VIDEO: The Ultimate Bug-Out Gun! Is that a thing?

Tyler White compares different types of guns and ammunition for a bug-out scenario. Is the 12 gauge shotgun, the 308, the AR-15, or just an everyday ’22?

Stay tuned and see if the ultimate bug-out gun exists.

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Tyler White is one of those rare creators of online survival content who is amply qualified. Growing up on a ranch, Tyler learned about homesteading and preparedness as a way of life, taught by grandparents who had lived through the Great Depression. Although he had already worked at a guide in Alaska, served with U.S. Army, Tyler knew there was more to primitive survival than he could learn from military schools or other outdoorsmen. His passion for primitive survival drove him on a quest to track down the most knowledgeable instructors in the field, traveling from Utah to the Amazon to Canada and finally back to Utah. Like all competent survivalists, Tyler has experience in a broad range of subjects. Highlights from his background includes criminal justice, law enforcement, archery, small arms, amateur radio, farming, gardening, raising cattle, and poultry. He has attended classified schools, worked in law enforcement, studied too many martial arts to list, and achieved the rank of 2nd Dan in Shōrin-ryū karate.

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  • I would think that an MCK (or similar) set up with a Glock (or other handgun) would be what ya want if you had to go with one piece (plus assembly).

  • I recently bought a brand new 10/22 Backpacker in stainless (hard enough to find blued, stainless even harder to find, searched 3 years or more). I wanted the Backpacker version from Ruger rather than adding the Backpacker stock to a standard 10/22, because it comes with a more compact/slightly lighter 16.4″ barrel rather than the standard 10/22’s 18.5″ barrel. And it’s a better value getting the Backpacker from Ruger.

    I like the 2 gun method. For example, a good takedown 22 and a reliable handgun with enough power for self defense angainst humans and most animals. So I’m thinking the 10/22 Backpacker, and my 10mm Glock 20. 10mm ammo isn’t that much bigger and heavier than 9mm, while being more powerful, smaller, and lighter than .45 ACP. Also more capacity than any of my roughly comparible (power-wise) .357 Magnums but with quicker reloads (seems less noisy as well). Plus, for some reason I can shoot my 10mm better than just about every handgun I own, except for one of my 22LR handguns. And no, this is my first Glock and bought recently, so I’m not exactly a Glock “fanboy”. The biggest downside of this gun is ammo availablilty.

    I also have a Marlin Papoose takedown .22LR. It’s nice, and lighter/more compact than the original 10/22 Takedown. But I bought it before the Backpacker stock came out, which was before Ruger started selling the 10/22 with the 2.1″ shorter barrel and the Backpacker stock. The 10/22 Backpacker from Ruger is a game changer.

  • .22 magnum isn’t much more weight than .2long rifle, but a lot more juice. if you an kill a deer with a 22lr, imagine what you can get with a 22 mag. The stats on it are similar to a 9mm at the muzzle, but at a lot less weight. 22 mag…ultimate survival weapon!, no question!

  • This topic is like beating a dead horse. It is a very important topic but everyone has their opinions and rarely will any one change their opinion. At the end of the day the best SHTF firearm is one that you are extremely familiar with, have trained extensively with, have replacement parts for and that you have an abundance of ammo. and mags for.

    • Bingo.

  • About possible bugout or survival firearms, the supposed expert asks: “Do you need buckshot for the squirrels?” Are you kidding me? And this guy also works in a gun store? That’s just embarrassing….

  • To me…the ultimate bug-out gun would be the one you own, can shoot well and have what you consider to be sufficient ammunition for. I wold consider a .22mag to be a well rounded choice, but others will disagree. By-the-way, I don’t own a .22mag…’yet’, but I do own various other calibers. ‘If’ I ever have to bug-out…all my pistols will be the same caliber, I’ll have one carbine in the same pistol caliber. ‘If’ I have room I’ll take one medium to high caliber rifle and a 12ga pump shotgun. Why a pump? Fewer moving parts and easier to service or maintain if I’m on the go. Everyone will have their own ‘ideal’ set-up or choice, though.