Top 20 Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

A clogged nose is always annoying. Your head feels heavy, you can’t breathe and when you blow your nose hoping you will finally breathe again, you realize nothing comes out.

Regardless of the reason for your stuffy nose, there are many natural home remedies you can try right now to breathe better and to feel better.

What is Stuffy Nose?

Stuffy nose is also referred to as clogged nose, blocked nose, congested nose or nasal congestion. Contrary to wrong assumptions, a running nose is not the same as a stuffy nose; they are different nasal problems.

Having a stuffy nose is quite uncomfortable as it causes great difficulty in breathing. You will constantly get the urge to blow your nasal, which seems to bear no fruit in correcting the situation.

Nasal congestion can be caused by a number of things, with the main cause being the blood vessels in your sinuses by inflamed. Having too much sputum or mucus in your sinuses may also cause blockage in your nasal cavity.

What Causes a Stuffy Nose?

While we have established that inflammation of the blood vessels in sinus is main the main cause of a congested nose, the cause of the inflammation may vary. Some of the effects that cause inflammation include allergies, sinus infection flu and cold. This will ultimately cause irritation and swelling of the blood vessels.

In some instances, you will find that a stuffy nose is just an underlying symptom of another condition. In rare cases, it may be triggered by anatomical disorders, tumors in the nasal cavities as well as other terminal medical issues.

Top 20 Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose

There are a number of home remedies that can be used for a stuffy nose and I will share with you the top 20 that I discovered through the years.

  1. Steam

This is a common remedy for various respiratory conditions like frosty, sinus blockage and influenza among others. Ideally, when you use this method, the objective is to reduce the thickness of the fluids in your sinuses. Ultimately, this will help in regaining normal breathing activities.

  • Start by boiling water in a dish until it gets to the boiling point.
  • Turn the heat off and then place your face over the dish with the hot water. Ensure that you cover your head with a towel so as to get all the steam coming your way.
  • Inhale and exhale the steam progressively, until the nasal cavity is clear.
  • Repeat this Direction at least twice a day, in the morning and at night.


The alternative direction that works in the same manner is taking steamy showers. This will help reduce the inflammation of your sinuses and restore your normal breathing.

  1. Antiseptic Herbs Steam

Thyme and menthol are medicinal herbs, which will be an effective remedy for stuffy noses.

You will need:

  • 3 teaspoons of dried peppermint
  • 3 teaspoons of dry thyme
  • Boiling water

Boil water and pour it in a small bowl. Add the peppermint and the dried thyme to the boiling water and mix thoroughly. Place a towel over your head and tilt your face over your bowl, while maintaining a safe distance of about 10 inches. Inhale and exhale for about 10 minutes and do this 2 to 3 times in a day, until your nose is unclogged.

  1. Eucalyptus Aroma

Eucalyptus oil is quite useful as a remedy for a stuffy nose that has been caused by nasal congestion.

Boil water to its boiling point and pour it into a small bowl. Add some drops of eucalyptus oil to the boiled water. Inhale the steam gradually, for about 15 minutes.

Please note that if you do not have eucalyptus oil, you can use peppermint oil for the same procedure.

  1. Soup

SoupThe good news with this remedy is the fact that you can use any type of soup, as long as the soup is hot. Some of the best soups that you can opt to use include vegetable soup, chicken and lentil soup.

Just prepare the soup and take it twice or thrice in a day, and it will help relieve the stuffy nose.

  1. Proper Diet

You can make some adjustments in your diet as a remedy for stuffy nose. Nonetheless, you should ensure that you maintain a proper diet that will enhance your overall well-being.

You can make a habit of taking spicy foods, when you are down with this condition of a stuffy nose. Generally, at the end of the meal you will have a running nose, which means that your nose is unblocking. The foods to avoid include wheat, grains, milk and other dairy items, for this period.

Always make sure that you take warm or hot water when you have a stuffy nose, this will also facilitate unblocking of the sinuses.

  1. Spicy Food

We have already talked about taking spicy foods as a home remedy for stuffy nose. This is an emphasis that you should increase the intake so as to make the most of this remedy.

Some of the best spices include red chilies, garlic, ginger and onions. The spices in the food will make it easier for the mucus to flow from the nasal entries. As a result, this will remedy the stuffy nose.

  1. Chicken Soup

In one of the remedies above, we highlighted chicken soup as one of the most effective remedies for stuffy nose. You can take as much soup as you prefer and you can also choose to add some spices like ginger and garlic to enhance the efficiency of the remedy.

Prepare your chicken soup using your favorite recipe. Add spices that you prefer like chilies, ginger or garlic. You can also add lemon juice to the soup.

We recommend taking 2 to 3 cups in a given day to cure the stuffy nose. We have also emphasized the need to add spices so as to help in clearing your nasal passage in a short while.

  1. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds and this is an effective home remedy for a stuffy nose. You are required to apply the oil into your nose so as to clear the congested nose.

  • Place a little mustard oil on your fingers and ensure that the fingers are clean.
  • Insert the fingers with the oil in your nostrils and repeat the operation two or three times a day.

Alternatively, you may use mustard oil for preparing meals and it will still help relieve stuffy nose.

  1. Honey

If you have been following the various home remedies that I provide, you will realize honey appears frequently. This Honeyis due to its properties, which make it a remedy for various medical conditions like stuffy nose.

Take 2 teaspoons of honey twice a day to cure stuffy nose. If you want better results, you can add the honey to a glass of warm water and take the same dose of twice a day.

Mixing honey with milk is also an effective solution to unblocking your nose.

  1. Neti Pot

This is one of the most unique remedies of all times in clearing a stuffy nose. The Neti pot will be used to clear secretions that come from your nostrils, by removing the blockage.

You will need:

  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • Warm water
  • A Neti pot

Start with the preparation of a saline mixture or salty water. This is done by adding a teaspoon of water to the warm water in a glass.

Pour the saline mixture into your Neti pot and tilt your head, with a sink below you. Hold the spout of the Neti pot and pour the saline solution into your nostrils.

The solution will stream out and hereby clearing any fluids that may be causing nasal blockages. Repeat this procedure for a few minutes, while toggling between the two nasal entries.

The critical thing is to ensure that the saline solution comes out from the nostrils; otherwise this may cause more complications. In the event that you do not have a Neti pot, you may use any other irrigation device available.

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  1. Basil

Besides being a great cure for stuffy nose, frequent use of basil is known to be an effective measure to prevent nasal problems. You should make it a habit to use as often as you can.

All you need for this remedy are basil leaves. Once you get the basil leaves, chew them two or three times in a day. I highly recommend chewing of the leaves early in the morning before taking your breakfast and late at night just before retiring to bed.

If you find that chewing is difficult for you, then prepare tea using the basil leaves and it will give you better results.

  1. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are known to make the mucus thin and lighter and thereby opening your sinus activities. When the mucus is thin and the inflammation of the sinuses is reduced, it becomes easier to have a clear nose.

You will need:

  • A glass of water
  • Fenugreek seeds

Start by having fenugreek seeds crashed or blended, and add them to the glass of water. Heat the water with the blended fenugreek seeds for a couple of minutes and then remove from the heat.

Sieve the liquid and drink it while still relatively hot. You can take the concoction a number of times in a day, until the nose is unblocked.

There is an alternative direction whereby you can use fenugreek seeds as an ingredient in making soup. Remember, we have already established that soup is a great remedy for stuffy nose; take fenugreek soup and have a clear nose.

  1. Herbal Tea

TeaSince time immemorial, herbal tea has been rated as one of the best remedies for various conditions. It is also ideal for the overall well-being of your health and this makes it an ideal remedy for stuffy nose.

There are so many different herbs that have been identified to have medicinal value. Peppermint, chamomile and blackberry are some of the best herbs that I would recommend for making herbal tea.

You should use these herbs in your regular tea and they will gradually help you have a clear nose. You may also include ginger and rosemary leaves in your tea for better results.

  1. Garlic

The nasal cavity is seriously affected when you have a cold. In as much as you will feel uncomfortable when you have seasonal influenza, the American Academy for Otolaryngology says that your body is engaged in a serious battle with various micro-organisms.

Sadly, the battle will often culminate in inflammation of your sinuses, thereby causing blockage in your nostrils.

Garlic is one of the best remedies for cold and stuffy nose. You should pick the garlic in the knob, which will be in a band of cloves and use it for this remedy.

There are several compounds that you will find inside garlic like allins, fructosans and saponins, among others. These are the components that allow garlic to have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. These are claims that have been verified by the Herbal Medicines Organization.

Garlic has the capacity to help in the management of hypertension and cholesterol as it will lower the blood levels. Over and above, we can safely conclude that this is one of the most useful herbs in medicinal practices.

Furthermore, it is also used in the treatment of general respiratory conditions, intestinal gas, PMS and stoppage among others.

To use garlic as the remedy for stuffy nose, chew one of two cloves two times in a day. Alternatively, you can use garlic as an ingredient in any type of soup that you wish to prepare.

You may also opt to take pure garlic soup for speedy results.

  1. Hot Ginger Compress

Ginger contains powerful anti-inflammatory components, which is why I consider it to be a valuable remedy for stuffy nose.

Get the ginger root and cut into small slices. Put the ginger in your saucepan and add two cups of boiling water. Allow the mixture to boil for about 20 minutes, in low heat. Soak a piece of cloth in the mixture and place it over your head and face for about 15 minutes.

The other option would be making ginger tea, which is a great solution for clogged nasal cavities. You should repeat the Direction severally to ensure total recovery and prevention of recurrence.

  1. Tomato Juice

Tomatoes have a high level of anti-oxidants and vitamin C, which is essential in enhancing the immunity in your body. The tomatoes will unclog your mucus by reducing inflammation in the sinuses and eliminating mucus.

You will need:

  • A glass of tomato juice
  • 1 tablespoon of cleaved garlic

When you have your glass of tomato juice, add a tablespoon of cleaved garlic and a pinch of salt. Blend the mixture properly and place in a pot to bubble for a few minutes.

Drink up the tomato juice to clear the stuffy nose. Adding lemon juice to the mixture will increase the effectiveness of this remedy. Take it at least twice a day, until your nostrils are clear.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a common ingredient in most homes and as such, it is readily available. This is an essential remedy for stuffy nose and can also be used to cure other sinus problem.

If you do not have cider vinegar in your home, buy one and keep it for a rainy day.

If you are suffering from stuffy nose, mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of warm water. Drink this mixture 2-4 times in a day so as to treat your stuffy nose.

  1. Lemon

Lemon can be used as a remedy on its own to treat stuffy nose, but can also be added to other remedies to make them more effective, as indicated above.

If you opt to use the fruit, you need to apply it around the nasal area so as to clear the blocked nose.

You will need:

  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • Black pepper powder
  • Salt

Blend all the ingredients properly and then apply the mixture around the nasal area. When applying the mixture, you should take precaution so as to ensure you do not rub your eyes, as it can be quite irritating.

  1. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is very rich in menthol and this will make it easier to clear your nasal passages. It will do this by acting as a thinner to the mucus, thereby unclogging your nose.

Peppermint tea has a therapeutic effect when combined with menthol, steam and warm liquids. Each of the components can serve as a great remedy for stuffy nose.

  1. Acupressure

Acupressure is also an amazing remedy for stuffy nose. The Direction is some form of acupuncture and will entail apply some pressure to some strategic points on the body. This will eventually relieve any medical issues, including a stuffy nose.

As far as being a remedy in nasal congestion, acupressure will reduce the pressure on the sinuses.

  1. Place both index fingers on both sides of the eye cavity and begin to massage the sinuses. You should follow the outward circle motion and repeat this for about 30 seconds.
  2. The next step would be placing your index fingers on the outside and below the eyes. Repeat the massaging Direction for about 30 seconds in the same manner.
  3. The final stage is using your thumbs on your cheek bones. Massage outwards for about 30 seconds as well.

You should repeat the 3 steps 3-4 times in a day, until you can feel the relief of the pressure of your sinuses.

These are the top 20 home remedies for stuffy nose and they will work without causing any serious side effects.

If you know other home remedies that worked for you, share your experience in the comment section below! And click the banner to learn how our ancestor healed their wounds and diseases using old forgotten remedies!


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  • Make a solution of 50% water with 50% Listerine, use the standard un-flavored type. Pour a little into the palm of your hand and snort it up into the nostrils, do this over a sink or basin or have tissues handy. This will do two things, it will clear the blocked airways and help remove mucus as well as the alcohol in the mix will destroy bacteria. It will wash out any pollutants such as pollen and destroy bacteria in the process, this may have to done several times, the blockage usually clears within minutes. First timers may get a “Head Rush” with the 50% mix, if so reduce the Listerine to one third and mix with two thirds water, over time slowly build up to the 50% mix.
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