Prep Blog Review: Health Preparedness?

Consider all the aspects of our health: seasonal, chronic, acute and so on! Do you think there’s such a thing as being 100% prepped for a health emergency? I dare say we sure as hell try! And we have far better chances than those who think the system will take care of everything.

So, this week I’ve gathered the best information and tips on the web that will increase your medical knowledge and give you a place to start (or continue) your medical preparedness.

Don’t be shy and drop a line in the comments section below, telling us which is your biggest health related fear and how do you prep for it!

1. Survival MD Review

Survival MD cover“Recently, a new medical survival guide came across my radar and I decided to flip through it. Most of the guides of this sort don’t appeal to me much; they’re either so technical that I want to go to sleep after page 2, or they’re so simplified that there’s not much information that’s useful to me. This one, however, was a pleasant surprise.

First, let’s talk about the level of information in the book. The author of the book, Dr. Radu Scurtu, doesn’t focus on one particular SHTF scenario; instead, he goes with the assumption that SOMETHING has happened that has made medical professionals and hospitals unavailable. Since he discusses mostly medical emergencies, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re without medical services for 10 hours or 10 days because the issues that he discusses need to be dealt with immediately.”

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2. Kidney Stones

Human body and kidney detail“The human kidney has a tendency, in some people, to develop an accumulation of crystals. These crystals form masses known as “kidney stones”. Some are large and some are as small as grains of sand, but any size can cause pain (sometimes excruciating).

Kidney stones are most commonly seen in those persons who fail to keep themselves well hydrated. Even small stones can lead to significant pain (known as “renal colic”), and the larger ones can cause blockages that can disrupt the function of the organ. Once you have had a kidney stone, it is likely you will get them again at one point or another. Kidney stones are usually NOT associated with infections.”

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3. 7 Natural Remedies For Winter

Natural remedies: garlic, pepper, pills“My Amish friends are predicting a really cold winter based on the fuzz on caterpillars, the shells on acorns, the movement of squirrels, the size of pine cones and the bird migrations.

Who knows if any of these predictions are accurate, but I’m actually excited at the prospect of a cold winter this year and hopefully even some snow (as all of you from north of us roll your eyes at this southern girl!) “

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4. Without an Operation, will you Survive?

Human body“It’s an important question for preppers. They know surgeons are going to be hard to find during prolonged disasters.  So can a person survive appendicitis without an operation?

The problem confronted a lone surgeon stationed at a remote outpost in the South Pole years ago.  He’d come down with appendicitis and decided to take his own out using mirrors and a couple of assistants.  Ballsy for sure, but a little impractical for the rest of us.

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5. Essential Oils For Prepping – A Non-Hippie Perspective

Dried plants and tinctures“Medical needs during an austere SHTF scenario  is something we care to brush off to the side when we are currently in good health.  However, it is a very important part of preparing.

One alternative practice is to purchase essential oils as a means to remedy certain illnesses.  They can be purchased online or over the counter, and have claims of curing all sorts of diseases and ailments.  However, are they really worth it?”

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