Prep Blog Review: Self-Defense Essentials

With the world around us changing dramatically these days we have to hope for the best, but really prepare for the worst. And as in any disaster situation, self-defense is a key point that you must consider (think attackers, looters and the likes).

This week we found some great reads that will show you how to prepare for situations when you might need to defend yourself, your family or your stockpiles.

1. How to Sharpen a Knife while Minimizing Mistakes and Maximizing Cutting Edge Performance

Survivopedia Sharpen Knife“DISCLAIMER: I ask that you read the entire article and keep in mind that this is one of those discussions that rank up there with talking about religion and politics. And please, let the results speak for themselves.

I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about sharpening. It’s a lifelong journey and one that I feel isn’t perfected overnight. However, I will say that “shaving sharp” is only the beginning of the sharpness that can be obtained, a lot like how obtaining a black belt is only the beginning of learning in martial arts.”

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2. Double Weapons Training | Doug Marcaida

“Military Contractor and Martial Arts Instructor Doug Marcaida explains the value of training with double weapons.”

Video first seen on Funker Tactical.

3. The Lone Wolf VS The Survival Group

Survivopedia Survival Group“Today we are going to cover a topic that many people continually ponder.  Should you bug out alone or with a survival group?

The answer to this questions isn’t a simple one because there are so many factors which could come into play that would ultimately affect your decision.

Many people believe that there is strength and security in numbers which is true, but who exactly are you bugging out with?”

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4. Shooting Stance Training Tip

“I love firearm training, especially instructor courses. When running an instructor course I get to meet the best kind of people — smart, dedicated, and proficient shooters. Not only is it great fun, but I get to talk with people with all sorts of backgrounds.”

Video first seen on TN Gun.

5. Medieval Survivalism: Why Is This Not Already A Thing?

Survivopedia Medieval Survial“Many of us in the Prepper / Survivalist community believe in taking care to prepare for the worst case scenario, the time we know will probably never come, but we know in our hearts that to prepare for it simply means we will be better positioned to survive and thrive in whatever lesser disaster might actually occur.

What I’m speaking of, of course, is a total TEOTWAWKI situation where TSHTF in a *BIG* way and things aren’t going back to normal anytime in the foreseeable future. And, in such a situation, I advocate a philosophy I’m calling Medieval Survivalism.“

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