Prep Blog Review: The Animals Edition

Some are our companions, on others we rely for food and others we’d better avoid at all costs if we care for our lives. I’m talking about animals, of course. What would we be without our chicks that provide us with fresh eggs and meat? Or without our goats, that are not just a source of meat and milk, but joy as well. And our dogs, our faithful friends upon which we rely for our safety?

Today we’ve gathered 5 articles that talk exactly about that: the animals we love and cherish for their contribution in our lives, and the ones we should avoid because they’re rather foes more than friends.

Scroll through the articles and let us know in the comments section below which animlas you have in your homestead?

1. Breaking chickens of flying over fences

hens“We had a chicken-flying-fences problem beginning in September, but it took until our staycation rested our minds before we were able to start getting a handle on the issue.

With problems like this, I’ve found that clipping wings (dealing with the symptoms) doesn’t hold a candle to rooting out the real cause of the problem. So I put on my thinking cap and realized there were several issues at play.”

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2. Building a Goat Stanchion from A to Z

goats“Our original goat stanchion (made from PVC pipe fittings) was a home school project my daughters built around 20 years ago. It needed a lot of work or replacement to make it useable on a day to day basis.

After looking for a good goat stanchion in various catalogs and on the internet I decided to build one from scratch. A really good sturdy goat stanchion can cost upward of 300 dollars. It seemed to me I could build one for much less and with a little ingenuity I might be able to scrounge up most if not all the materials.”

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3. Survival Fishing (Video and Transcript)

fishing“G.M.: Hey, folks. This is Backwoods out here in the… out here in the wilderness again.

Today we’re gonna try to show you how to set up a you know, a primitive fishing pole with just a very small amount of gear that weighs less than an ounce.

We’re down here by the river and there is lots of fish here. You’re gonna see those throughout this video. All we need is some way to get them.”

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4. Working Dogs on the Homestead


“Dogs are awesome. They provide companionship, can protect you, and they are almost always thrilled to see you.

Dogs are a staple member of the farm and homestead team, and they have been since humans started to settle down. Let’s look at some specific roles for our canine friends:

  • Herders
  • Protectors
  • Pest Control (i.e. Hunters)”

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5. A Visual Guide to the Most Common Biting and Stinging Bugs

bugs“There are a lot of creepy crawlies out there that can’t help but bite or sting you when you get too close. This infographic shows the 28 arthropods most likely to cause you harm, and explains whether their bite or sting is medically significant.

Thankfully, most bug bites and stings don’t require medical attention (unless you’re allergic). Still this identification guide from Luke Guy and John Goldthwaite, and published by Pest Pro App, can let you know for sure.”

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