient modern life is! Food and water are pretty easy to find, and there is a solution–but also a cost–for any problem you might have. As long as you have the money and the ignorance to rely on what the big industries provide to the herd, you may rest and wait for your days to pass by. We were born to survive, but prone to forget it.

But we’re not that kind of people! We rely on ourselves to live a good healthy life and survive the crisis. This is how our ancestors did it.

Your car gets you from point A to point B. It may give you a thrill when you rev the engine and it allows you to carry all sorts of stuff, like groceries, kids and luggage. But can it cook for you, too!

As a matter of fact it can! It’s actually not a new concept – people have been doing it for just about as long as cars have been on the road but it’s re-emerging as a great alternate resource for cooking in a survival situation. Carbequing is the topic today!

big Syrian refugees

Ever since the Friday the 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, the news has been filled with reports about the attacks, follow-on attacks and the investigation of those attacks. As of this point, some of the attackers have been identified as Syrian refugees and others have been identified as living in a no-go zone in Belgium.

That makes it very clear that not only was this a Muslim terrorist attack, but that ISIS is using the Syrian refugee crisis as a means of getting fighters into Europe and probably the US.

Even if all of your food is organic, you still need to wash it. If your food isn’t organic, you definitely need to clean it thoroughly before you eat it. Here’s a little gem for you though: there are some foods that you can’t cleanse of pesticides because they grow right in or are absorbed through the skin.

We’ll talk about those foods as well because if you’re serious about avoiding pesticides, you’ll need to buy those foods from the organic section.