Prep Blog Review: All Things Survival Food

Today we’re talking all things food. From how much we need, producing it in our own gardens, preparing and storing it.

We found five great reads on this topic that we hope you’ll find helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments area!

1. How Many Calories Do I Need?

Survivopedia How many calories do i need“When planning how much food for your SHTF survival kit, or the amount of food storage in your home, or even the vegetables you might grow in your survival garden — in addition to general nutrition you need to understand how many calories that your body needs to survive and how many calories are in your food plan.

Knowing how many calories your body burns in a day will give you an idea of how many calories you should be eating (or storing) in order to maintain your energy and weight.”

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2. How To Spend Less Time Weeding And Watering Your Garden This Summer!

survivopedia less time watering garden“So the garden is planted – and now your thoughts woefully turn to the multitude of hours you will need to spend weeding and watering your plants until harvest time. Don’t despair – it doesn’t have to be that way – especially if you use the power of mulch in your garden this year!

Mulch is truly a lifesaver and a gardener’s best friend. When used properly – it can save hours of back-breaking work spent weeding, watering and maintaining a beautiful garden. A simple two-inch layer about 8 to 10 inches around each plant can go a long way to keeping your plants healthy.”

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Find out more about food independence in Pocket Farm.

3. How to Dehydrate Foods for Long Term Storage.

Survivopedia Dehydrating food“The process of dehydrating foods for long term preservation has been used for centuries.

I was curious how long exactly, but it seems no one knows, even good ‘ol Wikipedia doesn’t know:

There are several methods to preserve food: canning, dehydrating, and root cellaring for some foods. If you’re into root cellaring, here’s a nice quick design.

I will cover canning at a later time so that with this article we can focus on dehydrating foods.”

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4. How to Make Dandelion Wine and Dandelion Cookies

survivopedia dandelion wine“We have been inundated by dandelions – LOTS OF DANDELIONS!  They are everywhere!  Along the driveway…

…in the garden, in the yard – hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dandelions.

What do yo do when you’re overrun with dandelions?  Eat them (and make some wine)!  🙂

The boys and I got picking and we gathered a large bowl full of dandelion flowers for wine and cookies, plus some greens for a decoction.

I grabbed some roots, too, but then I read that you’re supposed to harvest those in fall, so my dried and roasted dandelion root coffee substitute is on hold.”

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5. Can You Live Without a Refrigerator?

Survivopedia living without a refrigerator“Having a refrigerator in the house is one of those conveniences that we take for granted.

Most homes and apartments come with a fridge, and if it didn’t, most everyone would get one right away.

Why even consider living without a fridge?

  • Long term power outage
  • Personal emergency:  your fridge breaks and you can’t afford another one right
  • Living in a downsized space such as boat or RV.  Many boat and RVs have very small refrigerators
  • Extended camping trips

I experienced first hand not having a fridge available when our fridge broke.  The old fridge was about 30 years old; my parents gave it to us when they upgraded, and it finally gave out. ”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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