Racism? Where Is This Coming From?

I don’t know about you, but after so many years of hearing cries of “racism” every time I’ve turned around, I’m burnt out. It no longer means anything to me. Perhaps that’s because the people who are using that word are constantly morphing the meaning of it, until it no longer means what it once did.

I have to say, I was raised to condemn racism in all forms. While I grew up mostly around whites, there were always a sprinkling of other ethnic groups in my life. I always treated them like anyone else and many became friends at one time or another.

Even now, over 50 years old, I still spend a lot of time with people of other ethnic backgrounds. My wife and I enjoy encountering them and learning about their cultures. Actually, I live in an area where I’m considered the minority, with over 80 percent of our local population being Hispanic.

This has never bothered me. I don’t look over my shoulder any more here than I would in an all white area. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the Mexicans or Hispanics I deal with on a regular basis. I have friends who trace their ancestry back to Mexico and some who came from there themselves. While there aren’t many blacks or Afro-Americans in my area, one of my best friends is one.

At the same time, I recognize that there are cultural differences to contend with. Mexicans eat different foods than the average American family does. While we all love Mexican food once in a while, Americans don’t eat rice, beans and tortillas with every meal.

Actually, the cultural differences we have are hidden strengths. If our society ever grows up to the point where we can accept differences, without either discriminating against people who are different, trying to force them to change, or hearing liberals scream “racist” every time we notice a difference, we might be able to take advantages of those differences. I’ve done this in my own life, learning about hospitality from Mexicans, who are much better at it than we white folk are.

In my opinion, I’m inter-racial enough. One of my daughters is married to a man of Mexican descent and another is all but engaged to another man of Mexican descent. Both are great young men and I’m glad to have them as part of the family (even though one isn’t officially part yet). We spent Thanksgiving with that one’s parents, and had a wonderful time with them.

Yet, to the real racists, the fact that I’m a white American male makes me automatically a racist.

It doesn’t matter what I say and do, I’m still a racist… at least in their eyes.

But is that actually true? In my opinion, for what it’s worth, no. There is some lingering racism in this country, as well as some discrimination. We still have our Archie Bunkers, although they have become much rarer than they used to be. To say any group of people is automatically racist, just for existing, is as racist as saying that some other group is a lower category of being, just because of their skin color. It is separating people by race and declaring that one is better than the other, simply because of their race. Bull-pucky!

I was a small child when Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his immortal “I Have a Dream” speech. That was a great moment in American history and one that needed to happen. Unlike the current crop of race-baiters who pretend to lead the black community, King was a man of God, who believed in true equality. He has done more for racial equality and human rights than probably any other single person who has lived in the last century. There were others; but in my opinion, he stands head and shoulders above them.

As I look around from the outside, I see that minorities, especially blacks, have made great strides in the last 50 years. We have Afro-Americans in every field and profession, all the way up to the presidency. Yet to those who are determined to maintain anger against real or imagined white supremacy, it’s as if not one step forward has been made.

Is there more to be done? Absolutely! Blacks and Hispanics still make up a disappropriate part of our prison population, if you look only at demographic data. However, that’s not racism or even discrimination, nor is it because whites get some sort of free ride in the court system; that’s because there’s a higher percentage of young men of those two cultures who practice crime as a profession and hobby, than there are whites.

Where Is This Coming From?

The question must be asked, “Why are there more Blacks and Hispanics in the prisons, than there are whites? Why are there more young men from these ethnic backgrounds who turn to crime, than there are amongst whites?” The answer can be found in a combination of poverty and culture. Poverty, because many of those who end up in prison come from financially disadvantaged areas and culture, because those who live in those areas ridicule anyone who tries to do well in school and give themselves a chance to get ahead.

So, it’s not the white man who’s holding down these other ethnic groups and forcing them into a life of crime, but their friends and neighbors. The same friends and neighbors who are screaming about how much the white man is a racist and how much the white man is discriminating against them.

Of course, when you start with the presumption that whites are racist, then it’s easy to blame them for everything. That’s a whole lot easier than facing the reality of your friends, neighbors and ethnic group. Facing the fact that you and those around you are responsible for your problems means that you might have to change something in your life. It’s much easier to accept the role of victim and say that it’s someone else’s fault.

The whole thing of white privilege is another way of blaming others for your faults. Do the vast majority of blacks and Hispanics have a harder time making it ahead in life? Absolutely! But that’s not due to white privilege, unless you can say that not growing up in a neighborhood that ridicules those who try and get ahead is a privilege. If that’s the case, I plead guilty, even though I was poor as a child, as well as living through periods of poverty as an adult. At least my fellow students didn’t humiliate me for studying.

But, once again, crying “white privilege” is another way of pawning one’s own responsibility off on others. If one can convince themselves that whites get those privileges, they can go right back to that victimization game, denying that they have any responsibility for their own lives.

Where I live, the population is 87% Hispanic, basically first through third generation Mexicans. Many of them are poor, as the county I live in is one of the poorest in Texas. Between the combination of poverty and race, any young man or young woman of Mexican descent who graduates high school can get a full, free-ride scholarship at the local university, pretty much regardless of their grades. Yet, a full 75% of them drop out of college their first semester. That’s tragic in my eyes.

My kids didn’t have that advantage. Because they are white, they had to work their way through college, depending on their hard work and student loans to get them through. Yes, they did get some government aid, because we were poor. But because of the color of their skin, their “advantage” was that they couldn’t get as much aid as others. Tell me, who’s being discriminated against here?

But I’m not bitter about what happened to my children, nor are they. We realize that getting ahead in life requires hard work and sacrifice. I’ve done that and so have they. So today, even though we live in an area where we are the minority, they are all successful. Is that really white privilege?

Racism is ugly. It doesn’t matter if it’s whites against blacks, blacks against whites, or blacks against other blacks; it’s ugly. As far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t have any place in society. But screaming “Racism!” all the time isn’t the answer. That isn’t going to get rid of anything. All it’s going to do and all it has done is to widen the divide that exists between people of different ethnic backgrounds.

There is only one race, that’s the human race. I don’t care if you are black, white, green, purple or blue, you are part of that race. You may come from a different ethnic background than I do, but on the inside, you’re still red. We all have the same blood flowing through our bodies.

We all have the same organs in the same places. We are all humans alike, part of this great global family. When we all finally realize that, maybe we can stop pointing fingers and screaming and start helping each other out.

This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • VERY well said!! and so true!

    • If Dr Martin Luther King jr was such a great man & the shining example of “anti”-racism then why did white ppl kill him??

      Its easy to get “tired of hearing about” something when it doesnt happen to you. If youre tired of HEARING about it just imagine how tired WE are of experiencing it.

      Racism is an institution controlled by white ppl in all areas of human activity e.g. education, entertainment, politics, economics, etc. It is used to give preferential treatment to white ppl over ALL others. The “archie bunkers” of the world are NOT rare & what they exemplify is BIGOTRY based upon race. Bigotry is the attitude, racism is the systematic application of that attitude. And all the benefits white ppl have gained thru a long racist history they are NOT willing to give them up or repay those they took it from. America belongs to the Native Americans, both north AND south; do you want to give them their land back??

      • lol you crack me up. It’s like you didn’t even read the article.
        Just take responsibility for your own actions and work hard and sacrifice/follow your budget with the principal of consuming less than you take in for your own sake, like the rest of us it’s a brave new world out there, if you want a peace get out and earn it.

      • Santel, grow up. I will admit, since obummer has come to office racism seems more prevelant. But I place the blame on hm. He has been race baiting since day one. I’ve worked with Blacks and Hispanics my enire carreer. We all had the same opportuniies to move up or to move outward. I chose not to promote, others chose the promotion direction. I ended up working for numerous of these Blacks and Hispanics. Some were outstanding, some not so much, just like their White counterparts. My point is, they placed the effort and did very well. Anyone who puts in the effort, no matter what ethnic background will do well. Those that don’t, have only themselves to blame.

      • Typical Race Baiter. So White people killed MLK, really? And Racism is an institution controlled by White people in all areas of human activity? Including Politics? Where the hell have you been for the past 7 years? I guess you’ve completely missed the fact that we have a Black president now who is completely destroying this country! Him and his crones are actually promoting and stirring up hatred for the Whites, the trap you’ve obviously fallen into. Look at most of your Mid-West cities, that’s right run by Black Liberal politicians who don’t care about their own race. Here’s some facts for Blacks. The Whites have literally walked on egg shells when it comes to the Black race for years to be PC. You dare complain about White benefits that have been used to support dead beat Blacks on Welfare for 3 generations? The Black race has had Affirmative action. The Black race has had over 50 years of Civil rights to get their act together. The Black race chased the Whites out of the inner cities and now look, they’re nothing but dilapidated Slums full of Crime. And who’s constantly killing each other? That’s right the Black race. And here’s the best one, the Blacks are the only race that will burn and loot their own neighborhoods! But you want to promote the insane idea that it’s the White race we should blame. It’s time for the Black race to forgive and forget the mistakes the White race has made in the past, otherwise we will continue to have a never ending cycle of hatred.

      • The only unpardonable sin in the Marxist/democrat/Obamunist world we live in is being born a white male.

  • Very interesting read on racism. As a caucasian, I am tired of the race baiting that persists in this country. I have worked and go to church with blacks and Hispanics and realise that when you have a friend you don’t notice race.

    The one thing I wish you would have addressed is that racism should not be only attached to whites as there are haters and race baiters in every race as well as the good people that enjoy diversity.

    • I have never understood racism. I cam trace my ancestry to the Mayflower, people who were discriminated against so they left England. It has happened all through history, and Ieing believe it is from people who are not very intelligent. I cannot see the difference in any people. They are all human beings, just like me. I am 82 years old, and all my life have been offended by people’s racism. It is so stupid and destructive. I love everyone, and I believe we should all accept any differences we may have.

  • There are neighbors and again there are neighbors.
    Mine are in two groups, men and the women who are divided into whatever.
    Just yesterday I noticed a problem with two gals putting up a Xmas plastic tree.
    The top center was on the bottom and the bottom was next (?). They finally agreed with me but then complained that I was a spectator. With that attitude, why should I even care? Another thing about these gals, don’t interrupt their gabby gab gab. You will be ignored.
    Old Salt on the Lobster Coast

  • During the 1950s I lived three blocks away from Jesse Jackson’s operation push headquarters in Chicago. The grade school I attended was mostly black students and in my first year of high school I was the only white girl in my class. The teachers used to take attendance and turn their backs on the class and all but a few students walked out the door and never attended one class. The teachers were afraid of the students and their gangs and for fear of being murdered gave everyone passing grades. I was the top student in my freshman class at Parker High School. We moved to the Chicago suburbs at the beginning of my sophomore year and the students were all white and I was just slightly above an average student. The students in the Chicago school obviously believed that they didn’t have to work to get an education or a passing grade because all of the teachers were deathly afraid of them. I’m confident that they were all given diplomas from Parker but when they tried to obtain employment without an education they were either fired or placed in a low income job. Bottom line is that being the tough guys who everyone was afraid of most certainly didn’t work well for them in the business world and made it impossible for them to improve their lifestyle. Being given special treatment because everyone is afraid of them always sooner or later has a devastating impact on a person’s life.

  • thank you mr white for your post you are 100 percent correct on the on going and growing problem we have today .i my self grew up in a area that was white ,black and mexican race and we had the same chance to fail or prosper if we chose to but now days it seems that the system wants to split up famlys and devide comunitys threw the schools and the news we all need to go back to the days when every one were godly folks and suported a close family and comunty atmasfer

  • Racism. A word that makes some angry to be called a racist. Also a word that makes you step back and assess your behavior. I’ve had a multicultural life.
    Everyone is allowed a misstep. I don’t understand that a POTUS would openly opine about racism. Accusing and call out law enforcement as a race-based public service. While I lived through the 60s and 70s with high racial tension, I was from way upstate NY and never met or seen a black person until I moved to the suburbs of NYC. Without a background in a multicultural and multi-race background, I never considered black, white, tan and all the other colors in my area as different in any way. There were many that were racist back then. In the 80s and 90s racism seemed like a distant memory, at least where I lived. When POTUS went through the racism dialogue and corruption in law enforcement and actually calling out law enforcement, it was disappointing, sad even. POTUS had re-engaged racism into daily life all across the USA.
    POTUS stepped into the ring on religion, a place where no public official, let alone a POTUS, should venture. POTUS called out Christians, Jews and Atheists as racist in regard to Islam. I guess he didn’t notice the history that preceded him. Twin Towers, Barcelona, London all attacked by Al Qaeda and affiliates, all Muslims. POTUS called out his own country on Islam. Claiming the US would not have peace until the Islamic religion was embrassed. I for one, don’t embrace Islam. Fewer and fewer Americans are tolerant of Islam. ISIS, the new Radical Islamic trend for Islam, has struck, France twice, more attacks are planned. An Army shrink officer in in the Military unloaded his handgun in the name of Allah on an Army base. Obama called the murders ‘work place’ violence. Really? Obama, at the very least, is an Islam ‘fan’ in the position of POTUS which makes it very difficult on America when the POTUS is promoting the enemy ‘ISIS,’ an Islamic gang of thugs and even actively receiving thousands of potential Islamic terrorists into the country every day. Something must be done, now.

  • In my life time, and buying history books, I have learned that there is three (3) different author!

    A author says he’s right and author C is wrong!

    C author says he’s right and author A is wrong!

    But author B go’s down the middle and lets you decide which is right or wrong!

    Now most of us with common sense know’s most people keep their nose clean you might say, they never end up in jail, but yet there is some that get up in the morning and think they 10ft tall and chew nails for breakfast!

    And this happens in all races so do not push their perfect little angels, if you are a suspect, you do not argue, you do not struggle, you do as your told, if they have nothing to charge you with they have let you go.

  • you are mostly correct. i too am in my 50’s and was raised lower middle class. i am living in Philippines with my Filipina wife and do not have any white friends here. but i was raised in little rock arkansas (the south) and raised to not be racist. my father invited black coworkers over to the house and he also ran a sideline cb radio business out of the house too. when the school board started the forced busing of black students to schools in white neighbor hoods and white students into black students things were not too smooth but i did my best to have black friends. i took the “rap” when a black friend and i skipped school and got caught driving a stolen car (i was driving) . the very first job i applied for in a trade i attended school for 3 1/2 years to train for, i was told that they would love to hire me but couldnt because i was white and there ws a quota system. years later i went to prison and it did not take long to discover that to blacks you were a potential prey species just because i was white. if you got into a fight with a black you had to fight every one of them present . and constantly heard how it was whity’s fault they were there.
    it’s gotten to the point that im sick of hearing them play the race card for every thing that happens. these “race baiters” are wanting a race war and do not understand that they can not win such a war. there are enough white people back in america that hate them already because of their constant complaining about raceism being the reason for every black situation, it wont take much to set off the chain reaction. remember the vietnam era saying “kill them all and let GOD sort them out”? that is what is going to take place on both sides. the japanese who were american citizens do not complain every day that their parents were rounded up and put in prison camps only because of their heritage! or blame whites every time they fail. im pretty sure that if this war is kicked off and the whites win, only the whites that are not friendly with blacks will survive that war because the blacks will kill those whites first. and because of this the end might just be that no black country will recive any aid what so ever from america, if not from every other white county too. and it all will be because the cry baby winers that want something for nothing. not 1 ancestor of mine ever owned a slave! and i am not responsible for the actions of others several hundred years ago. or even last week. i do not have more than a hand full of people i call friends, and 1 of them is black.
    if any blacks read this they should consider what the real outcome of the actions of few who want to cause trouble and talk some since into their “brothers” . im not in america and do not plan on being there when the shit breaks loose, so i will not be a part of it. but i did educate my “Brother’s” long time ago on how to target whole populations if this did come about. and if the targets steal foods that are the “bait” they ill die like the rats the bait was intended for.

    • The Japanese recieved reparations. Plus, since then, they have not been the CONSTANT TARGET for hate crimes. They have been allowed to live and build in peace. You cannot say the same about Black ppl so there is not comparison.

      • When was the last time you saw a Japanese person breaking into stores to loot? When did you see them burning down their own communities? When did you see them skipping school and not graduating with no education? When did you see them having 20 children with twenty different women? And then skipping out to let the mother raise them alone while using my tax dollars to feed and house them all? You are absolutely correct. There is no comparison.

  • From the title of the article I was expecting another race baiter/hater message. Fortunately I was happily surprised that instead it was a well thought out balanced opinion piece. I guess I need to work on reading more than the cover before making snap judgments. My apologies.
    Racism isn’t exclusive to any single race or color and should be called out when ever it surfaces. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen often enough.

  • Great article. Racism is the buzz word to stop people from speaking their truth, it is used to handcuff the 1st amendment. In reality the problem is ignorance. We are ignorant about love, we are ignorant about truth, we are ignorant about peace. Education and knowledge is the dividing line between truth and ignorance. Mocking people for wanting to be educated is the real racism, mocking people because they want to be a part of the bigger picture is the real racism. The truth is there is One Creation and that includes everything that was created in those first six days before resting on the seventh, and every day of creation was declared by God that It Is Good. Why do we not accept that truth?

  • Your article is well written and helps to explain some things that are going on in other communities than your own. What you and other whites don’t understand is that the term racist is not about just applying it to a group of people just because of race, but because they share the same ideas as the racist of old. Like blaming the victims or the people for the conditions they experience. Or saying that the numbers of blacks or hispanics in prison is their fault also. When it has been proven that laws and policing are geared at locking up certain peoples and not others. How many of these discussions about the white man holding them down have you really been in on? You are naive to think that blacks especially and other ethnic groups, don’t have a big hole to dig themselves out of to start to compete on an equal playing field. Hundreds of years of free labor made plenty of whites a lot of money and resources that were able to be passed down to future generations. So a couple of affirmative action programs that try to close that gap, so be it. Lets not forget that white women benefit the most from affirmative action. You are also naive to think that white privilege doesn’t exist. Yes we are all part of the global family, the problem is that one race or group decided to subjugate another and now here we are. This subjugation didn’t just happen here in America with blacks and native americans, but it happened all over the world and it was always this one group torturing and subjugating the other people of color for some reason. When you look at history this is the reason that whites keep getting called racist, because they have been the racist protagonist for the last thousand years or so. So this is where it is coming from, from the historical experiences of people the world over.

  • Thank you. It is very brave of you to suggest that the reason for a higher percentage of blacks in prison may be from something other than white racism. I’ve never had the courage to suggest that it may be because in the black teen culture making good grades is considered “trying to be white”. I’ve read about this but no one has ever made the connection to prison.

  • Great article. I am similarly-aged and grew up in South Texas. I had to leave the state at 17 to be part of the so-called white majority. My niece’s children are Hispanic and my cousin’s children are African-American. I love them all, and do not take kindly to being called racist by people who don’t even know me. They don’t know what it was like to be the only blond head among 800 black-haired students. I know a lot about racism and have the scars to prove it. Personally, I didn’t see it from whites until the 1990s, when I spent some time in a Virginian college. Blacks were just as vicious.

  • You are either American or not. I believe my name explains that I grew up on a real ghetto. It’s called “The Res” but do my people scream racism daily? No.
    Don’t burn down your cities and steal from your own people. You make yourselves out to be criminals. You accomplished nothing! I’ll leave you with this quote to all peoples: live YOUR life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about his religion. Respect others in his views and demand they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and of service to your people. When your time comes to die be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home……Tecumseh
    I am an American First. This is where I was born 65 years ago. How about you?

  • Though I acknowledge there is a lot more to what has created all the racism issues and the original fault that started this mess back in the days of slavery, I agree with most of what Bill White has to say here.
    No one I knew was a slave or owned a slave. I have never met anyone else who was a slave or owned a slave or knows of anyone else who is or owned a slave. Yes, the pain and consequences of what happened so many years ago (and some things not that long ago as I remember them from when I was young) has created a divide and has the scales of justice and injustice wobbling all over the place.
    I too am tired of all the whining and so many people playing the race card. I too have seen more crime and racial divide caused by the very groups who are hollering and complaining.
    I understand it when they (the blacks) say; “No! Not “All lives matter.”, Black lives matter!”. I do not understand why they choose someone like Michael Brown to build their case around when it seems so obvious to me he was a bully and a thug. What about Sandra Bland, the young black woman pulled over for not signaling who was later found dead in her cell? What about Freddie Gray, the student who was killed during the wild ride while handcuffed in the back of a police transport? You know the one… it had; “Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!” in big block letters inside the transport on one of the door panels.
    I have this to say about all of the things I have seen in my lifetime:
    We cannot erase what happened during slavery. We have not even begun to really try even in my lifetime. We just keep throwing money at the problem. Money does not solve everything. This sort of thing will take generations to conquer. And even then we do not know if it will make things balanced and even.
    It is like I have always told everyone who blamed or blames their parents for their hard life… for becoming an addict, an alcoholic, depressed, driven to a life of sorrow, crime, the inability to even know how to navigate through life without the tools needed to become a useful human being.
    You can blame your parents and anyone or everyone else until you turn 18 or whatever age makes you a legal adult. After that… you can only blame yourself. You are in charge of what you get out of this life of yours. You determine if you are a victim or the victor.
    I left home when I was 12 and lived in the streets. My parents were financially gifted. They were also miserable. I was poor and spent many a day looking through dumpsters for my dinner. But I did not blame my parents. It was my decision to leave home. I whistled as I dug through the garbage for my dinner… because I made a conscious decision that I was going to be happy no matter what. I made that decision when I was nine years of age.
    My parents were not the type to hug, say “I love you” or even eat ate the table together. But I always felt that I owed them at least 95% of my respect and honor just for getting me into this world. The rest was up to me.
    I am 63 years old. I am still exceptionally happy.
    Some people say; “If you have your health, you have everything.” I disagree. My health is terrible. Like my mother, I have M.S. I am in pain all the time. My mother was also in pain all the time. She cried daily and moaned so much that I grew weary of listening to her. “No one can hurt that bad ‘all’ the time.” I remember thinking to myself. I was wrong. I hurt terrible… like I am on fire terrible… ‘all’ the time. The difference is that my mother was in pain and she was miserable… while I am in pain and have chosen to be happy. I would not trade my happiness for good health.
    And so it is with racism, crying the blues, blaming others for your shortcomings, your miseries, your financial situation, your perceived unfair life or anything else you feel you have missed out on. What you do with your life is up to you. Yes… you and you alone are in the drivers seat. It does not matter that you have horrible adversities… if your parents were alcoholics, drug addicts, rich snobs who ignored you. It does not matter if you are ugly, deformed, poor, uneducated… the list can go on and on.
    The fact remains that you and you alone decide what you will get out of your life. You can decide to be the victor or the victim. Stop blaming others. Stop blaming racism. But your rose colored glasses on and start enjoying your life from this moment forward. I promise you that once you consciously decide to be happy… you will be. That is something no one can take from you. You decide. I made my decision. I feel like the richest man on earth. I hurt like heck. I don’t believe in a god. But I have everything I need and so much more than I could have ever wanted. And I am on Social Security. When people complain to me about how difficult life is for them, I feel they are thinking I have so much more because of all the beautiful things I own and how happy I am that if they complain to me and cry the blues that I will offer to help pay their bills, give them money or other things. People are so shocked when I tell them how little I make. It shuts them up. I do not want to hear anyone living in this country complaining about anything. If you live in America, you are already in the top ten percent of the worlds wealthiest people. Now it is up to you to get yourself to the top 9% or even higher. More importantly, it is up to you to decide if you are going to be happy, be a victor, contribute to this world and to the happiness of others or be miserable. Black, brown, white or green… choose to be happy.

    • Do you really think Black history begins with slavery??

      Tell me, what was Pre-colonial Africa like??

      What were the Americas like BEFORE 1492??

      • (1). Do you really think Black history begins with slavery??
        Of Course not. It predates all other nations and it very likely the beginning of the human race.
        (2). Tell me, what was Pre-colonial Africa like??
        Well actually it was a stone age culture with one tribe doing battle with its neighbors on an ongoing basis.
        (3). What were the Americas like BEFORE 1492??
        Again a stone age culture with one tribe doing battle with its neighbors on an ongoing basis.
        And by the way, both cultures took slaves as war bounty, and bastard children were often taken by a male relative of the woman as slave. There is a tribe in northwest Canada that was raided for slaves so often that it is still known as the Slave indians (the Dene Tha ).

    • “…You can be much happier in life if you can take a joke. And because all of life is a joke, when you really think about it…then the joke’s on us! How can we NOT be happy with THAT going for us?” -P.J. Klipangle.

  • There is a lot of truth in the statement, but it also ignores facts about racism that have been repeatlly proven. “We are all equal, but some of us are more equal than others.”

    • You’re right Kev. But part of our collective psychology sometimes causes us to not want to ‘believe’ that. Being a ‘myth debunker’ myself, I sometimes get a little more ‘Trumpishly’ crude. We are NOT All created equal. That’s an absurdity. And we are ALL racists in one form or another. It is a part of the ‘original sin’ we were all born with. Pyschologicaly speaking it is part of our reptilian throwback subconscious to be suspicious, and often afraid and hateful of things that are different when we don’t understand completely.

      I think it was Rod Serling’s portentious program the ‘Outer Limits’? Or maybe the Twilight Zone that once had a skit where humanity had evolved into a full scale World Race War with armies fighting each other The people who were black on the left side of their body and white on the right side (split in even halfs down the middle of their bodies) were at war with those who were black on the right side and white on the left! It was great. Should be mandatory showing in all grade school to instill the message of how abjectly stupid and downright igno-imbecilic it is to hate others for absolutely no reason at all.

      It’s going to be a while before the human species will be able to gather the collective consciousness in any higher ascension into the necessary enlightenment to rid itself of bigotry and the widespread mental disease of delusional hatred and manifest evil.

      Probably not in my lifetime.

      • That was a Star Trek episode. Season 3, Episode 15 “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”.

  • Good one Mr. White. You speak the truth about us all being human. Our God, the Creator of ALL has created us too with different skin but also with the knowledge that He is real and His love for us all will never fail. He gave His Son, Jesus, for us to follow and by repenting of our sin against our Father and believe that Jesus is the Son of God we will then live with Him forever. Jesus said, “treat everyone as though they are more important than you are”. This eliminates “racism” doesn’t it? So let’s follow what the Lord says and love each other as He loves us! Let’s not be reactive t others. Let’s give thanks to our Lord instead and trust Him to eliminate feelings of racism.

  • Well said. I think if self accountability was taught to more people of all races and genders the world would be a happier and more competitive place. The group or team that is considered “top of the food chain”, so to speak, is always the target for those who consider themselves ‘less fortunate.’ Like you, I have been dirt poor. I was raised by a single mother with an 8th grade education (she lied about her age and joined the US Navy at 14 so she could help fight in WWII). I and my brothers refused to get less than an A on our report cards and always competed at a high level in sports. Believe me, there was little white privelege growing up for me. I earned a partial sports scholarship to a major college. However, being poor, my mother could not pay the balance and I could not get a bank loan for several reasons. First, I was whispered to by the bank manager, I was the wrong color. In 1967-68 at the height of the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights riots and the Woman’s movement being a caucasian male meant there were NO loans for me and my brothers. I did manage to work 2 jobs and begin at the Community College level, abandoning my sports scholarship, but I did make it through college with zero financial support. I am a better man for it today. I truly believe that “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve.” Black, white, yellow, red or purple everyone can make it in this country if they have the proper attitude. If anything I was blessed not with white privilege but with white attitude!

  • Good article except the part about martin luther king, truth is he was a piece of crap and did not deserve the honors given to him.
    He did drugs, had relations with prostitutes, and was a member of the communist party.
    The FBI file on him will be unsealed soon and the truth will be published.

    • Yes, he had many weaknesses… a sinner like the rest. However he was a man of peace and courage, and such a man should never be called a “p o c” by any man. Makes you look like a p.o.c.

    • And as a person of American Indian and a quarter black race ,the NAACP and it’s affiliates along with it’s leaders are a big joke , they are all about publicity Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton the whole organization are exploiting people of color and diversity and have become wealthy in doing so. The only time they show up to so call help people who have been wrong civilly is when there is a lot of media attention and people are moved in anger , other than that no spotlight no fight. I remember a story told to me of a man who had witness Jesse Jackson turn away a helpless young mother and her children that was at the door of his home needing help, a young black mother in winter time in Chicago . That changed his mind about Jackson for good. And Oh ya wasn’t he one MLK’S. Followers . Yes I agree they’ve gotten more Credit then deserved.

  • I have seen a lot in my lifetime but when MLK, was killed,I saw my fellow classmates go postal overnight. I worked with blacks, Afro-Americans whatever but when I was a child I finally had to LOCK MY BICYCLE,to keep from being stolen by blacks. We are CREATED EQUAL in GODS IMAGE PERIOD! We all BLEED RED!!!!!!

  • Racism/discriminating is sin. Not a legal problem. It exists in the hearts of all people. Like in the south, where it was taught in schools and enforced by the govt, muslims teach it and enforce it. After all, non-muslims to muslims are infidels. A lower form of human, like the native Americans who were called savages. IMO it can, like any other sin, cannot be eradicated from the face of the earth. Whites certainly do not have a monopoly on being racist. Since all races have some members that are racist. And probably brought up that way?

  • My ancestry can be traced to the Mayflower as well. My heritage is one of service and respect. Many of my uncles and my grandfather all served in WWII. My father served in post WWII. Many other members served or serve now in the military. We come from the Northeast and were raised in predominately white neighborhoods with few people of other ethnic or racial backgrounds. But were were raised that everyone is human and that is all that counts. I am worn out from always being considered racist just because I am white. I am married to a wonderful hispanic woman who was born and raised to almost adulthood in Mexico. She is one of the most patriotic Americans I know. We see things exactly the same and none of that includes racism, but are both tired of many social leaders of every race continually knocking this country for it’s mistakes. Well unless you initials are JC you are NOT perfect and at some point in your life hurt someone else. It is time for everyone, all races to put the mistakes in the past behind us and work to make lives better for all. Not just your race or your ethnic background. And so far that is not what our current leaders are doing. They are all pointing fingers to assign blame. Well there is more than enough blame to go around. None are without their mistakes. For every person that thinks their race has been held down at some point there are plenty of examples of every race being held down or back at some point. Focusing on the blame will never fix the problem. Working together to solve the problem is the only way. And lets stop changing American history to make whites evil. Without the efforts of whites in this country it would not exist which would prevent many of the current races and ethnic peoples from having had the chance to come here from somewhere else for a better life. If it is so bad here all are free to leave and return to the place of their origin or any place they feel is better. Complaining solves nothing. If you don’t like the way your life is going get off your butt, stop asking for a government handout and make changes. Stop blaming others for your inaction or inability to give the effort to better your situation.

  • While I do accept Mr. White’s accounting of the racial issues in our country, I can not agree that it is wholly accurate and very over simplified. The fact that he would use such an outdated and mildly offensive terms as “Afro-American”and “Hispanic” as blanket names to cover a multitude of ethnic diversity is just partial proof of just how out of touch Mr. White might be with the problem we face as it stands today. So let me see if I can help to mold us into the proper thinking by providing the truth in the background of what many Americans don’t understand, and how some other Americans feel about those misunderstandings. First off, While the government and many others would identify me as African-Amercan, I do not. I’m an American of African decent. My lineage in this country predates those who sailed here from Europe. A Hispanic person is a someone of Spanish decent(partial or whole) who is from Mexico. The first with this article is how Mr. White chooses to identify these cultures. My question is, if one considers himself racially diverse and chooses to label people ethnicity, then why is this not accurate? Having consorts, friends, or family that is different does not recuse one from any views they may posses. Many who are guilty of “actual” racism often attempt to make the same point. If you’re(or not) a racist, then your actions will show, just as any other characteristic. Theres a saying, “Who ever you dont like(or hate) have a tendency to end up in your family.”
    The way Mr. White decided to divulge the nature of his relationship to the Mexican/Chicano community leads me to wonder if there is something to be masked. Second I would Like to address Mr. Whites sentiments about culture and opportunity. He is exactly right, the poverty and disenfranchisement of minorities are the major contributing factors, and that is easy to see from the outside. But, I’d like to he us all to understand more completely, why there a so many of us that are behind bars. It is not a fact that the is to discourage those willing to work hard to an education. The truth is that many schools are ill equipped the proper facilities, text books, or teachers to help students reach next level of education. Because of this those willing to keep to head in the books often go to schools in other(richer) neighborhoods that are usually not culturally or ethnically familiar to them. The goal for many of these youths who live in poor neighborhoods is to escape it for good. The youths trying to me it out are often encouraged and told not to consort in criminal lifestyle by the criminals themselves. Largely because many of these criminal types of people believe that they either don’t have a choice, or that they have no place and are unwelcome in a more respectable setting. Now think about that. They believe themselves unworthy of living a “normal” law-abiding life. Where does one learn that type of thinking wonder? Can it be that some who are looking fora hand up get treated like those looking for a hand out? Yes, I do agree. These people aren’t genetically predisposed to thinking less of themselves, they were thought this over time. In the book, “How to Break a Slave”, Willie Lynch talks about the fact that the tools he teaches to “break” slaves will have a lasting effect for generations. Using jealousy and contempt against their own race, and a feeling of substandard worth in comparison to their masters as components that were virtually irreversible and made stronger as the generations pass. Mr. White talks about the perceived advances and strides minorities have been given or made in our country. And while this may be the truth for less than 10% of both the Black American and Latin American communities respectively, the reality is that most of our communities are in economic peril, both because of lack of opportunity and the feeling that we aren’t included as an important part of the American fabric from a humanity based stand point. We want Love, acceptance, and respect. If we had that, the money would follow. Born in 1982, I represent the generation of my family in “this” America that was born with federally protected and recognized rights. That’s amazing and embarrassing. Racism is still a big problem, because it is part of the fabric that built this country. Telling someone they can no longer do something is not the same as that person being no longer interested in doing it. For example, prohibition which breed some of the most ruthless criminals in American history. There is a type of institutionalization that is taking place on both sides of this issue by some. And while I do not believe Mr. White to be guilty of that type of thinking, he does represent a large sect of colonial Americans who are out of touch, or who will not admit the disgusting reality of what not only exist, but was a major contributing factor in building this country. So-called “White Privilege” to me means, those who would complain about what there aren’t receiving, in favor of the multitude of blessings they enjoy in the face of many who don’t have the same access. When Colonial Americans are upset by the labels they are viewed to be by minorities ( who have been trained to emulate their model) it doesn’t do anything to stop the racial divide. When someone labels you, the first thing that needs to be asked is, why? It’s quite arrogant to presume ones perception of you is wrong based on ones own feelings of auto-intellect. The perception of ones self is never as thorough as another who is actively paying attention to the behavior. That’s why we have a judicial system, because we can not be relied on to give a 100% non-bias assessment of our own character. And if Mr. White were as racially diverse and aware as he claims then he would be aware of this. Again, I do not believe him to be a racist, just unqualified to speak for how his race should be viewed by people who feel and have been oppressed by them. It isn’t productive to destroying the rhetoric. So allow me to tell you how that is to happen. First, we have to stop referring to people by race, either individually or as a whole. We are all Americans us different backgrounds, so if we have to label people(which we don’t) lets be accurate. “Whites” can be considered as Colonial-Amercians. “Afro-American” is not the nomenclature, Black-Americans, African-Amercian, or Black Native-American will work better. “Hispanics” are a particular group, and not a blanket name for people from Mexico. Latin-American, Chicano, Mexicano, Mayan, Incan, the list is long and varied. And so forth and so on. The problem is that We haven’t taken the time to truly understand our racial differences and what they actually mean and equate to. My name isn’t African-American guy, it’s Dameian, from America, period. The categorization of people is a racist practice. This country is made up of peoples, peoples who don’t feel the same about race and its importance. Just because Mr. White and others like him have called out of named by some, doesn’t mean that is the cultural rhetoric. In fact I don’t really remember anyone around me actually referring to the term “White Privilege”. That’s same media that paints “young black males” as “career criminals” and if Mr. White were as integrated as he claims, then he would know that and the whole tone of this would be different. But many assumptions seem to be made here about certain groups of people seemingly with very little independent research outside of family interaction to support the claims. I have spent time in any community that would have me, of all ethnic backgrounds, and until we have done that, we won’t know the depth of this problem. Where I grew up I was called a “Nigger” at times. And I took the time to find why someone would call me that, as I do not fit that description on any level. Rather than being quick tempered, I challenged those whose saw me as that to prove it. Maybe they saw something I didn’t. In the end it amount to simple bigotry, and I learned that if the shoe didn’t fit, that I was not required to wear it. Nigger isn’t my name any more than Paul, so why respond to it. And that is my question to Mr. White. Is this article about the truth (which should be known and there for not necessary to prove), or is it about ego? Your words do nothing to help race relations in this country in my view, because rather than being more concerned with why there are those would are appropriately depicted as the fore-mentioned, you seemed determined to deny the view that many believe to be true based on little more than ones own out-dated accounts, and a personal microcosm of a global problem. This is both ego driven and irresponsible, and knowing that wasn’t the attempt, I would have to say the mark was completely missed. Just more choir preaching and not enough community reaching. This is not what Love and acceptance is supposed to look like.

    *my apologies for any typos, i did not have time to proof read.

  • I am Cherokee and Caucasian, and grew up with people on both sides calling me a half breed. People don’t use that term much anymore, but back then it hurt alot. Now it’s pretty much only the liberals who call people by racial names, and then they say that the rest of us are the racists. It’s like the author said in the article, the word no longer has any meaning anymore except in the tiny little minds of the people who use it ad nauseum. The same goes for the idiots of the past who called me a half breed. They all got upset when I told them that I am not either a white man or a red man, but am a pink man. At the current rate of things we will all be the same mixed race in another couple of years anyway so folks just need to get over themselves, give up the blaming and name calling and get on with simply being who they are without putting down other people in the process. We are all individually responsible for who and what we choose to become in this life.

  • I am a 47-year-old social worker and I am here to say that white privilege is, unfortunately, alive and well all across America. The examples given in the article and those given in comments contradicting this fact are largely only specific to certain situations and areas. The reality is that if you are white you have the privilege of walking into a convenience store with a hoodie on and your hands in your pockets, browsing for what you came for, paying for your purchase, and walking out without the fear of being carefully watched or even followed just because of your race. African Americans (most prefer this reference rather than Afro-American) do not have this privilege in a large majority of our country. In addition, statistics prove that African Americans largely do not get the same level of medical treatment that whites do. Sure, there are many African Americans, and whites too, who have victim mentalities. There are certainly communities that make it hard for people to excel academically, but the blanket statement made in the article, “Poverty, because many of those who end up in prison come from financially disadvantaged areas and culture, because those who live in those areas ridicule anyone who tries to do well in school and give themselves a chance to get ahead” is way too broad and stereotyped.

  • Liberals are racists: they always assume that ONLY White Western people (including, of course, the Jews in Israel,) are INTELLIGENT enough to be guilty of being truly evil, while all their pet “People Of Colour” (including the “swarthy palestinians”) being mentally inferior and all, just can’t help being enslaved by their instincts and emotions into acting as violent animals when frustrated, the poor oppressed little dears, so the liberals will always indulge their crimes, much as one ignores the new puppy as it pees on the rugs.

    So here’s their interminably ongoing “narrative” (story):



    “Social Justice” is the same old communist trope of enforcing equality of outcome, not of opportunity!

    SJW’s are communists trolls – and their nonsensical claims are all only opinionated slander, because there is no fact in the world that will justify their group-might-makes-right stances; that:
    “You have stuff, therefore you stole it (from me)!”

    They’re all about fighting “white privilege” – but that only shows they are against property rights, and the human right of free association (to freely associate with the other people one chooses to associate with).

    See, “white privilege” is nothing more or less than how these countries were founded by white people, who had all worked hard to establish their properties, and then chose to pass them along to their own children.

    These Johnny-come-latelies show up from other locales, haven’t put in the time or effort to establish their own properties or legacies for their children yet, but somehow assert that it’s “unfair!” of other people to have already done it, and so expect those other people to give their hard-earned properties to them, just because they don’t have any.

    It’s nothing more or less than pure old criminal gangster communism:
    “You have stuff you bothered to earn that I didn’t, so YOU OWE ME!”

  • Where does racism come from? Is it learned, or is it like race itself, something you are born with? Like homosexuals claim homosexuality is genetic?

  • Racism is not ever visible because it is a belief. Its the belief that one race is, in some manner, superior to another. Bigotry is what the author appears to be speaking about. Bigotry is the disliking, or poor treatment, of somebody because of his or her ethnicity. I believe that bigotry is what the author meant to write his missive about.

  • I just finished a book by Danielle Stewart “Flowers in the Snow”
    It is the story of a 11 year old girl (white), an 12 year old boy (white) and an 10 year old girl (black). The story takes place in 1961 in North Carolina when black teachers were asked to teach in white schools. The Ku Klux Clan was involved in trying to stop this. These children could not play together, go to the same school, they were beaten if they sneaked around and did play together. The white fathers were KKC members and tried to get their children to hate.
    The book shows the wisdom of the children as they loved instead of hated.
    It’s a good way to learn how to ‘attack’ racism. (The book was on Kindle)

  • Due to overuse, the terms ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ have become meaningless except to Guilty White Liberals and the Leftist Media. What I find puzzling is the fact that many Blacks think the Democrats are their saviors, yet many are no better off now than they were when LBJ began his ‘War On Poverty’ in 1964. Additionally, much of the racism that occurred in the South in the 50’s and 60’s (including the KKK) was precipitated by Democrats. That being said, the author of this article is correct. Being self destructive and yet blaming others for your failures in life accomplishes nothing. Blacks who have risen above their self pitying, self defeating, angry, subculture have made something of themselves and become successful. Unfortunately, the Black subculture they left behind instead of celebrating them as role models, denigrates them and calls them ‘Oreos’, ‘sellouts’ and ‘Uncle Tom’s’. It’s sad, but true.

    • Unfortunately the other side of the coin shows that those who make it out of the ‘hood run like hell and never look back. That’s not an indictment, just an observation.

  • Obama is the one who started this all in the beginning, stirring everyone up. He wants a reason to declare martial law. So when a shooting happens I believe he is actually glad because then he will blame it on too many guns and it brings everything one step closer to martial law. And too many people are dumb enough to believe him when he says that. He totally will lie to get what he wants!!!!

  • Way too many folks equate prejudice with racism. A while I posted an article on my blog on racism. True racism is always accompanied by vilence.
    I am an American of Mexican decent so if I wanted, I could turn every slight into an act of racism. I just assume the world is populated with some unhappy or just ignorant people.
    When daughter number 2 was whinning about some thing not being fair I told her the world is not fair and she better get used to it. She is now 34 and happy with her life. After graduating from college I advised her that there would always be somebody smarter or maybe more motivate than she, so she must not mope about it. If she did her best and she knew it had been her best just dust herself off and keep going.
    I have in my expended family both winners and losers. I have known black, white and hispanics that fit both catagories. Racism is the lame excuse of losers.