How To Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus

There are now more than 138,000 deaths recorded as of the first week of July due to the 2019 novel coronavirus, surpassing the number of casualties from the SARS virus in 2003.

Some close to 13.8M individuals around the world. have been affected by the illness as well. These numbers have prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a global health emergency due to this new outbreak and have named the disease as the 2019- nCoV Acute Respiratory Syndrome or ARD.

The majority of the casualties and infected persons are from China. However, the virus is fast spreading as infected persons are reported in different countries in various regions. There have been recorded deaths due to the novel coronavirus outside of China, particularly in HongKong and the Philippines. Several countries have already banned flights to and from Wuhan city, China, the ground zero of the virus. There are also moratoriums on flights to and from China by airlines.

The 2019-nCoV has caused alarm in many countries. These days, governments are busy procuring and distributing face masks. Individuals and families are also hoarding items such as surgical masks, alcohol, disposable gloves, and disinfecting wipes in the hope of avoiding getting infected.

The Origin of the Virus

The 2019-nCoV emerged from China, particularly in Wuhan City in the last weeks of 2019 from people who visited the Huanan animal and seafood market. Health officials say that the virus spread from an animal to humans.

One study showed that the genetic sequence of the 2019-nCoV highly resembles the genetic sequences of coronaviruses coming from bats. What’s baffling is that the Huanan seafood and animal market does not sell this animal. Researchers believe that an unidentified animal is a carrier that transmitted the present coronavirus to human beings.

Another study suggested that snakes being sold at the Huanan market could potentially be the source of the 2019-nCoV. However, this research is being disputed by other experts who say that it remains unclear if snakes can be infected by the virus.

Quarantine Enacted in China

Wuhan City and other cities near its vicinity were placed under lockdown by the Chinese government even before the WHO called for a global health emergency. The lockdown means that residents are not permitted to venture outside of the cities. This is considered as the largest mass quarantine the world has seen as the lockdown covered 13 cities and affects some 41 million people.

Chinese authorities said these measures were designed to prevent and control the virus from spreading. The quarantine also imposed a travel ban that prevented transportation such as planes and trains from leaving the involved cities.

The Chinese government has already prohibited the sale of wildlife in the country in all possible sale points such as restaurants, markets, and online stores. It also rushed the construction of a new hospital that would house patients infected with the virus.

World Health Organization Reaction

The WHO declared a global emergency after learning of the hundreds of deaths attributed to the 2019-nCoV and reports of person-to-person transmission outside of China. Despite this declaration, the WHO says it does not find any reason to recommend a ban on trade and travel of other countries with China given that restriction of movements of good and people at a time of public health emergencies may cause more harm than good.

The global organization praised China’s leadership in implementing swift measures to contain the spread of the virus. It also recommended that Chinese authorities continue implementing an effective communication strategy and enhanced surveillance of the disease. It also urged China to speed up efforts in finding the source of the animal-to-human infection.


The 2019-nCoV is part of the big family of the coronaviruses, which can cause a variety of respiratory diseases like pneumonia, common cold, and bronchitis, to name a few. Coronaviruses rarely spread from animals to humans. This 2019 coronavirus has already reported cases of person-to-person spread, which is why experts and health officials are warning the public to be vigilant by knowing the symptoms of the illness.

Symptoms of the 2010-nCoV include cough, fever, sore throat, and difficulty breathing according to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC). The incubation period of the virus is anywhere from two to 14 days from exposure. One study concluded, that on average, individuals infected would show symptoms roughly five days from the time they were infected. People who are worried about their symptoms are highly advised to see a healthcare provider.

There, however, reported cases of patients who were infected with the 2019-nCoV but were asymptomatic. This means they didn’t have any symptoms but were diagnosed as having been infected by the virus.

How to Stay Safe

The WHO and governments are asking the public to remain calm despite the alarming number of deaths attributed to the 2019-nCoV as getting infected can be avoided.

Good hygiene practices and other measures, experts say go a long way in helping prevent the spread of the virus.

Regular Hand Washing

Given the reported cases of person-to-person transmission, health experts say that frequent and proper handwashing can prevent the spread of the virus. This is because surfaces can contain the virus and a person who has touched a contaminated item or surface could be infected with any virus including the new coronavirus.

It’s not enough to let the water run through one’s hands for a few seconds. The proper way of washing hands should involve both water and soap. Individuals should place their hands under running water and soap them for at least 20 seconds before rinsing.

Unfortunately, there are instances when a person has no access to running water, sinks, or faucets. In such cases, experts say that alcohol-based products that have at least 60 percent alcohol would be a good substitute for actual hand washing. These products would include alcohol, hand sanitizers, or alcogel Likewise, disinfecting wipes that are meant for the skin can also be used.

Using High-Level Disinfection Products

Maintaining a clean environment and surfaces will also go along way in helping prevent the spread of the 2019-noROvirus. This means people should regularly clean their homes or work areas by disinfecting them as well.

There are plenty of options in disinfecting areas and surfaces. There are disinfecting sprays to clean the air as well as concentrates to be used for mopping floors and wiping walls.

Health officials have also been warning the public that frequent and proper handwashing should be accompanied by the disinfection of items that people regularly hold and use. For example, mobile phones should also be cleaned and disinfected as people are always holding their phones. One has the option of wiping the phones with clean cloth or tissue with alcohol. There are also disinfecting wipes that can be used not only for gadgets but for surfaces like tables or chairs, too.

Maintain Social Distancing

Avoiding large crowds is also a must in the prevention of the spread of the 2019-nCoV, which is why plenty of events with a big gathering of people have been canceled or postponed by many. Experts also advise maintaining social distances or keeping a certain distance away from a person. This is especially true for anyone who is sick.

A person who needs to talk to someone should keep a safe distance. Avoiding kissing, hugging, and shaking of hands are also recommended by health officials and experts.

Avoid Touching, Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Experts have been reminding the public to be mindful of their hand movements as a preventive measure. This means avoiding touching the eyes, nose, and mouth if they have been in contact with anyone and if they have not washed their hands yet.

Practice General Hygiene Measures in Markets Selling Animals and Animal Products

The 2019-nCoV is believed to have stemmed from a yet-to-be-identified animal. As such, the WHO strongly recommends being extra careful when visiting any marketplace that sells animals and its products.

As much as possible, people should refrain from touching animals and their by-products using their bare hands. It would be a good idea to wear disposable gloves if handling animals cannot be avoided. Washing hands thoroughly after being in contact with animals and avoiding touching the face until the hands have been washed should be done. Disinfecting wipes for the skin or any alcohol-based products can be used until one has access to water and soap.

Avoid the Consumption of Raw or Uncooked Animal Products

Based on WHO guidelines, one should avoid eating undercooked or raw animal products. Likewise, milk, animal organs, and raw meat are to be handled carefully so cross-contamination with other uncooked ingredients can be avoided.

Yes, the newest coronavirus has killed hundreds and has affected thousands of individuals. Yet experts are quick to remind the public that keeping calm and heeding health officials’ advice is the best way to move forward. Governments and the private sectors, after all, are working hard to prevent further spreading of the 2019-nCoV through various means. In the meantime, people regardless of their location can also protect themselves by practicing good hygiene, avoiding close contact with animals, and consumption of raw animals and animal products.

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Mariam N. is a hygiene expert working with Sono Supplies. She has been interested in health and cleaning issues since she was young and wants to share her knowledge and experience with others who are not indifferent to cleanup. Mariam is deeply convinced that house cleaning is a critical part of hygiene. On a regular basis, she delivers new cleaning expert advice on how to treat products, tools, different items, which sometimes include medical instruments and equipment as well.

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  • Discussion is taking place in the UK and USA on various web sites that the source of the pandemic is a Level 4 Bio-Hazard Lab just outside of Wuhan that researches all the available nastiest and deadly viruses found in the world.. It was reported on one of these sites that the USA has 13 such labs. This was alleged by someone who said he was a military bio-hazard expert (on one of the web sites I visited). He suggested that the structure of the virus is enhanced, apparently meaning that it is not precisely natural (as best as i could understand the discussion). I believe (unless mistaken) that Live Science website showed satellite pictures of an orange glow over Wuhan China that was extremely sulpherus compared to other areas. It was stated that the airborn sulpher smoke, picked up by satellite was consistent with human cremation and the burning of medical laboratory debris. It appears as though the seriousness that nations are taking by various actions suggests that this virus may well have been super-powered or enhanced.
    I also read that people can infect others with the virus before they show any symptoms in themselves., which explains the importance of the two week quarantine (to determine whether those who had contact with someone getting the virus, or with Wuhan China, begin to show symptoms.
    The two week quarantine (so far) puts a whole Preparedness Spin on Preparedness planning. Others have said over the years that during any pandemic, avoid (as much as possible) going to grocery stores, medical clinics, etc. To be able to effectively do that could require weeks and months of provisions already handy in ones home or residence. There are also issues of how one may prepare “Back up Care Plans” when the theat is a pandemic. Who is going to watch the kids? People a lot smarter than me should have a lot more to share.

    • It really doesn’t matter now.

      What does matter is how much We The People are going to allow our Liberty to be taken before We Attack the traitors infesting our government and destroying our Constitution!

      THAT is the REAL Question!

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    • Be VERY CAREFUL here ! Collodial Silver solutions can be Very Toxic for some persons.


  • I still want to know why there is such a radical government action curtailing our freedoms and literally destroying the economy and Constitution over a virus not nearly as dangerous to basically healthy people while ignoring the seasonal flu that has affected between 36 to 54 MILLION Americans since the season got underway in September. and as of March 14th, more than 23,000 Americans have died of the flu.

    There’s more to this PANIC than a flawed computer model of doom and I think it’s an agenda to push the New World Order oligarchy forward at an accelerated pace. Climate change hasn’t been getting people to accept their rule, so what better way to get what they want than cause a “sky is falling” panic. So far, it looks like it’s working and more and more restrictions keep getting added. It’s just a matter of time until the economy completely fails and the Constitution gets permanently suspended.

    Either Donald Trump is being duped too or he is in on the scam. I can’t see him being so naive that he can’t see through the scam.

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    • Hate to inform you, but the economy has been wrecked (we are a consumer not producer economy…..over the last 25 yrs we moved our “production” to China). Your basic freedom of movement is now determined by your state Governor. Freedom of religion is being banned in some states (not in my state of Texas). The American people have accepted this without question or protest. Soon look for gun and ammo regulation.and confiscation when there is an incident. Hurricane season is approaching. Marshall law is on the horizon.
      Apparently freedom is dying with a whimper and not a bang and all the patriots who have died for it since 1776 have died for nothing.

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  • Number one little girl, our parents taught us all of this from birth. It’s daily routine for normally raised people. Except for the absolutely useless anti-social distancing bullshat.. Herd Immunity is the ONLY way to properly deal with this mild case of the sniffles Just as we have been doing with the much more dangerous seasonal flu for the last 50 plus years..

    Number two, it is most disturbing that you have fallen, hook-line-&-sinker, for this phony, fakenews fabricated planned-demic covid hoax. REAL Americans have not, because we know the Truth. Your parents were obviously a tad bit negligent in your upbringing

    Number three, the only thing I need to protect myself & family is my 2nd Amendment Rights, not a flimsy, useless mask.

    Number four, your stats are way, way off. Since at least 24 states have now been caught fudging the numbers, the covid death count is really around 44,000, NOT 138,000 plus! Much lower than the seasonal flu.

    You have a lot to learn about seeking & recognizing the Truth little girl. I suggest you start now, before it really is too late for you & your family!

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    No, the Covid – 19 virus did NOT start in any market in Wuhan Red China, it was mutated in a biological warfare lab in Wuhan. Three or so months ago, an Australian researched reached that conclusion and just recently, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist, says she has proof it did come from a Wuhan lab, not from a market or other
    natural source. She’s in protective hiding in the U.S. now in fear of what the Red Chinese government would do to her if she is located.

    The virus is far more widespread than is being acknowledged, just like the cold or flu virus, it’s everywhere and what “testing” is doing is just proving far more people have already HAD it and it’s mostly no worse than the flu. All of the unprecedented, unconstitutional restrictions inflicted on this nation and most of the rest of the world are ALL globalist politically initiated for control on human activity. It’s being called a “new normal” where bureaucrats, and other “officials” issue mandates with no basis of law where any demand is deemed the final word.

  • I was very disappointed in this survival narrative that repeated the same ole line. As a Bio-warfare officer, there are many more things that can be done to protect yourself, family, and friends that absolutely no one tells you about. Why I seriously do not know. Ignorance or agenda. To detailed here but you can see the self-help videos that aren’t selling anything at T J Gray, Coronavirus @ YouTube. They will show you how to prepare your own protection from Natures Pharmacy, that is the one we used before man became smarter than God. The videos will show you how to make your own anti-viral, biological protection through a special nasal spray, a mouth, eyes, hand, mask, etc spray. Super mouth wash and protective spray for all other surfaces & a solution to use in a nebulizer if you happen to get sick. Check it out and WALK FREE in AMERICA AGAIN. T J