Is Your Defense At Risk In Case Of An EMP?

At first listen, the topic seems almost silly doesn’t it?

But considering it for more than a moment, many preppers are in danger of losing key components of their defense to a high electromagnetic pulse (HEMP). Thinking about what your defense means, it’s obvious, don’t you think?

Let’s deal first with our firearms themselves and then with other elements of self-defense, and how to look for our way out in case this disaster happens.

Guns after EMP – How Are They Going to Be Affected?

Most firearms would not be affected in any way as far as their basic function is concerned, but many newer firearms could absolutely suffer after a high electromagnetic pulse.

Considering the current trend of integrating microelectronics technology into firearms, the likelihood of future designs being affected is quite certain. Here are some firearms technologies that most certainly could be affected:

  • Firearms that use any form of biotechnology to prevent discharge by anyone other than the firearm’s owner.
  • Laser sights
  • Tactical flashlights that use LEDs.
  • LED-based optics
  • Night vision optics
  • Thermal imaging optics
  • The tracking point line of “smart” rifles.
  • Firearms with electronically actuated triggers.
  • Weapons systems that rely on laser rangefinders for range estimation.
  • Weapons paired with a ballistic computer or combination of ballistic computer and sensor technology to make accurate adjustments for precision shooting at long ranges.
  • Weapons systems firing proximity-fused ammunition.
  • Intelliscope and similar App-based technologies.

That was a longer list than I thought it was going to be, but for most folks, their favorite smoke pole is not going to be affected. But if you run in high speed, low drag crowd, you likely have several of these technologies bolted onto your first line weaponry.

Self Defense in a Post-EMP World

{adinserter emp}Now comes the second part of the equation. EMP will likely change the elements of your defense.

If something goes bump in the night, most well-prepared and responsible folks I hang with have a plan that goes, more or less as follows.

Roll out of bed, punch the panic code on the safe and strap on a waist pack or “bat belt” which contains some rough approximation of the following equipment:

  • Centerfire handgun with tritium night sights
  • Tactical flashlight
  • Spare mag or two or speed loaders
  • ID
  • Cell phone
  • Mini GSW (Gun Shot Wound) first aid kit
  • Less-lethal option (such as pepper spray, ASP baton or taser)
  • Tactical folder (one-hand opening knife with a blade that locks in place)

Then they deal with the threat. Then, if they are still breathing, they either get to go back to bed or will call law enforcement and an ambulance.

If they deal with law enforcement they might also worry how the night’s events will alter the lives of their loved ones and their own life and how much it is going to cost to replace the carpet.

But how might that go differently post-EMP?

Self defense pointing gun Roll out of bed, punch the panic code on the safe, which does not open because an EMP occurred while you were sleeping. Muffled cursing. Find the safe key.

Strap on the waist pack or “bat belt” with the flashlight that does not work, the cell phone that does not work and the Taser that does not work. If their side arm has a laser, that does not work either.

Then they deal with the threat … using their equipment which does not all work.

Then, if they are still breathing, they either get to go back to bed or they try to call law enforcement and an ambulance …. Which they cannot do because their cell phone does not work… and so on.

Get the picture?

Plan A would not work. You would not get a phone that says, “Hey dummy, we just had an HEMP!” You would simply try to use something you use all the time and it would not work. So what is an intelligent, self-reliant person who is aware of the threat of HEMP to do?

The answer is not to swear off anything that runs on a battery. Technology is a powerful fool and every one of us would have make some major changes in order to make a living without it. Even if you live like the Unibomber and think it does not affect you directly, it mostly certainly does affect you indirectly.

If nothing else, it keeps all your neighbors at home watching TV and drinking instead of looting your house or competing with you for the same resources.

The Answer Is Also a Two-Parter.

Part 1: Train without technology before you train with technology, which means among others:

  • Learn to use a map and compass first, and then a GPS.
  • Learn to shoot with open sights first, then with a red dot.
  • Learn to shoot in low light with tritium night sights first, then with night vision.

Part 2: Go through your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) from a post-HEMP paradigm. Walk through them step by step from imagining what would go wrong if a HEMP had occurred. It might mean

  • swapping a battery powered keypad lock for a mechanical one,
  • “down-grading” from an LED lamp assembly in your Surefire tactical flashlight to an incandescent lamp,
  • selecting an ASP baton over a Taser or practicing using a secondary technique after your primary fails, just like you practice failure-to-fire drills when you learn to defend yourself with a side arm.

The point is that there is something you can do about EMP or HEMP or any threat other than a Black Swan.


This article has been written by Cache Valley Prepper for Survivopedia.

Written by

Cache Valley Prepper is the CEO of Survival Sensei, LLC, a freelance author, writer, survival instructor, consultant and the director of the Survival Brain Trust. A descendant of pioneers, Cache was raised in the tradition of self-reliance and grew up working archaeological digs in the desert Southwest, hiking the Swiss Alps and Scottish highlands and building the Boy Scout Program in Portugal. Cache was mentored in survival by a Delta Force Lt Col and a physician in the US Nuclear Program and in business by Stephen R. Covey. You can catch up with Cache teaching EMP survival at survival expos, teaching SERE to ex-pats and vagabonds in South America or getting in some dirt time with the primitive skills crowd in a wilderness near you. His Facebook page is here. Cache Valley Prepper is a pen name used to protect his identity. You can send Cache Valley Prepper a message at editor [at]

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  • Good article.

  • Was not aware that an EMP would damage a led flashlight (Cree tml-6) like I use. Is this confirmed from other sources. Knew that a gun safe could be compromised, but mine has a manual lock(lucked out on that one ) haha

    • Any LED light will be affected. Best to have some of the older non LED flashlights around. Confirmed by numerous EMP authorities.

      • Go to the army surplus store and get a regular angled head flashlight that uses regular bulbs

        • What I have done is wrapped all of my led flashlights in non conducting material ie cardboard or paper bags, then placed them in Faraday bags. I tested some commercial Faraday bags and found they don’t work as advertised and that mylar food storage bags, a ton cheaper, if double bagged, do work. Now I keep all my high tech sights off my weapons and in Faraday bags then in home made Faraday cages then placed in my vault. If anything works, this do it. I guess we won’t know for sure until it happens.

    • HEMP (from a nuke at sufficient altitude) could fry some LED flashlights. A geomagnetic EMP (from a solar event) would not likely bother an LED flashlight unless it was a rechargeable model than plugs into the wall and was connected. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have sufficient conductor length to act as an antenna to conduct the EMP.

      This is because a nuclear HEMP attacks electronics with a three part pulse. The component pulses are E1, E2 and E3. The energy from a solar event is most similar to only the E3 portion of nuclear HEMP which will mostly affect electronics connected to very long conductors running parallel to the earth’s surface such as power lines, phone lines, pipelines, railroads and such.

      Understanding the three different elements will clear up much of the confusion between geomagnetic EMP caused by solar events and HEMP generated by nuclear detonations at sufficient altitude make use of Compton Scattering to unleash the power of high-energy Compton electrons high in the atmosphere. The topic and short length of article create some limitations in making a very detailed explanation of the phenomenon, but those are the basics.

      I encourage readers to educate themselves about this topic because it is such a huge threat to the very fragile, very automated existence we have cobbled together. Ignorance of this topic leads to dismissal of a truly profound that we are very exposed to and many myths and much misunderstanding of two different threats that often get bundled together. Each scenario has different properties.

  • My common sense tells me that if electronic appliances are unplugged they become passive and an EMP pulse will not harm them. Batteries themselves will not be harmed. Devices with power source removed will not be harmed. SOOO,when it hits the fan, disconnect the power from key devices, shut off the main breaker, disconnect your car battery, etc. Beforehand, store key devices in 50 cal ammo cans to shield them.

    • From what I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot, anything with a transistor that has not either been hardened against a HEMP or protected inside a Faraday cage, will be disabled in the event of a HEMP, or a strong enough coronal mass ejection from the sun. “Common sense” isn’t always so “common”. Do yourself a favor and invest some time in research on the subject.

    • You are correct in that a geomagnetic event cause by a CME of the sun would not affect anything attached to long conductors such as the power grid, but Doug is hitting on the difference in that with HEMP (caused by a nuclear weapon) much, much shorter conductor lengths will be affected. Many electronics even if they aren’t plugged into your home wiring if the EMP field strength is high enough at your location.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • What about an X Class CME? I’ve read these are almost as strong as an EMP.

        • Marty,

          A high order CME involve orders of magnitude more raw energy than a HEMP, but the effect is similar to only the E3 component of an NHEMP. What this means in terms of effect is that only microelectronics connected to long conductors that run parallel to the surface of the earth (like phone lines, power line, pipelines, railroad tracks, etc.) will be affected. So if your cellphone was not plugged in, it would probably be OK. If it was plugged in, it could receive a large spike conducted through transmission lines right into the wiring connected to the device, whereas, even though a HEMP could involve less energy than a CME that hits Earth, the E1 & E2 components it packs could still fry your phone even if it’s not connected to a wall.

          That is a practical understanding of the difference between EMP resulting from a geomagnetic event and nuke detonated high enough in the atmosphere to trigger Compton Scattering of high energy Compton electrons found there.

          Don’t feel bad if you did not understand this from the get-go. Even allied physicists in the nuclear program did not predict this effect before it actually happened and initially wrote off the thousand-fold gain in voltage from Compton Effect that occurred in the Hardtack Yucca shot as anomalous or equipment failure, even after it happened. They couldn’t explain it at first. We are constantly learning about new EM effects related to high energy “killer” electrons we had not measured before. In fact, NASA learned some things very important to being able to effectively shield our spacecraft from them just recently.

          • I have to believe there is no sure defense from new EMP’s. From what I’ve read, the new EMP explosives are so much more potent anything previously tested, nothing is for sure. All we can do is protect as best we can, and Pray.

  • Once again, you hit the nail on the head, with another great article, CVP!
    Well done.


    • A conductive safe would provide some shielding but you would need to line it with a non-conductive lining, replace any non-conductive gaskets with conductive ones and remove and non-conductive paint or finish where the door mates with the body because electrons need to be able to flow freely through the conductive skin of the shielded envelope. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for the comments everyone!

      • Thanks for your response. My main safe is not fireproof (I was rather poor when I bought it) and doesn’t have gaskets per-se, but the door fits pretty well and overlaps the shell by an inch or so. I’m thinking that taking some heavy wire and connecting the door to the shell in several places would do a reasonably good job, providing that the connections were well made and offering very little or no resistance. This would apply to the actual grounding wire between the safe and earth ground as well. (I have an 8′ long dedicated grounding rod buried in the ground that is not connected to the house wiring).
        Also, I thinking I could get away with not having a non-conductive liner on the inside as long as any damageable components were kept away from the inside safe wall.
        Your thoughts (anyone?)

        • Any non-conductive coating such as most enamel, finishes, paint and the like will create impedance and could potentially compromise the shielded envelope. You can buy conductive gaskets, paint and gasket materials, but you could also go the DIY route, sand off any finish and pinch a few layers of tin foil rolled into the desired shape in the cracks. The overlap and ground rod are good. A non-conductive liner is a must.

          You really want a pretty seamless seal because gaps as small as 1/4 could compromise the envelope in the frequency range we are concerned about, so the Faraday cages you see in science classes and magic shows with large openings will not work for this.

  • I learned to use map and compass as a soldier and taught my boys the same way and I do not rely on lasers, electronic range finders or nods. I rely on training and experience gained as a soldier. That includes NBC training which includes how to deal with EMP.

  • What about the ammo? If not in a faraday cage, will it go off from the electric heat? Hate to know everyone’s ammo will be “Cooking Off”.

    • No worry of ammo cooking off unless it is out of the boxes and in a conducive ammo can that is connected to a long conductor. If I was trying to coax the E3 compment of NHEMP or a geomagnetic EMP to induce arcs inside bullet cases, especially with any regularity, I would say you best bet would be to set an ammo can full of loose ammo on a railroad track, pipeline or wire it to the phone or power grid. The E1 and E2 components of NHEMP wouldn’t need nearly as much conductor length. I would say this is highly unlikely unless you tried.

      I have managed a high explosives magazine and for one of those or a fireworks factory that uses a lot of flash powder, you just cannot be too careful. But for someone storing small arms ammo, even if a round cooked off, it’s not like a cook off in a barrel. The bullet has more mass than the case so the case is projected farther than the bullet, but not a very energetic one for most calibers.

      Gunpowder is a deflagrant. It just burns fast and needs to be confined in order to explode. The pressure generated by a case that is not supported by a firing chamber is not likely to start chain detonation of the entire ammo store. Cook offs of magazines stocked with ammo are most dangerous when there is a fire with sufficient heat, scope and duration to heat up large numbers of rounds, resulting in random detonations of rounds so first responders will likely establish a perimeter and let it burn out.

  • The good news is that EMPs will also damage many of the enemy’s weapons. If they are not protected, no more peering though walls. Your weapons cache and food and water can be secured w/o fear of discovery. That thermal imaging horror, forget about it.

    That does still leave thugs, and opportunists, and “snitchers” out there, but I’ll bet the local constabulary still don’t have the resources to harden all their newly (post 911) acquired military equipment. The feds? I hope their reach is challenged in a SHTF scenario. I hope.

    • It would nearly all government. Even most of the military command and control runs on unshielded commercial power now. We haven’t taken measures to protect critical infrastructure against EMP since Reagan. We dropped our guard once the USSR folded. The HEMP threat is complicated now by the fact that our enemies have had 50 years to develop “Super-EMP” weapons. The portion of the a nuclear yield expressed as EMP can be increased through any number of modifications to the weapon such as a thinner bomb casing which will allow more Gama radiation to penetrate it. A number of factors made the few weapons the US used for this type of testing very inefficient at expressing a large portion of the yield as EMP. Any major future wars will undoubtedly see use of EMP or Super-EMP weapons that could damage much of our “shielded” gear since it is only shielded against a about 50,000 volts per meter of EMP field strength. Weapons designed for optimal EMP yield easily deliver 3-5 times that field strength and could easily knock out insufficiently shielded equipment.

      Unless voters wise up, we will not have any shielded infrastructure until it’s too late. I’m not optimistic that we will succeed in creating any due to the utility industry’s powerful lobby and their justifiable dislike of burdensome Federal regulation.

      This is a very serious problem, but it is more convenient for voters to concern themselves with important issues like reality TV and celebrity gossip to worry about dying from starvation, disease or exposure after an EMP. Congratulations to all of you for differentiating yourselves from the sheeple. Give yourselves a quick pat on the back and then go build that Faraday cage you’ve been putting off. Then stock it well, because it’s simply a question of time until you will need it.

  • What I have done is sight in my electronic sights, marked on the rail where they were, then removed them and placed them in faraday bags/cages. I won’t use them right away, as if this were an EMP, the chances of a second EMP following the first, are good. Just like a terrorist who places a bomb and then a second one to take out the first responders, the EMP will probably be followed by another.

  • Easy to built a Faraday cage. Buy 6 gallon metal can at big box and line with cardboard. Can = $15.00. I am going to try building a Faraday and lining with tool dip.

    • That would work A smaller can within a larger can will double your chance of success Insulation in both cans. A tight fitting lid is a must. If you can lift the entire can by the lid, it is tight enough.

    • I have read conflicting information on using metal cans as a faraday cage by “experts”. For every one who says it will work another says it don’t. I don’t think it will hurt to try though(50/50 chance I guess)

      • To make it more certain it might be best to first place your electronics in a Faraday Bag, then into the galvanized trash cans. In the testing I’ve done, 2 Mylar food storage bags are as good or better as commercial Faraday bags. I run the test by placing a cell phone in the bags and trash can and call he phone. I’m told if the cell phone doesn’t receive the signal, you’re good to go.

      • An effective shielded envelope can be created by lining unpainted, unfinished, galvanized, conductive, metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids with a non-conductive layer. I recommend Behrens. The most likely problem with many cans is if the can or lining has holes or gaps in it when sealed. Only other issue could be that the field strength from a super-emp weapon could even exceed this level of shielding, which is pretty decent. Putting the microelectronics to be protected inside EMP bags is a good idea and convenient since it will provide additional layers of shielding and has non-conductive layers built in … so it’s no fuss. I confess that I have done this myself.

        Don’t worry about the “experts falsely so-called.” Dr Pry, who chaired the EMP commission recommends this as shielding.

        • Placing a phone in the bag only tests a single frequency within the limits of the phone’s ability to receive.

          You need to make sure that the mylar bag has a non-conductive inner layer … not all bags use the same layering, conductive layer thickness, layering, etc.

          Faraday bags by reputable companies are actually tested for EM shielding across the frequency range that could damage ICs … most to the most-oft-used mil-spec which is around 45dB. Some are tested to 70dB or so. More thin layers will yield better shielding for our purpose, but the heaviest shielding in the average home is an aluminum pressure cooker lined with a non-conductor.

          But even if they aren’t certified, as long as they create a shielded envelope without holes and are lined with a non-conductor, Mylar bags will provide a degree of shielding and would be way better than nothing.

          • I am no EMP expert. I do know the tests I’ve done with a cell phone in 2 Mylar bags were as effective as a Faraday bag, or better. I place the item in a brown paper bag wrapped over numerous times. Placed in a Mylar bag and folded over until I can’t fold any more. One layer of a major brand Faraday bag, failed the test. A double Mylar bag Passed every time. A single Faraday bag which fails the cell phone test, obviously will not protect anything from an EMP.

  • “If nothing else, it keeps all your neighbors at home watching TV and drinking instead of looting your house or competing with you for the same resources.”

    Except their TVs will be as fried as everything else you mentioned.

  • I Liked the article by Cache, it hit on alot of good serious points. Points that you don’t or won’t get to sit around talking about with the local community ! I too wonder about the unplugged appliances and electronics.,if they are not connected to a grid input line , power connection, and are turned off, then will they be fried? I saw a movie some 30 years ago called the “Day After” with Jason Robards, he was driving home from work and a bright flash occurred in the sky all the cars on the freeway stopped dead. NOW THAT WAS 30 years ago. Things have gotten a good bit more technical since then, and I do believe we will lose all cars unless they are old pre 1970 models with little or no electronics. and even then they may not be protected completely. For sure we will lose the cells and all radio and TV. The only things we could count on is a shortwave device to device or old CB radio type gear if it is protected. I purchased 2 of the hand held radios, battery powered w/charging bases. and I have those locked down in Faraday bags, and metal cans inside of plastic bags. at least I could have some ability to reach out and try to determine the condition of the surrounding area or the levels of damage . But remember too much reaching out and they find you eventually. I do not believe that there will be any radioactive issues if it comes to WWIII. I believe our biggest threat is going to be internal once the power goes out. I am fully ready for a blackout but not ready for what it will bring. I can support myself and small family but will have to totally hunker down at night to stay safe and under cover. I do not want to reveal that I have power sources and can cook. That is also why I have gone to radiant cooking rather than fossil fuels. YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU. Just power up and plug in your NUWAVE COOKER and purify your water in 3 minutes and cook as needed without having to vent or do open fires. This thing is the answer. you need to do your home work and determine how to power it up. but it runs on 110V. and is not real expensive to purchase. I must add after some initial failures 3 years ago, I found out that it won’t power up on a MODIFIED SINE inverter. It will only run on a PURE SINE wave device. You can thank me later for that little tidbit of knowledge. It took me almost 2 years of trial and error to finally find someone out there who knew the difference and where I could buy one. Modified sine will run 50% of all devices but some devices like computers and cooking gear like NUWAVE won’t run on anything but PURE SINE WAVE.Now all of my family and friends and neighbors are up and running and can support themselves with quality cooking and water purification if needed. One last point on the water, say you find some water source, it is not 100% clean and may have bugs, filter it then heat it and store it. the heat kills the bugs for sure. The filtration takes out 99.9% of the chems, that could kill you or make you real sick as well. if you don’t have a filtration method then at least heat it to boiling point before ingesting or before cooking with it. I suggest a Katadyn filter, either gravity or pressure hand pump they are faster. You can get them for 75.00 dollars at a a big box sports store or outdoor store. A good one will filter like 7K gallons. I like the hanger gravity bags but if they are full they are heavy and you might have to move quickly, or dump it and run. The gravity bags work as you need them or you can let them filter continuously into containers or canteens or bottles for travel. Hope some of this helped. right now I am looking at the Renogy Firefly it is 100% portable and not a bad price for what it does, but the o/p wattage is low and the run time is short once charged. so consider all aspects of your survival. P.S. IF YOU DON’T CONSIDER DOING ANYTHING ELSE, GET SOME SILVER ROUNDS… don’t mess with the Eagles $$ just go for the rounds, your will have to cut them up anyway RIGHT ? ! ? I like the 1/2 oz. rounds. IF YOU CAN GET THEM. I have seen many sights that are sold out recently. I am not wealthy and cannot afford Gold. forget diamonds they are dead weight. Go to KITCO SILVER CHARTS and watch and learn how to read the charts daily or even hourly. Buy when you see the price holding at the weekly or hourly low. Place your purchase online and or call it in. the price will freeze at that moment for you. Pay by Ccrd to lock the prices. Just don’t wait till the prices go to 40 or 50 dollars an ounce to do it. and above all else hold on to it. don’t sell t back. You do not have to use Kitco, look at westminster-rare/silver, or Apmex or JM BULLION, etc etc. or even the US MINT. except they track for the Gov’t. as a rule. Look for the best price per ounce or half ounce with the lowest fees per item.

    • Thanks Johnathon,

      There are a couple of points to consider relative to EMP-resistant vehicles.

      First off, people draw whole host of incorrect conclusions regarding the EMP commission study that tested vehicles. Dr Peter Vincent Pry who chaired that commission, has written quite a bit on the subject in his books and on EMPact America. The scope of that study was extremely limited, the EMP Commission was financially responsible for any damage they did to the loaner vehicles and the methodology of that particular test was very flawed. As soon as they encountered any anomaly, they terminated testing on that particular vehicle, so most of the ones that had issues never reached any where near the maximum 50Kv/m field strength of that test. Otherwise, they would have done much more damage and ended up footing a huge bill. Tons of EMP testing of vehicles goes on to this day at White Sands, but it is all classified. We have to arrive at all of our data based on only unclassified material and will never have access to funds for decent testing unless some big changes take place. Plus, vehicles become more vulnerable to EMP every year and those tests were over ten years ago.

      Next, the 50Kv/m field strength number is based on the only two high altitude nuclear tests we have access to unclassified data about: the Hardtack Yucca and Starfish Prime Shots, the last of which was in 1962 and we couldn’t have hardly designed a bomb with a lower EMP yield if we tried. Change almost anything about that bomb and you increase the EMP field strength. The Russians got in way more testing in this field then we did until high altitude testing was suspended and they have all our data, and we still do not have theirs. So they got a huge head start on EMP and super-EMP weapons. I guarantee multiple nations have them, including us and some of them have have had 50 years to work on theory so the field strength is likely low by up to 5 orders of magnitude.

      Lastly, the Russian high altitude test that we do have some info about stopped the motors of a couple of pre-WWII diesel generators in their tracks. If they can be damaged, anything on the road today could. That’s an actual fact from a real NHEMP … not just test of what we think we know. In my experience, 1/2 of what academia teaches is wrong and they know it, but they don’t know which half. Credit for most major innovations rightly belongs with entreprenurial tinkerers … how Apple and Microsoft got started … by outliers, not academics. All of that happens in dark programs and will continue to. We will keep it secret just like we kept stealth a secret as long as possible.

      Do not take this to mean that EM shielding and reducing risk to vehicles is not worthwhile. Even if a super-EMP weapon is used, every little bit helps. You might be far enough away from it or any of a dozen other factors could save what you are trying to protect. Just realize that there are legions of ill-informed people writing about this topic and offering opinions who know just enough about the physics of EMP to confuse many other people. So don’t believe everything you hear … especially not from politicians, the energy lobby, NERC or anyone else with lots of money and power at stake or those in their employ.

  • Yesiree, it will all be gone. You must be prepared. That is why right now, you should have extras of all your most needed electronic items already vacuum packed, silica gelled(for moisture protection), all put away in your “Faraday Cage/Box or more. It is not any guarantee that they will survive, but it is a lot better than not. I also have “Faraday cages/boxes) prepared for my Backup Solar system…complete. It will only take me five minutes to load the complete system into their containers. Actually, I am getting ready to put the entire sytem in their cages except for putting the top on the case housing the Large 110 AH Batteries that must be charged monthly. Only need to open the top of their box long enough to top off their charge and then close them back up. Sure it’s a hassle, but if you go ahead and duplicate your electronic items now(if you can) then you won’t get stuck. Don’t forget those little things like extra sola panels to re-charge your smaller batteries like the AA’s and AAA’s for your E-Radio which should be crank-operated as well plus your extra Walkie-Talkies. Work on these things a little at a time and ou will be ready. DI INVEST in a “Food-Saver Vacuum sealer for all of your food and stuff you are soing to stock away. You’ll be glad you did. Also, if you have already gotten yourself an Emergency Backup Solar set-u, get you an energy efficient Dehumidifier and good filter to get some fluids. I also have a UV-C Germicidal Flourescent Tube (18”) which will kill Parasytes and other Microbes in your water escept that you should drink or useit very soon after irradiating the water or the “Bad-guys” can repair themselves. The tube and fixture only cost me under thirty bucks at Atlanta Light Bulbs. UV-C is the correct wavelength at 254 nanometers and the tubes are clearly identified as Germcidal, so after you use a regular filter go a step further and kill these potentially fatal parasites wit UV(Ultraviolet).
    Take Care Friends,