VIDEO: How to Make Char Cloth Without a Tin!

In this video, Tyler will show us how to make char cloth from a piece of old cloth he found abandoned in the wild and how to use a flint and steel to ignite it.

Char cloths are one of the easiest (and oldest) ways to start a fire while out and about, requiring just a spark from a flint & steel or a ferro rod, or even a lighter ran out of gas, to get you going towards building a fire and keeping yourself warm.

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Tyler White is one of those rare creators of online survival content who is amply qualified. Growing up on a ranch, Tyler learned about homesteading and preparedness as a way of life, taught by grandparents who had lived through the Great Depression. Although he had already worked at a guide in Alaska, served with U.S. Army, Tyler knew there was more to primitive survival than he could learn from military schools or other outdoorsmen. His passion for primitive survival drove him on a quest to track down the most knowledgeable instructors in the field, traveling from Utah to the Amazon to Canada and finally back to Utah. Like all competent survivalists, Tyler has experience in a broad range of subjects. Highlights from his background includes criminal justice, law enforcement, archery, small arms, amateur radio, farming, gardening, raising cattle, and poultry. He has attended classified schools, worked in law enforcement, studied too many martial arts to list, and achieved the rank of 2nd Dan in Shōrin-ryū karate.

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  • Unfortunately the camera was so close that there were times I could see Tyler and hear him, but I could not see what he might have been demonstrating because his hands, the char, or the flint and steel was not visible. Back the camera person off, that will help teach this subject better.

  • Thank you
    I was thinking I may not always have a streaker but I could have a flashlight and some steel wool . It will go up quick and it is fail proof stack battery on top of each other so opposing poles on ends roll steel wool in strands with care watch for splinters. Touch to pole ends insta fire .
    God Bless!!