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Have you started prepping for the winter yet or are you still going through fall activities? Either way we found some great articles this week that will help you keep your homestead in top form and ready for the coming season or for any emergency for that matter.

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1. 10 Things To Stock Up on That No One Thinks About

Prep 1“Prepper always stock up on food, medical aids, water, weapons, and even have some kind of shelter set up just in case of an emergency. Let’s think about this a little bit more. What would really happen in an “end of the world” situation? Isn’t our mental health as much a priority as food, water, medicine, or even shelter?

I was in the US Army for quite a while, and one of the things we had in our supply room that a whole lot of people didn’t know about was a supply of sports equipment, as well as a supply of board games and such.”

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2. How to Trim Grape Vines

Prep 2“We prune our beloved plants to create a more lush plant, higher produce yields and to increase the health of plants. Grape vines are no exception.

Keeping the vines pruned keeps them producing higher yields each season, makes the individual bunches of grapes larger, healthier and juicier, and allows air flow and sunlight to penetrate the entire vine allowing the vine to sustain the grape clusters. There is no exact science to trim grape vines. If you accidentally cut off a branch you wanted to keep, wait a year, and another branch will grow into its place.”

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3. Off Grid Laundry in the Winter – An American Homestead

Laundry is just something that has to be done almost everyday. Jaimie moves this chore inside during the winter. Many of you have asked how we do our laundry in the cold months. Well, here you go!

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