Prep Blog Review: DIY Autumn Preps

Prep Blog Review

We’re always scouting for new trips and tricks on how to make good use of everything we have around in order to be prepared for anything.

And since the closest thing that we have to prep for is autumn, as it’s already here, here are some great reads that will get you in the mood for some seasonal DIY.

1. Blanket Preps For The Winter- Frugal Ideas #6

Prep 1“I live in an area where long snowy winters encroach on all the other seasons of the year so finding ways to stay warm is a constant challenge.

Heat sources aren’t typically cheap which leads to creative alternatives. Blanket Preps for the Winter is the sixth of eight articles that will help provide you with ideas on how to add to your emergency supplies with little to no money.”

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2. 17 Clever Food Storage Tricks

Prep 2“If you’re like most of us, building your food storage out can be a daunting proposition.Not only can it be costly, but it also requires figuring out what kind of food to store, when it needs to be rotated, how much to buy per person, and more.

One of the biggest hang-ups of them all though, is WHERE to keep your food storage.Many of us live in smaller footprints as it is, without trying to cram in several months’ worth of food somewhere (or we just have so much junk it’s practically spilling out of our houses!).

Even so, with a little creativity, there are likely some additional places you can store food in your home, no matter what your living situation is. Without further ado, here are 17 of them.

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3. DIY Rendering Fat & Making Soap

Prep 3“In 2009, I took Beginning Soap Making at a local adult continuing education class. It was a one-time Saturday morning class. I took the class because I wanted to have the knowledge for SHTF purposes, so I’d have a product that I could barter with. I’ve been making our family’s soap ever since.

One thing brought up in class, that I had never thought of before, was that your skin readily absorbs all things it comes in contact with. So, everything you use in the shower from shampoo, conditioners, body washes, to soaps, all are in contact with your skin from head to toe.”

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4. Step By Step: How To Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

Prep 4“Throughout the history of alternative medicine, few remedies have had the staying power of colloidal silver.

No matter how much the medical establishment tries to ignore and ridicule it, somehow its practice has never been forgotten. And for every person who claims it is harmful snake oil, there is another who has been using it for years without any ill effects.”

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5. Fat Guys In The Woods: Blog Skill Series: Live Capture Box trap

Prep 5“Many of you have asked for more details about the Live Capture Box trap that Bill, Dave, Andrew and I used to catch the Quail.  To my knowledge, this is a trap style that originates in Asia but versions of it exist all over the world.  It’s very unique in that it can be constructed from all natural materials.  Below I detail the trap design as well as the trigger I normally pair with it.

It all starts with 2 pieces of cordage and 2 sticks…

A length of cordage is tied between the ends of two sticks.  When tied, the length of rope should be a little longer (6 or so inches) than the sticks.”

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