Prep Blog Review: Is Your Water Stockpile Safe?

prep blog reviewWe’ve been talking a lot about hot to survive in case of a blackout caused by the blizzard, how to keep your house warm and your stockpile safe, but about water?

Together with the shelter and food, it’s one of the 3 most important things in a survival plan, so let’s take a closer look at what you can do about it!

1. Design Your Water Storage Plan

Prep 1“Just like you create a food storage plan to build your survival food supplies, you also need to build a water storage plan to ensure that you have enough water for your needs.

The issues are surprising similar to those for food:

  • how much to store
  • when to rotate supplies
  • how to store it safely
  • how to acquire more on an ongoing basis”

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2. 8 Fastest Ways to Purify Water

Prep 2“When your mouth is bone dry and your body is dehydrated, you don’t want to wait around for water to go through the purification process. You want a drink right now. Besides, if you’re on the move, you might not have time to make a water filter from scratch or wait for a solar still to do its thing. And water that hasn’t been purified is a very serious risk. So how can you get clean drinking water in a hurry?

Here are the 8 fastest ways to purify water, starting with the slowest of the 8”

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3. Is Tap Water Safe To Drink? Filtering Out The Misconceptions

Prep 3“There is one chemical that can be thanked entirely for life on Earth; Water. Without water, every life form on this planet would shrivel up and die a very thirsty death.

Humans consume water in extremely large quantities and at an exceptionally rapid rate. And the most convenient way to go about quenching thirst is by turning on the tap and pouring yourself a glass. But is your tap water safe to drink? Should it be trusted?

This thirst has forced us to develop clever and necessary methods for distributing water. We’ve accomplished this monumental task via a vast array of pipelines and plumbing. We’ve also devised ingenious ways to recycle our gray water to mitigate unnecessary losses.”

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4. All-New AquaPod Emergency Water Kit and Filter + Giveaway

Prep 4“A couple of years ago, when I first learned about the AquaPod Emergency Water Kit, I jumped on the bandwagon and tested one for myself.  At the time, I was thrilled by the reasonable cost and my own ability to assemble the kit myself, without the need for any male-type brawn.

As I explained then, an AquaPod Emergency Water Kit is a heavy duty bathtub liner that is filled with water in advance of an upcoming hurricane, storm, or weather system.  The kit includes a bathtub liner that is filled with water, some fittings, and a pump for siphoning the water out of the tub.”

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5. Water Purification Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Prep 5“Boiling-WaterWater purification is important whether you’re planning a family camping trip or your municipal water supply to your house has been tainted.

Understanding how to properly and safely purify drinking water is an essential life skill. Tainted drinking water can carry bacteria and microorganisms that can make you suffer terribly. Some of these contaminants cause diarrhea and vomiting, which will only serve to dehydrate you. Here are some tips to keep in mind when purifying water.”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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