Prep Blog Review: Your Family’s Survival Plan

Prep Blog Review Nov 01

Many of us prepper know that all the plans, strategies and struggles are to keep our family alive! We want to make sure that when SHTF they are safe and sound and they won’t have to suffer from any shortages that may appear.

So with that in mind we set up to look for this week’s articles that are directed at our families, our kids and our elders.

Let us know what your concerns are when it comes to your family preparedness and survival in the comment section below!

1. Home alone During an Emergency

Prep 1“What would your feelings be like, if your town was under attack from a suspect that had shot three deputies and a civilian during his rampage?  If you were home alone, and you heard the news on TV or you received, a phone call telling you that was happening in your town.

Of course you would worry about your children if they where school age or yourself if you are in the area where this person was reported being.  I was having lunch with some of my family in a restaurant when I got a phone call from my husband who was out of town at the time.”

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2. Plan to help elderly neighbors in winter: A 10 min Prep Project

Prep 2“In my opinion, part of being prepared is helping others.  Dave Ramsey said “Getting out of debt isn’t just about you.  It’s about being able to see beyond yourself and give generously.”  I AGREE!  But I would also include “being prepared” with “getting out of debt.”

We may not all face a huge disaster in our lifetimes, but we will all interact with those that need a helping hand and being prepared ourselves allows us to see beyond ourselves and assist others. Winter is fast approaching and the elderly in your neighborhood may need a little extra attention during this season.  They (understandably) may be hesitant to ask for help, but there are many reasons to be a bit more attentive to them these next few months.”

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3. Influenza in the Time of Ebola

Prep 3“Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, as well as the sporadic cases that have been recorded in the United States. In this article, I’ll discuss an illness that is much more likely to be an epidemic in this country:

Influenza. America sees about 200,000 cases of flu virus every year; the chances of dying from this common disease is much more than Ebola. I’ll focus on prevention today, and treatment in the near future.”

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4. “I’m old…” Preparing for Winter & the Cold! What Are Your Experiences?

Prep 4“I’m old – probably won’t do the best when the creamy stuff hits the fan, but I’ll do better than others. (I’m so old I remember when the dead sea was just sick, my brother remembers when it was dry! He’s really old.)

I have had the “inopportunity” to almost freeze to death, not once but twice in my life.  Once as I was young and stuck on a mountain in the Northeast, the other by poor equipment.  The later I didn’t try out the sleeping bag before setting out on a snowmobile trip into Canada from northern New York. Big mistake. Minus 30 degrees of pure misery.”

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5. Boosting Your Immune System: What NOT to Eat

Prep 5“Tis the season for the flu shot propaganda machine to rev into high gear, as Big Pharma, the CDC, and the mainstream media urge people to roll up their sleeves and have toxins like mercury and formaldehyde injected into them, all in the name of “staying healthy this winter.

There’s a much easier way to stay healthy that also involves toxins – the ones in our food supply. Only I recommend avoiding them instead of injecting them directly into your body.”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.



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