How Is This Separation Of Church And State?

The left loves to use the term, “separation of church and state” against Christians.

I never see them using it against any other group, but when it comes to Christians, especially Christians having any input into the government or using their faith to guide their decisions, they’re quick to trot out that phrase.

It doesn’t matter to the liberals that they are misusing the concept of separation of church and state, or even that the phrase doesn’t exist in the Constitution. Few of them have bothered to read the constitution anyway, although they’ll all swear that it’s in there. But in fact, the phrase “separation of church and state” was originally written by Thomas Jefferson and is found in a letter that is part of the Feudalist Papers.

What the Constitution says, as part of the First Amendment, is “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” It looks to me like that doesn’t say anything about Christians not having any say in government or anyone being restricted in using the principles of their faith to make decisions in regards to our nation’s government. If anything, it says the opposite.

Nevertheless, liberals have long used the phrase “separation of church and state” as a lever to manipulate the courts and have laws enacted in their favor; most specifically, the favor of atheists. It is never used in regard to other religions, most especially the Muslim religion, which apparently has a free ticket for whatever they want to commit.

Like anything else in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there are a number of different ways in which that phrase from the First Amendment can be taken. The traditional meaning is that there can’t be a state-sponsored religion. In addition, that has been the basis for churches having a tax-free status.

Time and time again, atheists have taken government organs to court, for using tax money in some perceived support of religion. Notable examples include the case about the Ten Commandments being in the Supreme Court’s chambers and cases about churches using government-owned facilities for their weekly services. More recently, Obama has used it to prevent military chaplains from ministering to the troops who are supposed to be under their care.

One of the key points that the left uses is that tax dollars should not benefit any religion. Of course, what they mean by that is that tax dollars shouldn’t benefit Christianity. However, those same tax dollars can benefit any of their pet beliefs, regardless of whether they try and hide them as science or whether they are blatant religious observation.

About Common Core Curriculum and Islam

Ever since Obama was elected the first time, he’s been promoting Islam from the pulpit of the presidency. This has accelerated during his second term, with him blatantly supporting Islam and attacking Christianity every chance he gets. A prime example of this is the Common Core Curriculum.

Anyone who believes that Common Core is about educating our children in academics has obviously been drinking too much of Obama’s cool-aid. It would be charitable to say that Common Core is mediocre in presenting basic academic subjects and anyone who has seen any of the rants about Common Core mathematics on the Internet will understand why I say that’s charitable.

But while Common Core is doing such a poor job of educating our kids in the academic subjects they need, it is doing a great job in indoctrinating them in liberal ideology. The authors (and I use that term very loosely) of it have spun everything from the alphabet to history to match the liberal talking points.

One of the major ways they’ve done this is to teach our children about Islam. That’s right, the same people who are saying that it’s against the Constitution to pray in school or even mention the word “God” are urging our children to dress in hijabi and obey to Allah, as part of their “cultural awareness” education.

Clearly, the Obama administration is breaking the First Amendment and trying to use the power of the federal government to further a religion, specifically the religion of Islam. But it goes much farther than our classrooms. The Obama Administration, specifically his State Department, is actively funding the religion of Islam, overseas.

In a recent investigative report, it was revealed that Obama’s State Department has given a whopping 770 million dollars to Muslim countries, specifically for the purpose of repairing mosques. The idea is hidden as a “good-will effort” towards those countries, with the idea of making them more favorably disposed to the U.S.A.

American Church

Of course, that’s assuming that it’s possible to make them more favorably disposed towards us, something which I seriously doubt. You see, even from long before Islam arrived on the scene, part of the Middle Eastern culture has been that they respect strength, and not much else. Much like with the American Indians, strength is honored because of the difficulty of their lives. A man who is not strong is not worth anything, because he cannot survive.

So, when we give them money to placate them, we show ourselves weak, not strong. In other words, Obama’s gifts are having the exact opposite effect of his stated intentions. But of course, his stated intentions and his real intentions probably have nothing to do with each other.

Considering Obama’s history of lying, and his hatred for the United States, I seriously doubt that he is actually trying to make the United States look good to Muslims. Besides, they are bent on world conquest, hating the United States as “the Great Satan” because we are stronger than they are and stand in the way of their conquest.

The Real Story

In reality, what Obama is doing is supporting Islam as a religion. Of course, to do that, you have to support it as a political entity as well.

In my opinion, considering the high number of mosques which are controlled by radical Imams and how Islam is becoming more radicalized every day, by supporting Islam, Obama is also supporting radical Islamic terrorist organizations. Quite possibly, some of that $770 million went directly into the coffers of terrorist organizations.

If so, that’s clearly treason, aiding and abetting the enemy. But even if that isn’t happening, the mere fact of paying money to restore mosques is a clear breach of the Constitution. Why is nobody screaming about this and why is he not being charged with this crime?

The Quran is clear on a number of issues, including loyalty and government. According to it, Muslims may have only one loyalty, to Muhammad and to the Quran. They are not allowed to submit to any other authority, whether spiritual or secular. In other words, radical Muslims do not accept out laws or submit to them, even if they live here in our country. Those radicals who are here, just as those in Europe, are bent on conquest, working to fulfill their prophet’s plan and create a worldwide Islamic caliphate. They are enemies of the United States.

Regardless of what any “moderate” Muslims say, that’s in the Quran. It can’t be eliminated and it can’t just be forgotten. So, there really is no way of saying that providing support to Islam is not providing support to our enemies.

We did not make them our enemies, they chose that of their own free will. Bribing them, by rebuilding their mosques won’t change that. In their minds, their hate is based upon their holy book, so they must maintain it. Failure to do so would be sin in their minds; a sin which they would end up dying for.

So Why Would They Change?

No, rebuilding mosques isn’t an answer and if Obama and Kerry truly think it is, they don’t understand Islam. They are either listening to a lie or they are trying to sell one; but either way, there is a lie that is being propagated. Just like there is the lie about Islam being a religion of peace. Three-quarters of a billion dollars isn’t going to change that.

As best I know, our government has never used tax dollars to rebuilt a church, cathedral or synagogue. To do so would be a clear violation of constitutional principles. So, if that’s the case, why should Obama get away with using tax dollars to rebuild a mosque? I would not be in agreement with the government paying for the restoration of a church, even though I am a Christian. Why should I accept our government paying to restore not only one mosque, but many.

As a Constitutional American, I take the stand that our government should not be supporting any religion, but should treat all of them equally, keeping their hands off. That fits the wording and intent of the Founding Fathers, when they drafted the Constitution. Nothing else is acceptable.

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This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

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  • Obama is an admitted Kenya born Muslin is doing to America Exactly what He said He would do, The Silent Majority in America was/is asleep, time to wake up America. Reclaim your America.

    • I agree. He has said he would bring America to a third world level, and we are here. B|

  • Obama is breaking the law! He should be held accountable immediately for his criminal activities. Supporting Islam is not in America’s best interest.
    He has stated that “The United States is not at war with Islam.” However, he will not make the statement that “Islam is not at war with the United States.”

    Dr. Dan Goff

    • Thank you! Yes, Islam is at war with America! Not only America but the world! Look at what the Koran says about Muslims inheriting the world in a caliphate and study their history, murdering ALL who do not or will not believe exactly as they believe and this condoned by their prophet. If we afford them the freedom to worship here, they will impose their will on us and if we do not bow down to Allah will take that freedom from us! Fools have put BHO in our highest office, who’s intent it is to enslave us and destroy America. We as a nation are spiritually sick and we are going to reap what has been sown, unless an unprecedented point in the history of the world occurs, where a nucleus of positive, I’m afraid mature Christians are able to return the blessing from GOD ad the nation could then benefit by association once again.

  • Due to the fact that we have a liberal media it never gets widespread to the public. Why is not a lawyer or a judge filing charges for the things that Obama does and impeach the son of a bitch. Our congressmen sit back and watch this happen. We need to take our government back for the people by the people

    • I have a strong belief the Muslim Brotherhood is doing his dirty work to prevent this or eliminate those who try. For them, all they need do is call someone who especially is a family man of the Government, and tell them they know where his family is 24/7, when his kids go to school, library, lunch, sports, etc. and that is enough to care these Judges, Congressmen, Senators, Lawyers, etc. Just like when the Black Panthers blocked the Democrat cities against the Republican voters. Cops did nothing to prevent that. B|

  • So how is it we are over 19 trillion dollars in debt and the House and the Senate are not putting a stop to this? Why is this not in the main stream media? This is a Christian nation! This a call to all Christians to bring this nation to its knees and pray. Ask God for forgiveness and help us to repent. Then call to action! Stop being silent believers, be voices to be heard.

  • Agreed. The left (read (Communists) share common goals with the political ideology disguised as a religion known as Islam. Both want totalitarian rule and global domination. Islam is clearly the chosen tool of Agenda 21. I would like to seen a concise accounting of the money spent bring soldier age male Muslims into America as “refugees”. It would seem the idea there is to sue the “soldier” to create chaos which then allows government to strip even more civil rights than that of the Patriot Acts.

  • First off, the leftists do not read the Constitution very well. It says “Freedom OF Religion” not FROM. Also, it says the Government cannot impose on the Church, nothing about the Church imposing on the Government. The Constitution has always stood behind the Church as being the rule, not the Government.

  • Every one talks . No one does any thing . This sorry piece of camel dung has been ruining this country ever sense he’s been in office over 7 years . What can we do ? Not a damn thing . Unless you know a way to stop this piece of crap quit telling us what we already know

  • Impeach this president!!! He is absolutely ruining our country. With less than a year to go before he is out of office, he is destroying our country. How can he do these things without the consent of congress? Can’t congress do something to him before it’s too late?

  • To whom it may concern
    He is the worst president in the history of the United States. Obama has never
    since his entire time in offices has he ever help our country NO. I can not believe that congress has not EPICED his sorry ass.

  • Personally, it is clear to me that there are no moderate Muslims! If they believe in the Koran, they are either ramped up Jihadist or they will be! Our country provides freedom of religion but this religion, Islamist are a one way street, its their way only according to THEIR BELIEF”S! So we are fools to give them a foot hold here, it will be our own demise! They have inundated , my home area in TX, it seems over night! Their presents will be widely realized by the whole country, very soon.

  • Thank you Bill. What you say is pure common sense. Obama is a terrible anomoly that was engineered by extreme left members of the neo-dnc who hijacked that organization as well in 2008. His rise to the presidency did not happen over night. What we have experienced with his version of leadership was perpetrated deliberately by his likeminded leftist friends. Why the rnc and congressional refused to use the power our forfsthers gave them to battle such despotism is the most disturbing question no one has,addressed. Im cautiously optimistic about the Trump phenomena. However, it stands to reason that so many Americans are fed up with the the status quo and find temselves willing to follow him to the White House. They know that Washington DC needs a strong dose of honest accountability and straight forthright leadership to get us out of this nambypambyness obama and his libtard minions have wrought upon us. Its way past time we start calling our enemies what they have always been, our damn enemies and go after them the way we know we can.

  • The Democrats in the Congress and the Senate and the rest of them who were complicate in make sure the voters elected this black “Muslim” to be the president of the USA will go down in history and leave their legacy as the ones who betrayed the American People, and allowed the one world globalists, who are hiding behind Vatican City, to murder everyone they can in the name of Satan. Wake up people, the end has begun, and think about the world you have left your children. Sad, so sad and dumb, ever so dumb.

  • this president was never born in the united states he was born in Kenya the election was totally elegal in the first place.he had his thugs at the election booths keeping elderly people from voting they should hang him for treason that’s what he deserves he ruined the U.S.A. he was never my president in the first place.

    • I totally agree!!

  • Obama, He should have never been aloud to enter this country along with his terrorist Muslim brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This person they call president is a traitor I so many ways! He has comphorted the enemy given them arms ,let his brothers in Islam kill our people in our embacies and now he gives them millions of Fallon’s of tax payers money and Americans an veterans do without! I hope to see all the traitors in our government pulled out to a gallows an all of them hung on the WhiteHouse lawn!!

    • I agree 100 %. Lets get the Gallows back in order for what they were meant for!! Obama and Hillary side by side to begin with. Then Boenher.

  • Uh oh, so you found out about Obama being our stooge, but it’s too late. You’re all gonna be praying to Mecca before long. Thanks to the Liberals.

  • You should be acutely aware that BHO has been on a very slippery slop with his behind the back stabbing Christians around the world. If you stop and think back to his begiining as president he has in a concerted effort been supporting our enemies with financial and military equipment. Here’s the real deal-He wants to become the 1st Muslim president and leader of all the muslim brotherhoods in America. You can look for him to declare “Martial Law” right after the Dem/Rep Convention which will inturn put an instant stop to any further presidential campaigns. Everything for his complete takeover is already in place. He will declare himself the very 1st Muslim President of these United States and no-one has the nerve to oust him from office cause he has a death wish list and they know it.

  • We need to hold Obama, held for all the wrong that he has done to this country bowed to nations made us look weak in the world there’s people hate us as it is the haters worries by looking week is Obama is a week cowered in my own personal opinion and in the pinion most of America of course this is just my own personal opinion everybody has that right and as of today to have their own personal opinion said thought and believed . Thank you Gerald you minutes

  • As I have always said and still say that obama is the closest thing to satan as there will ever be. How does he get away doing the things that are downing the United States and Christians. How did he ever get into politics or a president being a muslim without a birth certificate. He does everything possible that has anything to do with Christian or the United States flag . He lets islam do what ever they want to do. Where are our elected senators and congressmen. They look the other way. Obama should have been impeached years ago. He gives millions to muslims and nothing is said. Nothing to Israel. A dictator and a traitor

    • 2 Corinthians_4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

  • Obama’s administration has been Zionist. The plan which goes back before his time now includes making Obama look like a Muslim while he’s actually more Jewish and blaming terrorism on Muslims instead of Zionists. As an example of bis Zionist administration why was Rahm Emanuel his Chief of Staff, an Israeli citizen? Why did the government blame Muslims for 9-11 when the evidence points to Israel? Because there is a lying murderous Zionist oligarchy or Illuminati.

    • You are full of it. Obama is Islam all the way, 100 %. And they are totally anti-Jew!

      Your fallacy about this illuminoty nonsenseis ridiculous!! They were definitely not Jews, they were a Catholic hit squad, of a small number, and were used to eliminate the opposition.

      The Jews had nothing to do with 9/11. They first off, do no go with the Suicide attacks. These were strictly Islam Terrorists, just as Obama is. You are an Islam propagandist, to try to get people off the track for what Obama really is. Go back to Iraq, or Iran, or Syria, where you came from. It was proven as to who these terrorists were. Islam!!

  • 1. Separation of church and state is not a leftie-rightie sort of thing. Moreover, atheists, liberals, and such are hardly the only ones who champion this widely supported American value.

    2. Separation of church and state is a bedrock principle of our Constitution, much like the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances. In the first place, the Supreme Court has thoughtfully, authoritatively, and repeatedly decided as much; it is long since established law. In the second place, the Court is right. Just as the founders did not simply say in the Constitution that there should be separation of powers and checks and balances, but rather actually separated the powers of government among three branches and established checks and balances, they also did not merely say there should be separation of church and state, and rather actually separated them by (1) establishing a secular government on the power of “We the people” (not a deity), (2) according that government limited, enumerated powers, (3) saying nothing to connect that government to god(s) or religion, (4) saying nothing to give that government power over matters of god(s) or religion, and (5), indeed, saying nothing substantive about god(s) or religion at all except in a provision precluding any religious test for public office. Given the norms of the day (by which governments generally were grounded in some appeal to god(s)), the founders’ avoidance of any expression in the Constitution suggesting that the government is somehow based on any religious belief was quite a remarkable and plainly intentional choice. They later buttressed this separation of government and religion with the First Amendment, which affirmatively constrains the government from undertaking to establish religion or prohibit individuals from freely exercising their religions. The basic principle, thus, rests on much more than just the First Amendment.

    3. That the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the text of the Constitution assumes much importance, it seems, to some who once mistakenly supposed they were there and, upon learning of their own error, fancy they’ve solved a Constitutional mystery. The absence of the metaphorical phrase commonly used to name one of its principles, though, is no more consequential than the absence of other phrases (e.g., separation of powers, checks and balances, federalism) used to describe other undoubted Constitutional principles.

    4. To the extent that some nonetheless would like confirmation–in those very words–of the founders’ intent to separate government and religion, Madison and Jefferson supplied it. Madison, who had a central role in drafting the Constitution and the First Amendment, confirmed that he understood them to “[s]trongly guard[] . . . the separation between Religion and Government.” Madison, Detached Memoranda (~1820). Indeed, he understood the original Constitution–without the First Amendment–to separate religion and government. Some try to pass off the Supreme Court’s decision in Everson v. Board of Education as simply a misreading of Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists–as if that were the only basis of the Court’s decision. Instructive as that letter is, it played but a small part in the Court’s decision. Rather, the Court discussed the historical context in which the Constitution and First Amendment were drafted, noting the expressed understanding of Madison perhaps even more than Jefferson, and only after concluding its analysis and stating its conclusion did the Court refer–once–to Jefferson’s letter, largely to borrow his famous metaphor as a clever label or summary of its conclusion. The notion, often heard, that the Court rested its decision solely or largely on that letter is a red herring.

    5. The constitutional principle of separation of church and state does not, as you seem to suppose, call for “Christians not having any say in government or . . . being restricted in using the principles of their faith to make decisions in regards to our nation’s government. Far from it.
    It is important to distinguish between “individual” and “government” speech about religion since the Constitution protects the former and constrains the latter. Indeed, the First Amendment’s “free exercise” clause assures that each individual is free to exercise and express his or her religious views–publicly as well as privately. The Amendment’s “establishment” clause constrains only the government not to promote or otherwise take steps toward establishment of religion. As government can only act through the individuals comprising its ranks, when those individuals are performing their official duties (e.g., public school teachers instructing students in class), they effectively are the government and thus should conduct themselves in accordance with the First Amendment’s constraints on government. When acting in their individual capacities, they are free to exercise their religions as they please. While figuring out whether someone is speaking for the government in any particular circumstance may sometimes be difficult, making the distinction is critical.
    Nor does the constitutional separation of church and state prevent citizens from making decisions based on principles derived from their religions. Moreover, the religious beliefs of government officials naturally may inform their decisions on policies. The principle, in this context, merely constrains government officials not to make decisions with the predominant purpose or primary effect of advancing religion; in other words, the predominant purpose and primary effect must be nonreligious or secular in nature. A decision coinciding with religious views is not invalid for that reason as long as it has a secular purpose and effect.
    Wake Forest University has published a short, objective Q&A primer on the current law of separation of church and state–as applied by the courts rather than as caricatured in the blogosphere. I commend it to you.

    6. The constitutional principle constrains government not to promote (or oppose) any religion and, obviously, not just one, such as Christianity.

    • You are only partially right. The Constitution says Freedom OF Religion, and that the Government cannot tell the Church how to work. The Church has more power than the Government. After all, it is the People who are supposed to be in Command over the Government.

      The Supreme Court is stepping over its bounds. They make laws, which is illegal. They are only to judge the problems. They are no better than Obama.

      • Hmmm. Russel, You’re a pretty intelligent religionist. But when you say ‘the church has more power than the government, after all it is the people who are supposed to be in command over the government.’

        Does it include ALL the rest of the millions of non-church associated People too???

        You know…those of us who subscribe to the Secular Egalitarian principles that this country was founded upon that are guaranteed in the 1st/A not to be violated by theocracy creep of ANY KIND?

        Don’t they have more power than the church if you think that the church as more power over the government?

        And as for saying that old confirmation bias cliche by the closet theocrats that there is no separation FROM the church, that’s simply a lie at best, and a violation of many of millions of peoples Constitutional rights.

        Because there had GOD Damned better be protection FROM these churches. Especially the Vaticanist spawn, because if the church had its ways, as they did in the days of the framing of the Constitution, the vatican would still have its ‘legal’ right to torture sinners-which wasn’t banned officially until the 1800s, and knock of delusional faith based religions would still be bombing abortion clinics killing innocent souls.

        As it is now the ‘church’ owned hospitals are still destroying women’s lives by refusing them certain critical treatment in their hospitalsl. See the recent article on it this week, because of their religious belief restrictions.

        • If you read the laws, it says the Church has the power. The Church is also made of people, who are Christian, not the Denominations. You think you speak of the truth, but you do not. If you want the laws changed, then vote.

          The Constitution says the people have control over the Government. But, only if we speak up. If you like Obama, then get a plane ticket to go to Kenya with him. B|

          • Russ, Cite me the specific Legislative written U.S. LAW (and not one of Obama’s phony ones) that says explicitly what you said…” where ” it says that the church has the power?

            If you can’t, then please do us all a favor and sit down and have a nice warm cup of STFU until you can get a refill on your prescription meds?

          • The first amendment has it pretty well stated. We have freedom OF religion, the government has no rights to impose on us in that, and we the people are actually the Boss’ of the Government. If you don’t get that from the Constitution, you are brain dead. Obama does not say anything about our Church having rights over the Government. He claims Islam is the founding religion of America.

            NOW, you can sit down and read the Constitution. We people can actually fire the Government when they are not doing what is right. The people have just been corrupted by the government into thinking the feds have the authority, when actually the Sheriffs are the only Constitutional Law Enforcers in America.

          • Just as I thought, Russ, YOU CAN’T cite any law that the Church has the ‘power’ (over the government of the people,) outside of the bullshit ones you fabricate from the hallucinations of your religionist depavity..

            And to say that the 1st/A somehow says that further demonstrates theocratic obsessive compulsiveness has spiraled into the dangerous depths of evil that history has proven all depraved religionists eventuall fall into.

            But keep it up. We’ve got some pretty enlightened and reasonably objective ‘seekers’ of the truth and advanced knowledge here in our readership, some who also happen to be ‘Christians’ who will learn something important from this ‘exchange’.

            They will see that you’re pretty easy to bait and manipulate to reveal the true evil nature of your extremist mindset. And as usual with closet theocrats, all you have to do is shoot them with a few facts of reality life and they bleed hatred and vilification to all contenders with their intransigent resistance to anything and everything outside of their sick little world.

            They’ll notice that when you are questioned or somebody disagrees with you that you never even consider what they are trying to say. Instead they always counter with what the psychologist refer to as ‘forceful normalcy bias’ which is what you are demonstrating here, Russ, in classic example.

            Which essentially amounts to translating everything anyone says that you don’t like into something that must either support their religion in effect, or be made wrong in its content, even if they have to make things up to accomplish that. Like you see Russ doing here in his comments.

            This is Exactly what Radical Islam does. Fanatics like Russ are just one rung below Islamist insanity on the ladder of religionist evil.

          • This guy is a Democrat, n Obama’s pocket. Possibly also an Islam stooge. To not see the Constitution states the People have power over the Government, and the Church is made up of the people, which the Constitution was founded as Christian, is trying to deny we have a Constitution. Just as Obama does with his making rules and laws of his own, which is not legal, but he does it, and people like this guy are with him. Lets get rid of them all.

          • Just as I thought, Russ, YOU CAN’T cite any law that the Church has the ‘power’ (over the government of the people,) outside of the bullshit ones you fabricate from the hallucinations of your religionist depavity..

            And to say that the 1st/A somehow says that further demonstrates theocratic obsessive compulsiveness has spiraled into the dangerous depths of evil that history has proven all depraved religionists eventuall fall into.

            But keep it up. We’ve got some pretty enlightened and reasonably objective ‘seekers’ of the truth and advanced knowledge here in our readership, some who also happen to be ‘Christians’ who will learn something important from this ‘exchange’.

            They will see that you’re pretty easy to bait and manipulate to reveal the true evil nature of your extremist mindset. And as usual with closet theocrats, all you have to do is shoot them with a few facts of reality life and they bleed hatred and vilification to all contenders with their intransigent resistance to anything and everything outside of their sick little world. They can’t escape it.
            This is the product of their cult brainwashing.

            They’ll notice that when you are questioned or somebody disagrees with you that you never even consider what they are trying to say. Instead they always counter with what the psychologist refer to as ‘forceful normalcy bias’ which is what you are demonstrating here, Russ, in classic example.

            Which essentially amounts to translating everything anyone says that you don’t like into something that must either support their religion in effect, or be made wrong in its content, even if they have to make things up to accomplish that. Like you see Russ doing here in his comments.

            This is Exactly what Radical Islam does. Fanatics like Russ are just one rung below Islamist insanity on the ladder of religionist evil.

          • Amendment I

            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

            This is law enough o say the Government has no say over the Church and the people.

            First Amendment: An Overview

            The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. See U.S. Const. amend. I. Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief. The Supreme Court interprets the extent of the protection afforded to these rights. The First Amendment has been interpreted by the Court as applying to the entire federal government even though it is only expressly applicable to Congress. Furthermore, the Court has interpreted, the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment as protecting the rights in the First Amendment from interference by state governments. See U.S. Const. amend. XIV.

            Two clauses in the First Amendment guarantee freedom of religion. The establishment clause prohibits the government from passing legislation to establish an official religion or preferring one religion over another. It enforces the “separation of church and state.” Some governmental activity related to religion has been declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. For example, providing bus transportation for parochial school students and the enforcement of “blue laws” is not prohibited. The free exercise clause prohibits the government, in most instances, from interfering with a person’s practice of their religion.

        • You can go back to your mid east resort where the “Peaceful People” (Muslims/Islams/ISIS,) are killing Christians, and committing suicide bombings. Perhaps someone has a bomb to strap on you for gaining those 72 Virgins, one of which you most likely never have seen.

  • Hello,

    Even a cusory review of the stats shows the US to be predominately a Christian country.

    Perhaps creating a partnership with website owners to get the word out, might enable your messages to reach most Christians and others who hold dearly to their country.

    Just a thought for you to consider.


    • Mike, get the word out to do what? Start a religionist government, aka a theocracy?

  • Barry Soetoro aka barrack obama has and is supporting Amari case enemies. Passing the iran NUCLEAR DEAL is TREASON. Giving islam money is TREASON they are America’s enemies. Our United States Military force should track down Barry Soetoro aka barrack obama and arrest and charge him for TREASON and assure him a fast and speedy trial. KILL Barry Soetoro aka barrack obama for committing TREASON and broadcast his execution for the America and the rest of the world to watch.

    • I totally agree on the treason charges. Get him and Hillary both in chains, try them , and hang them side by side in public! Stop this anti Americanism movement!! B|

  • I am an atheist who was raised as a Christian. politically, I am an independent but I am a radical moderate. I believe in moderation and therefore fall on the left of the isle. While I don’t agree with many of the things president Obama has done, this article makes this situation look far more ‘evil’ then it really is.

    Our common core is flawed, don’t get me wrong, but in any teaching system, if you are going to consider historical or alternative cultures, it would be impossible to do it without mentioning regional religion -and I find that is a far cry from indoctrinating anyone into that. You can’t learn about Ancient Rome or Greece or Egypt without considering their pantheons. You can’t study European history without considering the MANY diluted alterations to Christianity. So similarly, you can’t study Asia without understanding how religions including Islam, Buddhism, Hindi, Taoism and others have influenced the political borders that exist today. If your child is impressionable and is unable to see that religion is a tool to control masses of people, you can call that indoctrination, but that’s really just a child being a child. If you hear something that sounds like a good idea, you tend to believe it. It isn’t until a more full examination is given that you can understand how it can be easily twisted.

    Which brings me to my next point, moderate Muslims. I’ll admit, I don’t have many muslim friends so can’t give personal experience on this topic. However, by simple deductive reasoning, there must be moderate Muslims. Clearly, not every Muslim on earth has jumped to join ISIS or the brotherhood, so they must not all agree. And further, just because the Koran says something doesn’t mean ALL Muslims believe it. I mean, that CERTAINLY isn’t true of Christians and Jews. The bible doesn’t argue that slavery or adultery are inherently bad. Or killing for that matter. Jesus preached against those things, but the more I’ve observed the Christian religion, the further I seem to realize it is from anything Jesus had to say. He preached against worshiping idols, but it seems to me the orthodox churches plate their alters in gold, Catholics love huge Christ statues and cathedrals, and pretty much all sects still worship a cross (which He never did).

    It also seems to me that there is a lot of Flag worship that goes on across boarders and religious identities. That same pep attitude is something our founding fathers were very afraid of, and intended to subvert through our freedom of choice on all these matters. With good reason too, since that’s exactly what lead to the rise of Adolf Hitler’s Christian, aryan nation.

    Now, our politicians have been making huge mistakes in recent decades, but trying to buy ourselves some friends in a hostile region with less than a billion dollars probably isn’t one of our biggest. It was president Eisenhower, a republican WWII general, who warned us against becoming a military industrial complex which would eventually fight profit wars. But it was President Clinton that made our terrible situation at home and abroad possible. It was President George W Bush that inherited the housing catastrophe but decided to plunge us further into debt by starting unpopular decade long wars with no tangible enemy, and who bailed out the big banks. And it was President Obama who has perpetuated bank bailouts and Bush’s awful ‘no child left behind’ initiative (speaking of common core), and continual involvement in the Middle East. So in my mind, both parties are to blame for Americas problems. The only difference between them now is that the republicans offer no solutions, and the democrats offer terrible solutions.

    But let’s be frank… If you want to impeach President Obama over 770 million dollars in foreign aide, you are ignoring the TRILLIONS of dollars stolen from us by Presidents Bush and Obama and handed to banks and oil companies. The main problem with both parties is priorities. Let’s focus on what unites us rather then divides us shall we? Like, how about peace for instance? Both Jesus and Muhammad preached peace over anything else. Why don’t Christians or Muslims get behind a candidate who strives for it? It looks like the the republicans have already chosen their war monger, and as soon as the corrupt super delegates get paid to vote, the democrats will have their war monger. So the whole country will have to choose between a war monger and a war mongeress. I’m betting that voter turnout during this election will be at an all time low, and for the next 4-8 years our country is going to be the laughing stock of the world.

    • You are a mental case. A real Joke, who no one laughs about.

      Obama is NOT our president. He is illegal. He has utterly destroyed America. I have seen what he does, live.

      As for Moderate Muslims, lets see, are they those peaceful people who danced in the streets of the cities of America on 9/11, singing and chanting Death to America? There were thousands of them. They don’t have to jump on with ISIS, all they do is support them.

      As for your Math, you suck. Obama took us from $10 trillion for ALL the previous presidents debts, (Bush (s) only had us with $4.6 Trillion,) to $20 Trillion in his 7 years. THAT was none of what the “Bush (s) left him with”. He and Hillary sent over a $Billion to Palestine, in one time, when Congress had it blocked!! Time to find God and get a life.

    • What a lovely island of common sense in a sea of conspiracy theories, ignorance and plain old bigotry. I tend to despair when faced with such an onslaught but perhaps the human race will not turn out to be an evolutionary dead end after all.

      • Evolution is another one of Satan’s ploys. It is (or seams to be,) easier for mankind to believe they came from monkey, apes, rocks, slime, etc. (which all are still around,) than to believe in a Holy God who created us from nothing.

        • Russel, if you live long enough and try to pull the ripcord on the parachute to stop the free fall into the hard crash of terminal ignorance, you’ll finally KNOW-instead of only believing- the truth about evolution and God and other profound mysteries of the universe.

          Humanity now has the enlightened capability to Know the reality, rather than rely mostly on ancient mythology.

          The truth is out there, I, myself have experienced the epiphany of light, and of course ‘…the truth shall set you free…”

          But you have to free yourself. God won’t do it for you.

          • So, considering your name, you had Islam, and go with Obama? Well, sorry, that is your loss. Evolution has been proven wrong so many times, it is pathetic. If you choose to figure you are from slime, or a monkey, that is fine. Just don’t be idiotic enough to think you can prove all the rest of us wrong.

          • Russel! Thanks man, for saving me some time- usually I have to expand somewhat to a response like yours but your own comment was so screamingly ignorant that you erased any and all doubt concerning the heights of your stupidity, and the depths of your emotional depravity.

            My Pen Name is NOT in any way connected to Islam. Even a rudimentary beginning religionist should know that? Were you ‘Born Again’… just yesterday, LOL??? Or are you too lazy to even cover your mouth with a fact check before your lips start brain farting?

            You’re worse than Fr. Andrew. At least he’s sufficiently ‘Vaticanized’ to know when to STFU and fall back.

            For anyone who cares, Mahatma is a Hindustani- term of respect similar to ‘Sir’ or ‘honorable’ with reference to your social value. I was a pilot for a Christian missionary organization in India many years back and the people we were helping started calling me that. And as part of my graduate work I studied the Hindu philosophy which is one of or likely the oldest organized religion in the world and is much different than Islam because Islam is nothing more than a relatively modern knock off of Catholicism. (Oh, you didn’t know that either, Russ???)

            Read the Bible and the Qu’ran side by side-which nobody does- and the similarities will even grab someone like you by the balls. That’s how the Muslims even have the same Angel Gabriel that’s in the Bible, LOL! That’s how Jesus was even accepted and respected as a prophet in Islam? And there’s much, much more irrefutable evidence of many other parallel teachings and prophesies.

            But, of course you’d have to study for years and become at least an Academic on the study to learn and understand the truth. The true history of that era has been largely redacted and interpolated, or hidden by everyone from the ususal Vaticanist suspects to the Zionists and the power elite, especially the Rockefeller Institute.. And that’s how we get religionists like you today which is a result of one of, if not the biggest frauds of all time.

            And ‘Muhjesbude’ is a reference to something a famous leader in India once said. Not even in the same unverse as Islam?

            But In humanist empathy for your Russ, I’m sorry for you because out of all the things in life that you’ve lost…I bet you miss your mind the most???

            Because obviously your poisoned mental confirmation bias condition won’t allow you to do any serious research outside of your bed side bible fairy tales because like so many other unfortunate souls, ‘ YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH’ as they say.

            Otherwise you would have read my other articles on this blog which fully blast the evil of Islam as being even worst than Vaticanism., And if you did, then you wouldn’t be a complete moron by saying something so way out like “(I) go with Obama”?

            And before you again show your true wannabe theocratic bloody colors typical of far too many ‘holier-than-thou ‘god fearing’ fanatics who loose their sanity with the first splash of holy water when asked simple honest questions that they can’t answer with any common sense, thus resorting to attacks…on ‘names’, no less, at least exercise a modicum of strategic mental awareness as to whom you are F—ing with in the future.

            Otherwise you’ll be harshly ‘outed’ and might as well wear the ‘Scarlet Letter’ like all those back in the day degenerate religionists forced on poor abused women when they weren’t burning them at the stake for the heinous crime of laughing or dancing. Only Yours, Russel, will be the Scarlet ”I’… for IGNORAMUS!

            Oh, and one more thing. YOU, brother Russ, LOL, are a living proof of evolution by exemplifying that it goes both ways? Look how far your mind has ‘Devolved’ since you were born again???

            And that, Beloved, concludes our Sunday Sermon.
            Let us Pray…

          • I can see your ignorance right off the bat. The Islams call Mohammed a Prophet. Does that make him a Prophet? No, nor dos this Mahatma make you a sir. And, just because you were a pilot does not make you a Christian. Which you yourself admit when you say the Qur’An and the Bible say the same thing.

            I have read in the Qur’An, (which has over 100 verses telling the Muslims to kill everyone/anyone, who will not convert,) SHOW ME WHERE THAT IS IN THE BIBLE?.

            AS FOR THE HINDU RELIGION THAT YOU CLAIM IS FARTHER BACK IN HISTORY, YOU DO NOT READ THE BIBLE AT ALL. THE HINDU god IS DEAD AND BURIED. Try praying to him/them. My God is real and alive, and the only one who ever came back from the grave on His own. And yes, I am Born Again, and that was in 1968, probably BEFORE YOU WERE HATCHED FROM THE EGG OF THE LIZARD YOU WORSHIP.

            Or did you not know Hindus worship animals? B|

  • I am 70, enlisted in U.S. ARMY NATIONAL GUARD may of 1965 105mm gun 4th Army, I did not like what our government was doing then, and sure as hell don,t like it now. Never thought this U.S.A that I still love would have so many stupid, lazy, offspring. It is a shame. Just go,s to show these kids did not have the smart stern,God fearing,spare the Rod Not, Fathers that taught us the Golden Rule and to be Men, not a bunch of pussies.GOD BLESS AMERICA & GOD BLESS TRUMP

  • Regardless of who says what and makes what laws, this will not end in an embrace of friendship; that time has long passed. Blood, will be the order of the day in spite of the feigning cowards that believe otherwise. Merciful is out and no prisoners merciless is key to survival of the fittest.