10 Must Have Alternative Remedies For Preppers

By now everybody knows that if a real whopper of a SHTF scenario hits and you rely on doctor’s medications it might get really bad for you.

Hospitals and pharmacies and prescription drug stores will be the first things looted right after food stores because of the hoards of the ravaging ‘sub-human’ elements of our species.

So you should try to maintain a backup supply of your prescription drugs or any other medication or equipment necessary for your health survival. Often this is difficult because doctors or pharmacies don’t like to go out more than a month in advance on prescription writing.

Fortunately, people have been surviving their health problems for centuries without the benefits of modern pharmaceuticals or complex clinical treatments.

One reason, of course, is that they weren’t poisoning us so intensely with toxic chemicals, GMO Frankenfoods, deadly environmental pollutions, and generally lethal diets and prescription drugs with more side effects to kill you than your original ailment, that in bitter irony all conspire to come around full circle to perpetuate the vast corrupt-for-profit fraud of ‘modern’ health care in the first place!

The way they did it back in the days, and even to this day, was to rely on ‘Elixirs’ or ‘Magic Potions’ and other more natural cure-all remedies, that were more or less based on herbs and other organic compounds.

In the Old West there were traveling salesmen selling bottles of ‘Dr. Good’ which consisted of nothing more than water with shot of grain alcohol and a pinch of opium or cocaine–none of which were controlled substances back then. This gave a quick ‘buzz’ of temporary well-being which, of course, led to habit forming addictions, and repeat profits for the vendors.

That was also the beginning of ‘network marketing’ and mail order catalogues and advertising. It all started with trying to make people feel good. Later, with the Chinese coming in as railroad labor, useful oriental herbal remedies and compounds were introduced as more ‘serious’ treatments and cures.

Big Pharma versus Mother Nature’s Remedies

Today these natural plants and biological compounds are often the same substances from which modern pharmaceutical drugs are derived with only slight molecular ‘modifications’ to allow them to patent and profit from them.

Big Pharma can never really duplicate or improve that much upon nature without creating additional side effect risks because there are other factors and natural ingredients in the original substance which create a synergistic effect that is superior to the pharmacy knock offs.

Aspirin, for example, is derived from the bark of the willow tree and is hard to improve on. That’s why you see some animals, like goats, sometimes chewing on the inside of the bark when they get a headache.

Actually there are so many natural cure remedies that you would almost have to become an herbologist or botanist and maybe a few other ‘ists’ to know all the important knowledge on the subject. After all, Chinese, and Indian alternative medicine has been around for thousands of years. But a select few remedies seemed to dominate in many venues and purposes.

Big Pharma and their sycophant for-profit motivated medical doctors usually ‘dis’ alternative medicine and cures as old ‘wives tales’. And for their obviously greedy reasons, they’ll often vilify natural remedies and even vitamins and minerals.

The AMA and Big Pharma are such a regrettably powerful force of control over our lives that they can have practitioners and practitioners of alternative medicine sanctioned, sued, and sentenced if these people don’t exercise ’caution’ in their ’work’.

Big Pharma even managed to change the term from ’alternative’ to ’complimentary’ because in their avaricious totalitarian mentality there IS NO ‘alternative’ to conventional medicine. Research the controversy over Red Yeast Rice, for instance, to learn how nefarious Big Pharma, their hired gun lobbyists, and the FDA are when it comes to tried and true natural substance competition.

Since the practicing of medicine includes prescribing medications and is required licensing by law, complimentary medicine practitioners cannot legally treat patients by prescribing anything to heal or cure your ailment, especially if you are getting paid for it.

So anything herein, of course, is not intended to be any kind of directions for ‘treatment’ or prescription by definition of medical practice. It’s merely information about what other people are doing in and of their own personal right of free market consumption of legal substances.

10 Remedies Any Prepper Should Always Have

Again, there are many good substances to have in your medical cache when convenient commercial supplies don’t exist anymore.

But the following natural remedies/cures were chosen because of their overall popularity, benefits, and their multi-purpose applications, which cover a wide variety of problems. So we don’t want to call them ‘basic’ items. These are the minimum items you should stock up on because they are the best ones out there:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegarAlthough ACV has been around a long time, the popularity has really increased only in the last couple of years. Bragg organic raw unfiltered un-pasteurized is the one you usually see in big stores that carry multiple brands of vinegar.

Lately it has been ‘flying’ off the shelves and more places carry it. Of course then the price went up as would be expected, but you can make your own if you have an organic apple tree. ACV proponents claim it is one of the healthiest substances in the world to consume daily with many amazing ‘cure-all’ benefits.

Everything from digestive disorders, to energy enhancement, to cancer prevention. Taken before meals, it even helps with weight loss! Also, ACV is one of those ‘100 uses’ miracle products. It has topical applications from eye drops to anti-itch treatment and many other 1st aid uses.

One of the best daily tonics taken 1st thing in the morning is a glass of distilled water with a tablespoon of Bragg ACV, a tablespoon of raw organic honey, 1/2tsp. of baking soda, 1tsp of organic blackstrap molasses, and 1tsp of lemon juice.

This daily drink right before or with meals even helps weight loss! This elixir also encourages proper balance of your body’s PH. Studies have shown that cancer cannot maintain itself in a low acidic body chemistry. You can add a shot of concentrated organic cherry juice or other for ‘flavor’, but it doesn’t taste bad once you get used to the tartness.

2. Honey

Honey has been the ‘food of the Gods’ since the dawn of history. The ancient Egyptians revered it as such and there are many cures in their medicinal archives which include honey in the ingredients.

There is much interesting research out there on the benefits and various uses of honey and it easily replaces refined sugar if you have a ‘sweet tooth’ as a much healthier alternative. Honey also has 1st aid and topical skin care application benefits that are far superior to toxic cosmetic treatments.

But the caveat is that the honey you use must be natural raw organic un-pasteurized honey, otherwise there are no complete health benefits processed versions. Raw honey is thicker and even almost solid in cooler weather where commercialized honey is more liquid.

This is more expensive than regular honey but well worth it. If money is less important than your physical well-being, get yourself raw Manuka honey, which has been analyzed to have amazing all around health benefits including anti-bacterial properties rivaling prescription antibiotics for topical wound dressing but it also happens to be one of the best honeys for maintaining probiotic balance in your stomach/intestines.

3. Organic Garlic

garlic If you could only have one herb/spice, this would have to be it (although onions, imho, would be the default choice). Garlic also goes way back to antiquity and garlic wasn’t picked for the main remedy against vampires for nothing.

If there’s anything that enhances food flavor or improves health better, it’s yet to be discovered. There’s too many benefits to list here that range from exceptional anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels to treating type 2 diabetes.

But it is considered almost a universal cure and prophylaxis treatment. Garlic is easy to grow and store and pickle. Eating it daily will also enhance your immune system.

4. Coconut Oil

Many of us didn’t get ‘turned on’ to coconut oil until recently as it started popping more up at the larger grocery stores. Now there are several brands. All many of us knew about coconuts was that monkeys flung them at tourists, they tasted good shredded on coconut cream pies, and that we shouldn’t stand under a coconut tree on a windy day.

Other cultures, however, have utilized coconuts as main staple for ages. Pure organic virgin coconut oil is said to have amazing ‘miracle cure’ properties for everything from weight loss to preventing and even curing heart disease.

It can be used in all kinds of foods and by itself as a cooking oil and is one of the best skin ‘creams’ you can put on your face and hands. And it even works as a gun lube oil in a pinch. It can be stored easily as it does not spoil at room temperature and solidifies below 76 degrees.

Other pure organic oils like olive oil, of course, should also be stocked for particular health reasons. There are other very beneficial oils such as macadamia oil, flaxseed oil, walnut, and even avocado oils, although pricier and harder to find in stores.

5. Aloe Vera

aloe This is considered a tried and proven must have healing plant that usually is associated with skin treatments, especially burns, but it is far more versatile than just that. Make salves and balms from a combination of coconut oil, aloe, and honey for amazing skin rejuvenation properties.

And health food stores have been selling organic cold pressed aloe juice as an all-around tonic/elixir for a long time. Aloe Vera is easy to grow, and even pass off as an ornamental house plant. Have as many plants growing or seeds for the future as you can.

6. Bergamot Juice

The best kept secret of the bergamot fruit tree from Calabra Italy is out! This juice and especially the extract sold in over the counter solutions is gaining in popularity to be currently the best remedy for controlling your cholesterol levels without prescription drugs that will eventually harm you.

It is also a good source of vitamins and is said to have super anti-oxidant and other unique properties that enhance well-being and promote anti-aging. Exemplified by all the dancing and bike riding you see 100 year old Italians doing in Calabra!

7. Organic Peppers

red peppersAll peppers, especially hot ones, are one of the most healthy prophylaxis foods for disease prevention. The more you can handle, the better. cayenne is a must have for a variety of reasons.

It’s also a great topical skin wound treatment as it eases the pain and immediately helps to stop bleeding and promote healing while providing anti-bacterial properties.

It is a nerve pain related treatment and can be used for arthritis pain (dilute a strong cayenne extract in DMSO for a great deep penetration topical rub muscle pain reliever) and could even forestall the heart attack event if you pop down a couple cayenne gel caps if you think you are about to have one. Cayenne is also a tasty spice that gives you a pop of energy after you eat it.

8. Steam Distilled Water

The dirty little secret nobody wants to mention is that virtually ALL water that most of us come in contact with or drink has something wrong with it. Even so called ‘purified’ bottled water is not necessarily that clean. A lot of the ’purity’ depends on the filtration system. All are not created equal or perfect. The absolute purest water is steam distilled water. There is nothing in it but the H2O.

But the benefit are superior to regular water. Distilled water is a better solvent than other waters, especially ‘hard’ water. It cleans all by itself, especially the skin, without cleaning additives. It has a different ion structure than non-distilled water that attracts heavy metals and other toxins in your system and takes them out of your body when it goes through your urinary process! Essentially an organic cleansing also known medically as Chelation treatment.

Rainwater used to be a ’naturally distilled water until the environment became so polluted. Now rain is ‘dirtied’ and poisoned before it hits the ground. A lot of people have gained significant health improvements by drinking only distilled water, including using it for tea and coffee. That’s why you see it carried in most grocery stores these days. It makes sense.

You know you are getting the purest poison free water, and it also is an ‘elixir’! It’s also pretty easy to make your own in a bad SHTF scenario. If you drink it every day make sure you take a good vitamin mineral supplement also because it also flushes some of those out of your system. Check out the information on steam distilled water for health benefits.

9. Flax, Chia and Other Super Seeds

chia, flaxWho ever thought that that cute little ‘fur’ sprouts -which are super edible also – growing on those chia pets we used to buy, was one of the great super foods of the world?

Chia seeds are considered the perfect organic food because they contain too many benefits to list here. And who would believe that what appears to be just another ‘weed’ with pretty blue flowers would be a natural health superstar?

Everybody knows about flax seeds and that they are a super source of dietary fiber but studies have also shown that organic raw flax seed husks which are wrapped around the seed pods are integral to considerably reducing the risk of some cancers, lung, and cardiovascular diseases.

New studies are showing that the flax husks can help prevent colon, breast, and prostate cancers. They contain Omega 3 AMA and lignans which are inhibitors of cancer cell incidence and growth. The entire plant seed pods also contain anti-oxidants and other compounds to help prevent heart disease and diabetes among others.

Then there’s hulled hemp seeds which are sold in stores and are loaded with vitamins and minerals and have a higher level of Omega 6 and protein. But it’s best to try to find organic seeds if possible. All these seeds blend in well with almost any meal. A tablespoon of each in your morning steel cut oatmeal along with a teaspoon each of honey, coconut oil, and organic butter, with a little goat milk, is a super healthy way to start the day. And it tastes great!

The seeds are relatively cheap because they grow quickly and easily anywhere regular grass or weeds thrives, requires little maintenance, and keeps coming back every year. These truly are ‘the food of the Gods’. If you plan to grow your own make sure you study more about this and harvest/prepare them correctly for maximum benefits.

10. Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 is just another oxygen molecule added to the water molecule. This means it falls into the ‘oxidizer’ category of substances. There’s tons of information out there on its health uses and used carefully it can be taken internally and is a good stable for topical disinfectant purposes. H2O2 is used, mostly in other countries, as a specific cure for many systemic illnesses including cancer.

Like the chemistry of ACV and PH in your body, it also changes the chemical nature of the body by providing an extra-oxygenated environment where cancer and other diseases cannot grow. Now we’re not talking about the 3% stuff at the stores in the dark plastic bottles you use for mouthwash and minor skin irritations. W

We’re talking about 35% FOOD grade, which is NOT the same. The 35% grade can actually burn your skin if you put too much in one spot. But you can dilute a drop or so depending upon the requirement in a glass of water and you have a prophylaxis or potential cure.

With the surge of organic, natural products natural ‘elixirs’ are coming back as people get more fed up (no pun intended) with the high prices of Big Pharma’s commercial remedies which are as bad or worse than the toxic food we eat that caused most of our sickness to begin with.

There are safe, natural, specific cures for almost every ailment known to man. The prudent self-reliant prepper should explore this wonderful world of healthier and self-sustaining living and expand upon this information at the earliest opportunity.

Alternative off grid medical and health supplies should be a priority prepper effort right after you secure your BOL retreat/shelter situation, ammo stock, and a year’s worth of stored food.

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This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.

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