How To Survive Being Shot

In a time of social unrest and the general breaking down of society as a whole, the risks of getting shot are bound to increase. 

Is it possible to survive being shot? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Whether or not you survive the shooting will be determined by a number of factors.

Even though you may have no control over these factors, it may still help to get some ideas about what you are up against so that you can figure out what kinds of chances you are willing to take when it comes to interacting with others in a time of social collapse.

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Must-Know First Aid for Gunshot Wounds

Aside from being a traumatic experience, getting shot can also leave you with life long scars and a range of medical issues.  Even though you will eventually need to get to a hospital or have the bullet removed by someone that knows how to do the job, there are also things you can do before and just after being shot that will improve your chances of survival.

In a time of major crisis where there may not be medical care available, or you are in a location where you cannot get to a doctor, taking steps beyond the most routine care can give you more time to gain assistance.

Recognize that Any Gunshot Wound Can be Fatal Under the Right Conditions

Under many circumstances, a gunshot wound to the and or foot, or even one that grazes the abdomen or face aren’t likely to be fatal.  As long as the bleeding is stopped in time and no serious infections develop, even some of the more damaging gunshot wounds will not be fatal.  That all being said, here are some situations where even a minor gunshot would can cost your life:

  • There are multiple gunshot wounds in “non-fatal” areas.  For example, if you have several wounds in the arms or legs, they will each bleed and cause you to drain out faster.
  • A single gunshot wounds comes into contact with something with deadly germs in it.  A gunshot wound to your hand that is exposed to water, sewage, or anything else that can seep into the wound can lead to the rapid development of a blood infection or sepsis.  This, in turn, can kill in a matter of days to weeks even with the best antibiotic treatments.
  • You are not properly vaccinated for tetanus or your immune system and health are compromised for some other reason.  While blood loss related to gunshot wounds is bad, the post-shooting infections are every bit as deadly, if not more so.  As with any other injury for an immune compromised person, the infections created by an otherwise minor gunshot wound can kill.

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Combat Lessons From A Veteran: Surviving Gunshots

About half the time gunshot wounds are fatal or permanently crippling even in the best of emergency care and follow up surgeries. Without good follow up treatment–especially with infections–gunshot fatalities increase to almost 90%.

Those are not ‘betting’ odds under any circumstances.

We’ll cover bare essentials of gunshot wound first aid with a slant on the KISS principle for untrained preppers when no paramedics or professional emergency services are immediately available. But this is also good procedure to know even where there are emergency trauma hospitals available but the ambulance or first responders might not get there in time, or you have to personally transport the injured to the ER.

In the Boston Marathon bombing attack, if it were not for average people and event organizers in the crowd knowing these basic wound trauma principles, and responding quickly to help to stop bleeding and keep them in respiration, many more would have died from bleeding out.

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