Prep Blog Review: Tips For The Vulnerable Preppers

prep blog reviewIt’s one thing to be a (relatively) young man or a woman, prepping for a disaster and a whole other thing to have to take in consideration things such as: small, defenseless children, wobbly knees that prevent you from lifting heavy weights or running for your life, or even worse a chronic or degenerative disease that you have to keep under control.

And because we know that prepping under these circumstances can sometimes be tricky or down right frustrating, we gathered 5 articles that deal with these kind of issues.

1. Am I too old or disabled to bug out and survive?

Old preppers“Am I too old or disabled to bug out and survive?  This is a question that one of my readers asked and another made the remark that no one ever has any prepping info for old or handicapped people.

This has really bothered me so in today’s post, I am going to take this subject head on and throw my thoughts on the subject out there.”

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2. Children after SHTF: Liability or Responsibility
children“How many times have you heard the question, “Who would want to bring a child into this world”? I can remember hearing this saying many times throughout my life both in my personal interactions with other people, usually after some disastrous or tragic event, and in popular culture like movies and TV.

The implied rationale behind the question was that life was too hard, too messed up for us to foist that evil upon a poor defenseless child. Who are we to bring a new life into this world that seems so quick to devalue life? Why would you risk raising a child who would almost certainly die in some horrific way?”

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3. 6 Natural Diabetes Remedies That Really Work

diabetes“Nearly every year Big Pharma rolls out another diabetes drug, like a car manufacturer introducing the latest model. Often the new model isn’t a bit more effective than the older, safer ones, and even more often the new model hasn’t been safety tested.

This can mean serious health problems for the human guinea pigs who get a prescription. If you’re not keen on being a test-crash dummy, now is the time to tell Big Pharma where to stick its pills.”

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4. 2 Simple Spices to Fight Alzheimer Disease

train“Alzheimer’s disease, Alzheimer disease, Alzheimer’s, AD, or whatever you care to call this slow train to nowhere that results in a decrease in the ability to think or remember – the most common form of dementia, can be fought with simple spices – two in fact – that a lot of us have sitting in our spice racks or up in a kitchen cabinet right now.

Most of us don’t think about growing old … and yet it happens every day.  What is also happening is we are forgetting words or misplacing items. Then, further down the track we are forgetting what we just read, or ask the same question over and over, or not remember names when meeting new people (although this one has been an ongoing problem for me – like forever!)  Gulp!”

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5. Dealing With Type II Diabetes – Lessons Learned

diabetes“In early July of this year, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. This was a surprise because I lived a healthy lifestyle (or so I thought) and didn’t have a family history of diabetes (or so I thought). This article is about the mistakes I made and lessons I’ve learned.

The bad news is that my A1C level (a measure of blood sugar over the previous 3 months) in July was extremely high, and likely had been for quite a while. The diabetes was beginning to seriously affect my vision, so much so that I had to undergo a series of injections in my eyes (as in needles piercing the wall of my eyeballs and injecting medicine directly into the liquid centers).”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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