Why Cheaper Guns Are Your Ally

Having little or no money is not a good reason to get stuck with a poor quality gun or not buy one at all.

There are many firearms that are well built, will last a good amount of time when shot correctly, and can fit into your budget. In times of civil unrest, or other situations where you need to protect yourself and your family, nothing can take the place of a gun.

Because you know that high quality means high prices…

But that’s not always true… because some cheap firearms will last a lifetime while protecting your loved ones… on the smallest budget.

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The Best 5 Guns to Get at a Bargain

And if you want to get into a lively discussion at your local shooting range, just start talking about some gun being the best there is.

Everyone has their opinion on this subject, and the more they’ve shot, the more likely they are to have very firmly set opinions.

But let’s face it, there is no one best gun on the market…

This makes it so that selecting a gun to be your personal survival gun is largely a process of making compromises. How you see the various survival priorities and how you plan on getting through a survival scenario is going to affect the choices that you make. Hopefully, we’ll all make the right ones.

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14 Guns to last a Life Time

Many working handguns, rifles, and shotguns are also classics.

Although they are old, even those that aren’t in working condition can be repaired and used for shooting.

Military surplus is one of the best places to get good quality firearms. All of these weapons were designed for heavy military service and should be dependable under all shooting conditions. Most of these firearms are well over 75 years old or more.

In addition, many of these weapons can be reworked into good to excellent hunting rifles for less cost than a newer model.

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