When Meds Disappear: the Survival Crunch of the Ill

“I’m a 47 years old single disabled mom* of 2 children (1 of who is special needs). I’ve spent hundreds on food prepping, guns and ammo, etc. plus several “survival programs”   (…)   but here’s the #1 answer I’ve been seeking in every survival program I’ve read, but with no success….HOW TO GET A STOCKPILE OF MY PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION??   (…)   With my insurance, I can only get a month’s supply at a time. None of the survival experts so far, have been able to advise how I can do that. I’m desperate for the answer. Unless I loot a pharmacy (not an option, as I’d probably be killed and/or arrested)…”

* For privacy reasons, name and diagnosis of our reader have been removed.

Not having enough meds is perhaps the biggest health issue known to a lot of people who are preparing for long-term survival after a catastrophic event.

It’s easy to stockpile over-the-counter medications such as fever reducers, pain relievers and allergy medications but if you suffer from a chronic life-threatening condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, you’ll have a much more difficult time hoarding prescriptions.

So how you may be able to survive with your illness in a post-SHTF situation?

Hoard What You Can

Know now that managing to stockpile your medications is the best thing that you can do; they’re tried and true treatments for your illness. They’re also closely regulated and nearly impossible to stockpile. You have a set amount that’s supposed to last you for a designated period and you’re likely not permitted to refill them until you’re nearly out.

If you can hold back a few days’ worth each time that you refill, do so. After all, a month’s worth might get you through a disaster, and maybe the pharmacies will get back on track and functioning again.

Ration Your Medications

If you’re due a refill on your meds when (and if) news of pending disaster is announced, get your refills. At that point, be prepared to ration them and supplement them with some alternative therapies that we’ve found for you.

We’re not doctors, but we ARE survivors. If you can skip a dose of your medications or take your meds twice per day instead of three or four times without suffering life-threatening conditions, then do so.


Alternative Therapies for Diabetes

These treatments are likely going to be more successful for Type-2 diabetics but may also be of some assistance to those of you with Type-1 diabetics. As always, controlling your diet is going to be crucial to survival regardless of what type you have.

Because your disease is caused by your body’s inability to produce enough insulin to manage glucose, the first thing to do is eat as little extra refined sugar or starch as possible. Your body uses sugar for energy but it can also use proteins and fats if sugar is limited. However, you may also be hypoglycemic, which means that you don’t have ENOUGH sugar. Fortunately, this is easy enough to treat.

Discussing symptoms is outside the scope of this article; you know your illness. If your sugar gets too low and you begin to experience symptoms, eat a pack of sugar or a glucose tablet. To maintain manageable levels of glucose, eat plenty of fiber with your carbohydrates. This helps your body to digest the sugar slowly.

There are several alternative substances that have been shown in some studies to increase insulin sensitivity. They include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Caffeine
  • Cassia cinnamon
  • Chromium
  • Flaxseed
  • Ginseng
  • Glucomannan
  • Gymnema
  • Guar gum
  • Magnesium
  • Oat bran
  • Zinc

The amounts that you need to take depend upon your individual condition. Do your research and have a plan in place BEFORE SHTF!

Alternative Therapies for High Blood Pressure

As with type-2 diabetes, it’s likely that your high blood pressure can be controlled by diet. If you can, gain control of it and get your blood pressure back within normal limits, which is your best option. If, however, you can’t, here are a few alternative treatments that you may try. They have been shown in various studies to actually reduce blood pressure in varying degrees.

  • Cat’s Claw
  • Garlic
  • Hibiscus, often studied in tea form
  • Magnesium, if you’re deficient
  • Vitamin D, if you’re deficient
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Hawthorn (this is a primary treatment that’s been used for 1000’s of years in Chinese medicine)
  • Exercise, especially meditative exercise such as yoga

In addition, there are also some substances that you should avoid because they can increase your blood pressure. These include salt, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

Alternative Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

disability_how-commonThis one is a tough one because once you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it’s likely already spread to the point that treatment success is limited.

Recently, this tragic disease has actually been labeled as Type-3 Diabetes because it’s been shown to be caused by ineffective insulin usage in the brain.

Therefore, controlling your diet now may reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s later.

There are also some alternative treatments for Alzheimer’s that may help you live through a SHTF situation. They include:

  • Conenzyme Q10
  • Omega-3’s
  • Caprylic Acid
  • Ginko Biloba

These are just a few illnesses that you may be facing heading into a SHTF scenario. Research now so that when something bad happens, you’re already prepared to survive as well as you can. These suggestions are just meant to be springboards that give you a place to start in your research. Do your homework and have a plan before you need it.

The bottom line is that if you have a debilitating illness that required medication in order to keep you from dying, your chances of survival when SHTRF are severely reduced.

However, some of the suggestions that we’ve made may help you extend your life by at least something. The best option that you have is to get a handle on your health now, before you NEED to be healthy in order to survive. Of course, you’ll significantly extend your lifespan even in today’s reality!

If you have a disease that you’d like for us to research, or you have please ask us about it in the comments section below. We’d love to help out if we can.

The data contained in this article are for informational purposes only, and do not replace by any means professional advice.

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Theresa Crouse is a full-time writer currently living in central Florida. She was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, where she learned to farm, hunt, fish, and live off the land from an early age. She prefers to live off the grid as much as possible and does her best to follow the “leave nothing behind but footprints” philosophy. For fun, she enjoys shooting, kayaking, tinkering on her car and motorcycle, and just about anything else that involves water, going fast, or the outdoors.

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  • To the 47 yr. old single mom:

    I was able to get my doctor to write a 6 month prescription because I simply asked for it explaining that I am a prepper, at least, a beginner prepper.

    My insurance would not cover it either, so, I ordered the meds from Canada. They are about 1/4 or less the cost here in the USA. And don’t worry too much about where they come from because I found out that some of these drugs in the states come from India and other places too). I paid $600 for 7-8 different meds (the statins I no longer take, so, take 2 off) because they have been found to be poison and was causing me muscle pain and a trigger finger). Here in the USA, 1 drug on my list was $600 alone for 6 months.

    Hope that helps.
    Good luck.

    PS I am looking to move up to North Florida, maybe St. Augustine area. Any suggestions would help.

    • Tom’
      What meds were you able to order from Canada? Were any Pain Killers? Thanx in advance.

      • Canada Drugs is one of many. If you go to their website they have everything.

        • that makes me a little nervous, as i’ve read several articles on buying meds from companies on the internet. often times, they’ve been tampered with..but i will certainly look into it. thanks for the advice. MJ

          • I hear you, but, if your local pharmacist is honest with you, he will tell you that many of the drugs you get come from various countries like India.

    • If you want to move to north Fl, don’t go to St. Augustine. I would recommend Dixie county. Population about 15000. No industry, no jobs unless you want to travel to Gainsville, home of the Florida Lizards. Plenty of vacant acreage and homes. You can practice your shooting skills in your back yard, no one messes with you unless you mess with them. They have the 10 Commandments on the Court House Steps, they won the lawsuit by the ACLU that tried to get them to remove it. Be warned, the citizens don’t like yankee’s all that much. If your rude, crude and disrespectful to women and the older folks, your liable to get your butt kicked. Check it out.

      • Thanks but no thanks…

    • hi. i’m the 47 yr old disabled mom of 2 young children who wrote the initial message. my ailment, is that i don’t have either thyroid glands anymore….due to cancer. the cancer is gone, but without synthroid..if SHTF, i won’t last long. and i have nobody that can take care of my children. my insurance isn’t even covering that med, as i can only take the name brand. so i have to go every month for samples. and i have asked my DR. for more samples, in case of emergency, and he didn’t take it seriously. i’ve also been on some pretty strong pain meds for 3 yrs, that i’ll have to be on the rest of my life….and theres NO WAY to stockpile those. however, in a life or death situation..i may be very sick initially, going through serious withdraws, but i’ll still be alive. is there an alternative for thyroid meds? thanks for everyones suggestions..i sincerely appreciate it.

      • Try a compound pharmacy- they might be able to help, also maybe bovine ? Some it works for- some not, bit even if it helps a little it could get you through till you can get more. Pain meds- you’ll just have to take tylonol or Motrin and get through it….. Hate to say it, but with how common pain pill tolerance is- might be for the best for you long term. I’m empathetic with the synthroid thing. I’m hypothyroid and require it and a t4 too- it’s not cheap and a pain to refill. They act like its a narcotic!

        • whats a “compound” pharmacy? i appreciate the suggestion…but as bad as i thoroughly despise pain meds, i have no choice…for someone, who takes oxycontin and norco, daily…tylenol and motrin, would not even register any pain relief. my pain is crippling…and the detox could be serious…there are some meds that can give you possible seizures, if stopped abruptly… i was a previous paramedic..

      • Yes, homeopathy is a safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative to many allopathic medicines including pain and thyroid meds

  • My wife and I don’t like to take prescription drugs, in a lot of cases the side effects are worse than what you take them for! In any situation, there are alternative remedies that are safe and effective. We took an traditional Chinese medicine class held by a local doctor, which included massive reference books as well as knowledge of how to use them. Prepare now, it will not only make you healthier, but could save your life.

  • As far as Alzheimer’s and Dementia are concerned, studies on Nicotine reveal that it prevents the development of the aforementioned illnesses, slows progression of memory loss, helps restore lost memories of up to , and improves cognitive processes. Check out the research, it’s fascinating. Nicotine also promotes growth of new blood vessels which is beneficial for people with Diabetes who suffer from poor circulation. There are actually many health benefits of nicotine. Either stock up on Nicotine patches or, like me, you can enjoy the wonderful past-time of tobacco-pipe smoking. I need to find a pipe/cigar store that will sell me barrels of my favorite blend! If you should go the route of smoking for Nicotine, enjoy in moderation and never inhale.

    • Your mention of nicotine as being a good thing is rather odd. However your mention of stockpiling tobacco isn’t far thinking. In America growing your own tobacco isn’t something that is encouraged. Kinda like making your own white lightning isn’t encouraged. They are taxed. The govt doesn’t make $ when you produce you own. Getting to my point is simple and quick…isn’t anyone interested in growing their own tobacco for home use and/ or battering. I know many people are addicted to it and are more calm when they have their smokes. I have access to cigarette tobacco seeds if anyone is interested.

      • When I get a house I would love to grow my own tobacco. Do you have pipe tobacco seeds? Would love to grow Burley and treat it to make Black Cavendish.

        • I read in an article in a newspaper that somewhere in China they grew tobacco in selenium-rich soil and it became anti-cancer. Dunno ’bout that one…..

        • since the tobacco you want is a special type start asking questions (innocently of course). start w the place you buy your special stuff. The start running down answers via the www. I know they add all kinds of nice smelly stuff to tobacco. Passed by a woman who was smoking. I had never smelled anything quite like it before so I asked her what it was. Chocolate flavored tobacco!!! So get outta town already! I couldn’t believe it!!! Kinda freaky. They can’t advertise all over as in the past but they certainly do get their message out.

          And just for the record it occurred to me that I could buy and sell those kind of seeds, but only for a moment. If I have to kill someone it would be kinder w a bullet to the head. pk

      • i have about 200 seeds germinating now, but they mostly are for pipe and cigar,,,i’m interested in some cigarette tobacco seeds, what do you have and the cost?

        • The best answers for you folks who are interested in growing your own tobacco to use, trade/barter (kill bugs…make a “tea” of tobacco + water …after a few days it’ll be strong enough to spray on your plants to “organically” kill bugs… just thought i’d throw that tip in)

          There is a fabulous wise company in Canada that sells seeds, plants, plugs and all like that! Those of you wanting to get medicinal herbs go here as well.

          http://www.richters.com/ their phone number is 1/905/640-6677

          FYI on the tobacco seeds is this: They sell 3 types, Ontario Bold, Onterio Light and the Wild Tobacco, “Aztec” the type the native American Indians used then and now. Lists specifically that this one is more potent and has more nicotine. ?

          The prices for the first two are $3 for a packet of seeds and $24 for a gram of the seeds. The Aztec variety is less expensive.

          whatever. I don’t do the smoking thing. I helped my sister care for my mother at home not too long ago with her diagnosis being end stage COPD. Hospice came and helped as well, God bless them. Mom died by tiny increments every day. She smoked good ol’ cigarettes just forever. If you really love someone don’t put them thru Hell daily by them watching you gasp for air and even when the O2 is running, not being able to get the O2 from the inside of the lung thru the tiny cell and thusly into the oxygen starved blood.
          End of lecture.

          Just for the heck of it tell them I connected you to them. They do carry an incredible number of real medicinal type herbs. They sell the dried kind as well. Good luck in your endeavors. All things prayerfully and in moderation, please. pk allen

      • I would like to learn to grow tobacco, Great for a grid down situation. Camden, Tn.

  • With regard to the prescription issue with diabetes. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and have been for years. I was pondering the same issue as if I only had a months supply how could I possibly stockpile any amount of my meds. The answer for me came from my health care which last year began allowing 3 month supplies. My insulin is on a sliding scale and by adjusting my diet to a mainly green vegetables, seeds, beans and low meat diet I was able to reduce my insulin by over a third as promised by the author of “Eating to Live”. This allowed me to stockpile my insulin so now after a year I have a solid 6 month overage and by filling my prescriptions just prior to a doctor appointment and then getting a new prescription I have managed a 60 day overage on my blood pressure and cholesterol meds too. This isn’t a perfect system but it is a way to have some extra for those of us with chronic medicine illnesses.

  • For people in the Michigan area, contact me. Otherwise, I’ll see if I can help procure necessary meds (schedule II-V controlled substances not included). In the event of any SHTF situation, we can become a limited service hospital for fellow preppers. The prepper websites that say “in the event of a disaster, break into your local veterinary clinic and procure anything you need” may prove fatal around here.

    • Kent, God bless you. I wish there was someone like you to care for my “old lady” pugs. Seems like the vets here are interested only in more money more money… There are many of us who live alone (by choice or ‘bad luck?’ And our pets are the only ones who on a daily basis love us back. I know this will seem maudlin but my black pug, Kitty has saved my life and my soul more than once. Are there no preppers who truly value their 4 legged companions? I know I won’t get the quote right but it was said that a nation’s moral ‘integrity’ could be judged by how it cared for it’s animals. I believe that not only is that true but even when applied to a single person. And a word to the wise…if you see someone ill treat or mistreat an animal they will do the same to children and the elderly. How did our once great country become so truly damned? Back to the point..thank you for caring about our companions and their humans. May God truly bless you and the people you love. PK

      • Pk, when it comes to our loved pets I very much recommend anything from, http://www.holisticanimalmedicines.com
        They have something for almost everything and if not, they make something up for you. I had a big ram go down with paralysis tick. When a large animal goes down with these Australian ticks, they are gone, dead. But their tick remedy worked. When the ram became angry and butted us savagely when we tried to give him medicine, we just let them know and they sent us something that made him docile and compliant (that one was sent to us free).
        This ram went on to father many lambs and never butted again either (my husband’s damaged hip thanked them for that). They post overseas too. I can’t recommend these people enough.

        • Totally cool! Thank you so much! Will check them out real soon. Btw I love sheep. I had a small farm in Montana a while back. I had a flock of miniature sheep. I loved them so. They were so hugable and sweet tempered. Even the boys.

    • Are the thyroid meds used by humans, such as synthroid/Levothyroxine the same as prescribed to dogs? I have had a total thyroidectomy and do worry about not being able to get my meds.

    • The 3 in my family are hypothyroid…can you text me re what you would suggest for us in that case. Also, my husband and I are on
      serious pain meds for terrible pain, from shingles, and other serious conditions. Any suggestions for that. Please email me with any resources, I am at [email protected]. Thanks so much.

  • What about Asthma ? Any sub’s for inhalors ?

    • I won’t say sub but learning yoga breathing helps to redirect the stress with an asthma attack. They also work for anxiety which often goes with asthma attacks. Something to keep in your BOB is a sprayer in which to keep water mixed with peppermint oil. Menthol can work but mint plants can be found in many places growing wild even after a collapse. Spray and breath deeply. I like keeping a small bottle of essential oil of mint and oregano for this.

      • Deez Thank you, I have written this down Bob

    • I gor rid of my asthma with magnolia bark tea. i peeled the bark off our tree and just made a tea for a few months.

      • Priscilla, this is one of the best suggestions for Asthma. Thank you. Magnolia works on de stressing the adrenals. It lowers cortisol, works way better than Valium for stress and anxiety without the sedation. It should be used in a protocol for healing adrenal exhaustion. Adrenal exhaustion can cause a vicious cycle of stress, exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, an endless list including asthma.

      • Priscilla, Thanks, This is definatley a TRY……. Bob

    • I cured my asthma with magnolia tree bark. I just drank the tea from it a couple of times a day for a few months.

  • This isn’t always possible, but it’s worth trying. I asked my doctor if she had any samples available of my blood pressure medication, as it’s kind of pricey. She was able to rustle up 6 little sample bottles of 1 week’s worth each. Since then, every time I go in to see her, I ask for more. I had 3 month’s worth set aside, which came in handy earlier this year when I lost my health coverage and had to find a new one. Now I need to start over 😛

    • And do not believe what the doctors tell you about shelf life – mine confided that they are good for 5-6 years, not what’s on the bottles !!!

      • Again I ask , what about asthma med’s. Is there a way for asthma suffers??? What can replace inhalers? Any herbs or the like??? Bob

        • I do not know about asthma. I can recommend checking HSI – Health Science Institute. They have been around for several years.

      • Not always true- many meds lose effectiveness after so long. My husband is a doctor. Ask you physician and most will be honest about the shelf life of specific meds.yes, many last longer than 1 yr.

    • To lower your bp or during a collapse: Learn to do the wild mushrooming forage or buy dehydrated mushrooms. For fresh leave them in the open for the sun and in the evening meal use at least 2 – twice or 3 times a week. This will not only lower your bp but give you the extra vita D you may need. I did this many years ago and take no pb med now. My bp has been within the normal range during that time. Be sure to inform your doc of what you’re doing because your bp may drop too fast and doc needs to know that too. Fresh is better and even the small brown mushrooms from the store work too.

      • What if you are allergic to mushrooms?

      • But they should be placed in the sun gills up and for no longer than two days. They can be dried afterwards and the Vitamin D stays in the dried mushy.
        To lower blood pressure fast (but not a cure) I read in a book on growing exotic fruits to make a tea made from a leaf of the white sapote. I tried it about 20 years ago when I had medical issues from gluten. I took my blood pressure, drank the tea, 15 minutes later the diastolic reading had dropped by 10.
        If I still had a blood pressure problem now, I’d be eating gynura procumbens or ashitaba (two separate plants often mistaken for each other even though they don’t look alike) or Withania somniforum. Even eating onions every day has been known to lower blood pressure.

        • A very good way to lower blood pressure is celery, made into a soup, with any kind of meat you can find, also include either onions or shallots, whichever you can find; any kind of meat includes snake, wild song birds, lizards, and termite grubs, all high protein and relatively parasite free. If you find and use snake, do not use poisonous ones and use the blood also.

  • I suggest you cheat the system. Have more than one doctor and more than one pharmacy. You can have as many doctors as you can afford. And pharmacies don’t care if you have other sources; all they want to do is sell you meds. If you feel that the lack of meds is going to jeopardize your health and don’t have the funds or insurance to cover them, then take out a loan and get what you need by any means necessary. We are talking about life and death here, so go around the system and cheat, cheat, cheat. It would be a lot easier to explain to the bank why you can’t pay them back than it would be to bury one of your family.

    • You can also use the same script in different places…requiring only 1 doctor, if you are referring to just the meds issue.

      • how can i use the same script in different places?

        • You will be faxing it to whoever you purchase from….so, how would one know the other filled it?

          • unfortunately “faxing” the scripts to different pharmacies, i’m not sure would work. the pain clinic is really getting strict with pain meds, and even if i paid cash to different pharmacies, i believe they send the copy back to the physician, letting them know they were filled, and when. if they recived 3 or 4 back, i’d be in trouble.

          • I’ve done it and nothing happened. Canada Pharmacy and most want your money. They are under no laws requiring them to contact your doctor. Beside, if you are worried, wait 6 months and ask your doctor for another script. If you tell him you are a prepper, he’ll more than likely write another one. The doctors are in cahoots with the drug companies – just don’t tell him you are buying outof the country.

      • Sure If You Want To Go To Jail!

        • And how exactly are they going to find out? You’re buying them from a different country or countries.

          • I’m sorry, I didn’t see where you said Different Countries. I just saw Different Pharmacies. When you use a Dr’s prescription in the states, some pharmacies notify the Dr.

          • When you order from say Canada Pharm, they accept a fax….then just find another one online and do same thing.

          • I have heard of people getting meds from Canada. Sometimes even better quality. I had no idea how they went about it. Thank you for the info.

    • Do you know of natural alternatives (that work)for any of these conditions Colitis with Intestinal Hemorrhoids, Atrophic Gastritis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Venous Insufficiency, Lumbosacral Spondylosis.

  • what would be good for arthritis and muscle and joint pain?

    • Check Health Science Institute…

      • I really love “Earth Clinic”. They list some pretty serious ailments. Not just “itchy scalp”, though I found a home remedy for that there. Lol.

    • I have reduced my arthritis issues by getting rid of grains in my diet. Start by giving up foods with gluten. Within a couple of weeks you will feel the difference. While it’s harder, I have given up all grains for 3 months and had some great healing occur. I’ve slid back but eating corn again. You may find that MANY illnesses are made better by no longer eating wheat. I recommend the Whole 30 diet.

  • Having two mechanical heart valves, I must take WARFARIN daily to prevent clots which could led to a stroke. Anyone know of any alternatives?

    • Ken, Check into KALE {seaweed] Bob

    • Ken, one of the best blood thinners is gingko biloba. It even comes with a warning to not take it with blood thinners because it will thin your blood too much. It will grow just about anywhere. If you get male and (stinky) female, you will even get a supply of gingko nuts to eat in moderation.

  • I’m bipolar, and not having meds for any prolonged period for me is, quite literally, a matter of life and death. Every once in awhile, I miss a morning dose, or perhaps an evening dose. I put those pills in an empty container and save them for a future emergency. HOWEVER, many of these medications have a short shelf life, so when I get my next month’s prescriptions, I routinely swap out the old pill for the new pills, keeping my emergency stash as fresh as I can. Check to make sure the shelf life on any medications you take is up-to-date.

    • Tom Coalson – be sure of the shelf life…do not go by what is on the bottle….drs. lie…they make money off this poison they push.

  • If your insurance has a mail order pharmacy, your doctor can write the prescription for 90 days times three (3) refills. Set up automatic refill with the pharmacy, which is usually mailed in the last month of the 90 days, so you are roughly 30 days ahead.

    Some of my scripts are written “1 to 2 per day” so I get 180 days of meds if taken one a day. I take 1 1/2 a day, splitting one tab which gives me 135 days of meds, giving me 45 extra tabs per 90 day refill period. You can see that after awhile, the meds will build up. Not all meds can be split, but if the doctor will allow it, he can write the prescription for twice the strength and you split the tab, thus doubling your meds. A doctor told me this is often done for persons on fixed incomes because the pharmacy/insurance charges the same price per tablet whether its 100 mg or 200 mg.

    The tablets that can be split usually have a line indented across them showing the halfway point. I use to use a knife to split the tabs, but this isn’t very accurate often crushing the tab. Use a pill cutter and only apply enough pressure until you feel the pill crack.

    • Jay

      Excellent idea. Ive done that and forgot as I refuse to take any statins…dont care what my cholestrol is….I use herbal products and its a little over 200…

  • To Robert Ross, check out Coleus forskohlii (plectranthus barbatus) for asthma. It is supposed to work better than an inhaler. Also, Forskohlin, the active ingredient, is available as a tablet from health food stores or even ebay. I grow the plant. When researching for plants for asthma, be careful because some are just great smelling and some will only clear mucous; so many herbs for asthma that don’t help at all. I needed something that will open the alveoli in the lungs and lessen allergic reactions which led me to this easy to grow but rare type of coleus plant. Seeds can normally be bought from Smartseeds. It took a lot of research to find a plant for asthma and then many months to find the plant itself. If you do go with this plant, please research it’s cultivation. It’s a monocot and will die if it goes to seed. Grows from cuttings easily. I hope this has helped. Best of luck.
    Also, check out acupuncture before SHTF.

  • I just flat out told my doctor I was a prepper ( explaining I have 6 months of food and power etc) and she wrote me a 6 month script.
    She made me smile when she said “I hope you have the guns and ammo to defend it.”
    Gotta love Texas.

  • for type-2 diabetes might add bitter melon from India to your list too. can get in powder form to add to meals.

    • Or for type 1 and 2 diabetes, grow and eat gynura procumbens.


  • Hello, I’m a holistic practitioner of Chinese/Japanese based healing disciplines and have been practicing for over 20 years. I wouldn’t have devoted my life to these types of disciplines if they didn’t in fact work, and if I did not see positive results on a constant basis from those in need. If and when the shtf, YOU will be the only doctor available to help you and your loved ones. Natural healing disciplines will be all that there is. Learn now what you can about Reiki (a Japanese healing art), reflexology, Pranic Healing, acupressure, meditation and the like. Take some courses and be ready for any eventuality. I’ve used my own skills in hospitals and in my own private practice, and very often I’ve been able to take people out of pain even when sedatives and heavy duty pain killers have failed. I would also suggest that people take c.p.r training. Good luck to all of you.

  • One solution for stockpiling is to ask your Dr for ‘samples’ in addition to your regular prescription. Tell him/her that you want to have a supply in case of a disruption. Most Dr’s I’ve spoken to are very PO’d about Obamacare right now and may be willing to be a little passive aggressive. Good Luck.

  • Magnesium salts have been used to stop a seizure in toxemia of pregnancy, and can help control some seizure problems. High fat diets have been used to treat uncontrolled epilepsy.

    • I saw a documentary where they had people with epilepsy go off all starchy carbs, go on high protein with only veggie and fruit carbs and every single person was able to go off their meds. They had a follow-up years later and they all remained seizure free. Seizure meds have to be taken away slowly – and I thought I would never say this in my life, – but it would need medical supervision.
      How many diseases can be ditched if a person gives up grains? It’s all over the net about the mental and physical disorders that suddenly disappear when grains are ditched. I had severe heart arrhythmia for 15 years and couldn’t leave the house and was bed ridden sometimes for weeks on end. I refused a pacemaker because I had a feeling I could cure it. I gave up grains and all food additives based on grain, right down to the tiniest speck, and I’ve had a steady heart beat now for a bit over three years. After what I went through and what I know now about grains, I think of them now as nothing but poison.
      It made me a little panicky about all my grain-based stores but it opened up a whole new world of prepping for me.

  • My thyroid has been removed. Any natural alternatives to my hormone replacement prescription.

    • I wonder if a 6x homeopathic thyroid would be strong enough. Byron Nathuropath in Australia sells it and you could email them for advice (From Byron Bay). Also, maybe small amounts of fresh animal thyroid, taken like a tablet gulp, yuk, maybe could work. Some iron tablets are just freeze dried liver so it probably could work for thyroid hormone. I don’t know if it would be ruined in the digestive process or not. Also, I don’t know how you’d get around the possible diseases you could get from wild animal raw thyroid (breed your own healthy animals? ) I’ll probably cop a lot of flak for suggesting all this. Bring it on; I’m tough!

      • no flak from me. i’m in the same boat as tom, i have neither thyroid glands…ANY suggestions, no matter how off the wall, could possibly help! thanks..MJ

  • The suggestions for herbal uses has merit BUT don’t screw around and experiment!!! I’m not going to throw credentials at you but you DO need to listen to me about this. Find and purchase (you still have plastic, right?) a special book. Look for the PDR for HERBAL MEDICINES. It is the real deal. It has an incredible amount of medical/science based info including dosages and side effects, etc. Under a heading for a particular malady there will be a list of different plants, including their Latin names that are used for particular diseases. There are even color photos. There are many plants that can be found out in the wild. So find the book. Read it! Look stuff up. Order seeds, plants…learn how to grow them or find them. Get out there and just DO IT!!!

  • My wife has Addison’s Disease, caused by bilateral adrenal gland removal due to Cushing’s. She is on hydrocortisone daily as a result. Other than cumin, I have found no other replacement for hydrocortisone.
    Any ideas?
    (Great article)

  • Nicotine is helpful for several things. It’s not the nicotine that causes cancer, it’s the smoke. Have you tried Vapor? All the nicotine or non your choice in over 100 flavors. You can even have the water vapor that looks basically like smoke when exhaled. Just DON’T get vapor made in China, it has been found with metal shavings in it.
    The best of both worlds…all the nicotine WITHOUT any added chemicals(poisons) or smoke. Nothing that can harm anyone around you.

  • I’m also on some strong pain meds. Instead of having to go cold turkey (as I have a couple times over the years thanks to ins) try cutting your doses just a little at a time. Example-I was on two different pain meds, 2 of each 4 times a day. I started by spacing the out a little more until I could get by with 3 doses/day. Then through trial and time I have found that on slower days I can get by with 1 of each/dose. If the weather changes or anything changes I have some nearby just incase I need them. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get a small stockpile.
    Keep in mind, it took a couple tries to actually be able to cut back. You’ll probably still suffer some withdraw(pretty much extreme pain) for a few days up to a week, but it will ease. If you wait until SHTF and have to go cold turkey the pain will be Unbearable for at least that week. You won’t be able to function when you children are going to need you the most.
    Praying You Well & God Bless You!!!

  • My daughter has touretts syndrome and I have not been able to find a natural alternative