A progressive movement towards socialism is being taught in our schools, our universities and being touted constantly by people like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. They are planning a quiet takeover of the world. The question is how are we going to survive the globalist scenario they are struggling to impose.

This group of the globalist elite met just a couple of months ago, working to determine the fate of the world. These people, known as the Bilderberg Group, consist of world leaders in banking, business and politics. There’s a core group that comes together every year, inviting others to join with them as seems appropriate for that year’s agenda.

Bilderberg is one of the world’s most secretive organizations. While they publish a list of attendees every year and an official agenda, nobody but the attendees knows if it is accurate. They’re not allowed to take notes, tape recorders, photos, videos or copies of papers with them. Everything that happens at Bilderberg, supposedly stays at Bilderberg.

Only it doesn’t.

These people are the main driving force behind a one world government, trying to bring all the governments of the world under a central power. The model is the European Union, which they want to expand, setting up other regional governments, which will all eventually come under one common worldwide umbrella, giving control to the elite of the world.

This new government will be a socialist one. We see that clearly in what’s happening in Europe. As time has gone on, the various European countries have become more and more socialist, now that the Soviet Union has been dissolved and Russia has moved away from socialism.

Anyone who knows anything about Biblical prophecy can see the writing on the wall. One of the things that is talked about in the book of Revelations is that one world government. So it’s likely that if this group doesn’t succeed, then another like it will. It’s just a matter of time.

You and I really can’t do much to stop that.

We can vote for politicians who will oppose putting the USA under such a system, but that’s about it. Since there are about as many people who vote Democrat in our country as there are who vote Republican, chances are that we’ll be back under the progressive-liberal leadership of the Democrats once again. When that happens, the globalists will have their instrument in place to push the United States closer to becoming part of that one world socialist order.

Remember the UN small arms treaty?

Barack Obama and John Kerry signed it on behalf of the United States. But it was never brought before the Senate, as the Constitution requires. So it hasn’t been ratified. What that means is that it isn’t law here in the USA. But if we ever had a Democrat president and a Democrat controlled Senate again, it’s waiting in the wings to be approved.

Should that happen, we can expect the Democrat controlled government to do everything they can to implement the provisions of that treaty, taking our guns from us, and with it, taking our ability to defend ourselves from tyranny.

That’s a prerequisite for making the country socialist, as they need us to be good little sheeple, who can’t rebel against the government. That, in turn, requires taking our rifles from us, because you can’t fight a war with pistols.

What is the Battle We Have to Face?

The question for us, is how will we survive that transition when it comes? How will we keep from losing our guns and our freedom when the US joins that global disaster?

I think there are a few things that we can assume will happen, when that day comes.

I also think that we can assume that it will be voted in by the people, specifically the younger generation, who are being brainwashed into believing that such a thing would be good. These assumptions include:

  • Gun confiscation would be implemented before it happened.
  • Paper money would be eliminated, replaced by a RFID chip or something similar, linked to an electronic bank account.
  • Income taxes would skyrocket to pay for all the “free” stuff.
  • The government would start rounding up dissidents who opposed the new world order.

At first, the change will be made to look good. We saw this with the roll out of Obamacare. The government and the media touted it as a great success, quoting exaggerated figures of how many people were receiving free healthcare.

But what they didn’t say was that those people were signing up for Medicaid and that you and I were going to have to pay for it.

So we need to be aware of what’s going on behind the news; the truth of what Washington is doing, rather than the leftist propaganda that the mainstream media is pushing. We also need to be thinking about the news we are hearing, looking for signs that the USA is getting closer to joining that one world government system.

When that time comes, we will each have to make a decision. Actually, we should make it before that time comes, but even if we do, we’ll need to reaffirm it then. The three options we will have are:

  • Fight government troops in what will probably be a losing war.
  • Knuckle under and accept totalitarian rule over us, along with higher taxes and a loss of freedom.
  • Move to someplace where government agents will have a hard time finding us.

Of those three options, the third one is the most sustainable survival solution. If we stay where we are, in cities and towns, it’s too easy for the government to find us and control us. But if they can’t find us, they can’t do a whole lot to control us either.

This means either moving out of the country or moving to a remote area of the country where government agents would have trouble finding us.

Even at the height of the Soviet Union, there were people living on the fringes of society, who were not really accounted for. These people, many of whom lived in Siberia, were too far distant from the government and too few to really matter. So they were mostly left alone.

Of course, this means going totally off-grid and either living off the land or homesteading. You wouldn’t be able to have an e-mail account, a bank account or a Facebook account. For that matter, you wouldn’t be able to be online at all. Any electricity you consumed would have to be produced in house, as well as your food and pretty much everything else you would use.

Since there won’t be any money, it will be difficult to buy things without accepting the RFID chip or something similar. But there will always be a black market, as well as others who are working on the barter system.

Once again, we can use the now defunct Soviet Union as a model and see that they had the same. Shortages in the Soviet Union created a very lively smuggling business, especially for products that were made “in the west” but not available within their borders.

We can expect essentially the same thing, especially at the beginning. While many people will be quick to accept their chip, they won’t want to give up the freedom of buying with cash. So while greenbacks will not be usable for much of anything, there will always be people who are willing to accept gold and silver in exchange for products. Stocking up on these precious metals would be a good hedge against this system.

Another thing that would help is the ability to make things that you can use as trade goods. One of the ways that those living in Siberia were able to trade for things that they needed was by trapping and trading the furs. While that probably wouldn’t work here, other similar opportunities would show up, mostly based upon items that were in short supply.

Is Gun Control a Threat Anymore?

One of the biggest risks that any of us who attempt to drop off the grid would face would be government agents, probably UN troops, confiscating guns. While government agents tend to be a bit on the lazy side, soldiers are used to hardship. So they would seek us out, even in remote areas.

The solution is make sure that you have guns that are totally off the books, such as ghost guns, so that you could turn in the guns you’ve purchased over the counter and look like you’re obeying the law.

But you would still have your off the books guns at home. As long as you kept them out of sight, you could get away with keeping them.

Of course, that also means avoiding using them, unless you absolutely have to. So it would be a good idea to have an alternative, like a bow and be proficient with it. That would give you a means of hunting that is silent, wouldn’t attract attention, but would still provide you with meat for the table.

All in all, it would be possible to live and even enjoy a life of freedom in such a world; but it would require giving a lot up in order to maintain your freedom.

So the decision really breaks down to how much your freedom is really worth to you. What are you going to do to keep your family safe?



This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia.

Written by

Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • A Great Big Idaho Salute to Bill White !! Thank You, Bill. You covered All of the Important Stuff – I just hope that folks will bother to get the Many Details and Specifics that they Will Need.

  • Sorry to blow this out of the water, but this author is leaping to a LOT of conclusions that I think are pretty farfetched.
    Firstoff, he’s giving gun grabbers WAY too much credit… Here’s the first, and only rule with a confiscation that matters….

    There IS NO CONFiscation without citizen cooperation!

    Read that again please. In order for a confiscation to happen, citizens must PHYSICALLY turn over their weaponry at either collection depots, or submit to a door to door roundup. Ummmm…… HAHAHAHA! This will never happen. Why? Because in America, this would be a deathwish that NO SANE person would undertake. rightly so….
    Let’s start with the primary stats…. There are 125 million confirmed gun owners in the US, that collectively own 350 million firearms. At their disposal, are over 7 trillion rounds of ammo that armed americans have on hand. Now, of those 125 million gun owners mentioned above? That number does not include family members that can shoot as well!!! Spouses, teen sons and daughters, etc. So for every armed household in America, that number rises exponentially to between 2 and 5 gun OPERATORS per household. That number of firearms operators easily now jumps to 200 to 225 million souls nationwide. Oops….
    Forgive me, but the UN ain’t taking shee-it from us, and neither are the state police, the national guard, or the military.
    And here’s why… Remember the NY SAFE act, passed in response to sandy hook? Connecticut also passed legislation to “Register em, or turn em in!”
    Here’s the bad news for the gun grabber set….. In ultra-liberal Connecticut, the non-compliance rate? was 92%!! Read that again! 92% of “Banned” rifle’s owners ,Approximately 325,000 of em, told the Connecticut state legislature to go suck goat balls. And the funny part of this? The governor entrusted enforcement of this duty on the Connecticut state police. all 1257 of em! do the math… 1257 Connecticut state police officers were charged with disarming over 325,000 pissed off, non-compliant citizens armed to the teeth! So what happened? predictably, not a damned thing! Authorities are stupid, but they’re not suicidal. Now mind you, this firearms revolt happened in one of the most liberal states in America, and even they wouldn’t comply….
    Now let’s get to new York and Cuomo’s ultra-stupid safe act…. The non-compliance rate there? was even worse! a 95% non-compliance rate!! And the NY state police? were a little smarter than Connecticut’s, because the nY state police got in front of this and openly declared that they would not accept the imposed responsibility of trying to physically separate over 3 million ny rifle owners from their rifles. They flat out blew it out of the water. and again, liberal govt couldn’t disarm ultra-liberal ny either….
    Soooo……. if authorities could not disarm 2 of the most liberal states in America, what possible chance do they have of disarming the rest of America? answer…. none. They can decree all they want…. it doesn’t matter….. there’s a big difference between decreeing, and collecting. this is directed at any entity that thinks they stand so much as a snowball’s chance in hell of disarming a free citizenry that doesn’t trust them as far as they could fart them.
    lastly, per the threat of un troops coming to America to disarm it’s citizenry against their will…..hee hee…. it’ll never happen! un troops are peace-keeping troops, not offensive troops! they are way too few in number to subjugate the lower 48, and their skills, motivation and training is pure s**t according to many military sources that have had to work with them. Also, they are paid chumps that do the bare minimum possible in the interests of not exposing themselves to harm. they simply want to get paid and go home in one piece, something that will not happen if they come on to American shores with oppression in mind. If they’re ever dumb enough to attempt it however, I have no problem using their bodies for landfill and their sissy-ass blue helmets to pot my flowers….

    AK Johnny 1

    • Good analysis for the spirit of American free thinking well armed patriots but here’s the caveat . First of all , All ‘Authorities’ are not equal. Remember, the biggest argument for the failure of gun control? That because of ‘loopholes’ in the gun laws and certain ‘renegade’ states where guns can be purchased without restrictions, this undermined the entire effort. But once universal background checks and standardized gun prohibition was established across the entire country as in federal control by a leftist government, then enforcement is an entirely different animal. With a huge dangerous bite.

      You saw how it was no holds barred to take out the Bundy/Leroy finicum demonstrators when they turned the situation into a violation of federal laws. everything from drones to assassination set ups, as an ‘example’. If it were a

      See the problem is , AK Johnny, that while your math sounds impressive, the reality is way, way different. you’re assuming that everyone thinks like you. and will immediately quit their jobs, and join together, en masse, form a resistance army and wage war?

      The Brutal reality fact is that most people would not resist confiscations under a universal totalitarian mandate.. Especially with the threat of they or their family being hauled off to the government ‘rehabilitation labor’ camps if they lie or resist. (There’s new facial recognition science along with standard biometric detection to tell if you’re lying)

      Para military police units under no constitutional civil rights restraints anymore can easily make anybody in your family ‘talk’ without even roughing them up too much. Unless NOOOOOObody AT ALL in your family knows what you alone have, it’s so easy to make them tell on you that even a caveman rookie cop can do it..

      Bounty’s will be placed on those holding out on the initial voluntary confiscation amnesty, then its all balls to the walls. they’ll start with printing names of all known gun owners and offer bounties to anyone of your neighbors

      Those of us who might mount active resistance like organized militia groups and such, will be the first ones to be dealt with harshly as an example to the sheeple an to cut the head off the snake of any formidable resistance. by well trained para military police and national guard as newly defined domestic terrorists and criminals.

      You may have five AR-15s and tons of ammo, but you don’t have full auto 40mm grenade launching equipment, armored vehicles, and even tanks, which will come rolling .in after the geo-engineered psycho storm just flooded out you’re outpost starting with micro wave energy guns like they used on the Cuban embassy personnel last month to make you so sick you won’t be able to pull the trigger to kill yourself to avoid the pain, or the latest sound wave technology guns, before they start lobbing HE rounds while the robots move in with mounted mini-guns to weedwack anyone still standing.

      I don’t care if you’re an ex Nam three toured special forces vet or an navy seal team leader with tours in afganiistan, you would still lose to overwhelming superior firepower. and the fact is most armed citizens are not even that proficient with their guns to withstand professional police and soldiers in all out organized confrontations.

      As far as the mythology of movies like red dawn, while it’s a possibility to ‘lose’ yourself for awhile in remote areas of the country and form up in small groups, you’ll be too busy just surviving to actually mount any meaningful organized resistance, and most people when really forced to think about that option if the time comes, will probably opt for the ‘hunger games’ lifestyle, rather than spending the rest of their short life replicating an animal in the wild.

      And if they really wanted to get you anyway, or saw that too many offgrid terrorists are cropping up, unlike Bill’s assertion that you can easily find a place to actually set up a lifestyle just so you can keep you re guns, because it would be ‘hard’ for government search squads to find you. It wouldn’t be. There’s would be an expansion of new technology to find even small remote groups hiding under heavy large forest cover. They’re using it now in agriculture and it’s pretty amazing
      Hint: rhymes with ‘skynet’! they’ll easily find you, and you can run, but you’ll only die tired.

      But here’s the good news.. It doesn’t have to get this far if we just all get more libertarian minded and off our fat asses (that’s another reality fact of a mass armed people’s militia to resist tyranny. half the pop, again, is too out of shape to walk, let alone fight to any degree of success) and get politically informed and proactive, we can KEEP our liberties and get more back if keep that up. and get the power back to WE, the People!

      If not, well, then keep on watching RED DAWN reruns until that flashbang through your window wakes you up.:

      • Mahatma, I agree with most of what you say about our armed citizens. However, I must hope against hope that a good portion of our LEO’s and National Guardsmen would not take up arms against Americans. Yea, I remember what happened in New Orleans. I’ve talked with some of the National Guard in my county. Every one told me they would resign before coming for our guns, They told me even the commander would quit. They are all hunters and shooters. I worked in law enforcement for 31 years, and the vast majority feel as I do. It’s the chiefs and chief officers whom wouldn’t hesitate to order weapon confiscation. Yes, if they come for our weapons as you suggest, there would be no chance for us. However I seriously doubt they would have the manpower to do it. I read of a college study which suggested that to enforce martial law on just the city of Seattle, would take 75,000 troops. Now consider all the major cities in the US. How many troops would that take. Yes with lots of time, they may manage it, but I doubt it. It would probably be many years before they could get to us in the rural areas of the country. I can only hope.

        • Well, Marty, I too was in law enforcement, both city, federal, and for about the same time as you , and a combat military platoon leader and later milintel in the reserves and also know a lot of military *was an instructor too) and have people tell me that they would not take up arms against tyrannical police.?
          But all my experience doesn’t rely on too much ‘hope”. that the military, police, or guard would refuse to obey orders and quit. For sure- some, or more accurately, a few, might. Especially the older more experienced with the consititution and liberty, but here’s the problem. And I’ve explained it before.

          Unless you had special training in special ‘tactics’ having to do with things like coordinated operations on large scale, one always thinks from their own perspecative rather than finding a solution to the problem.

          The government doesn’t work that way. They know full well that an armed populate will irritate them because it will take time for effective mass disarmament but you didn’t read my comment here.

          They won’t NEED to disarm everybody. Because everybody will NOT be resisting. Never happened in Germany, never happened in Viet Nam, is not happening now in Venezuela, and it won’t happen here.

          Yours and most Patriot oriented anti totalitarians are not considering that. You think just because we are the united states of America we all share the same libertarian values?

          No we fucking don’t.! Here’s the stark naked reality. Half the fucking morons in this country will be FOR confiscations and against the rest of us! Even snitching us out for the bribes, or like in Venezuela where the government dictatorship is now giving more food to local armed para-police groups to keep neighborhoods in line. and seizing even machetes and clubs at this point.

          So you won’t NEED to have ‘enough troops’. They will mostly just be the heavy firepower to end it all quickly if the other measures don’t handle it.

          As far as resistors to tyranny in the military/police ranks. From what I see, it ain’t going to happen. Remember, the ‘authorities’ won’t be saying, hey lets confiscate all the constitutional patriot’s guns because we are totalitarians. They’ll decree a law to make us all ‘Domestic Terrorists’! So they’ll brainwash the majority of soldiers and police that they are the heroes and the resistance are enemy terrorists. They’re already doing that now with the police. Serve and protect are no longer the motto. It’s search, and Seize, and shoot to CM if they resist or run.

          If cops refuse to obey orders they’ll be immediately fired and possibly charged with obstruction, if it involves an active operation. Same with the military,. Their commanders can order immediate arrest and removal in chains from the operation with habeus corpus suspended if there’s martial law.. And if they resist they can be summary executed on sight. A nd remember, soldier are brainwashed to ‘obey orders ‘ first, file grievances later.

          So when you think about that now, what do you consider would really be the amount of soldiers or cops that would think about liberty and the citizens right to bear above and beyond their own situations and survival.

          As far as not having the manpower, well, that may have been an issue a few years ago, but sadly, do to everybody sleeping all through Obama’s new world order expansion years, things have changed a lot! Those ‘conspiracy theories’ of using foreign troops in black masks and black helicopters, is now a conspiracy fact.
          You’d be surprised, in a new world order scenario’ how easy it will be to pay enough mercenaries to handle entire cities with ease.

          But guess what, and here’s the scariest part. They won’t NEED any massive police force if the police state technology keeps getting more established at an out of control rate.

          FUCKING ROBOTs will do all the dirty work. AND mass surveillance everywhere will
          make it so easy, a state raised baby can do it.

          Where we, the people fucked up , Marty, was not stopping them from proliferating all these police state laws and police state officers by not letting them get away with it until it’s now too late..

          Or at least will be as soon as the ‘deep State’ gets rid of Trump and installs it’s totalitarian regime.

          If we can quit wasting our time with other bullshit and start getting our political power back as citizens in the up coming elections, we then might not be left dreaming about the AR we buried up in the hills that we once had, but will never have again because of the daily swarms of mini search drones with super high tech ground penetrating radar detection devices find them sooner or later.

          • Mahatma, you missed the part of my post in which I agreed with you that all the firearms in America will not make much of a difference because most Americans will not resist. If you are correct about the military and law enforcement, then this is all mute. America will be no more. All we have left is hope, as Americans have let the left go much too far. It’s probably too late to change back to ‘A government for the people by the people’.

          • Sounds about like time to be looking up.

          • I always do, but does He lowk down on this God forsaken country?

          • In the past few the question presented to trainees in exercises involved the participants willingness to shoot and control citizens. If we were perceived ro be the enemy because of cival disobedience.
            Wouldn’t keeping you weapons, when there is a confiscation order, be civil disobedience?

  • What good would it do to move to another country if there is going to be a one world government?

  • Wow !!! We’re “in between a rock and a hard place” would be nice to just get out of dodge but in reality we can’t do it, besides to many family members, lack of funds & medical issues, we’re here to stay. That being said we try at least to prepare. I feel bad for my grandkids, they’ll never know the world that we grew up in and God (we can for now still say that) help them survive what’s coming. I have a couple of kids in their early & mid 20’s and oh Lord they have drunk the koolaid, all their friends are the same way, can’t talk or reason with them…they get rabid !!! My older kids on the other hand mid 30’s early 40’s see the writing on the wall…I’m hoping they’ll be there for us !!! All in all we’ll try our best to prepare and pray to God to look after us…God speed folks !!!!

    • Debs, You have my complete empathy. The Family ALWAYS Comes FIRST. Multiple House-hold families are the Ultimate Challenge ! What you CAN DO is Prepare – For your immediate household. Always have the Water, Quick-Prep Food, and Self-Defense Tools that you need. Perhaps your Kids Will See Daylight – I hope and Pray that they will. Be Strong, Be of Good CHeer, GOD Bless America, Long Live the Republic. GOD SPEED to You and Yours. Bill

  • Quite some time ago, we decided to go primitive. Bows, crossbows, wristrocket slingshot are the order of the day. We kept one .22 rimfire rifle for pest control around the henhouse. My son and I spar with plastic swords and spear ( for home defense) Steel versions are razor sharp. Everyone should consider a basic recurved bow. Silent, effective, and ammo reusable.

  • I guess my point, that I failed to make is that we would go with option 3. Head to the wilderness, and “go native”

  • This would be real tough for us. My daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic. We have several months of Insulin on hand, but when that’s over, we would probably to return to civilization. Maybe I could find Insulin w/o giving up our freedoms, I don’t know. Time will tell.

  • It is so sad that our youth and so many adults cannot see what they are supporting.
    They need God in their life but he is being left out, what future do they have? To be treated as owned property by a government that thinks only about it’s survival and power

    • David, we can thank our so called education system for that. Most of our kids for the last 40+ years only know what our Marxist teachers and professors have pounded into their heads. We can also blame the parents of these kids who let the schools do what they want with our kids and are too lazy to teach their kids the realities of life.

      • God is the only ultimate refuge and help. Yes learn to live and survive primative style. Learn to hunt and farm. Learn to preserve food. Learn basic medical care…. but the best preparation is trust in God. He can lead and provide. He has always worked miracles. And followers of Jesus have frequently faced persecution and martyerdom. That hasn’t changed but may well increase. In that case only faith helps.
        I learned archery, food preservation, foraging for food and meds, many campcrafts, tracking, direction finding, et as a child. Pass on the knowledge of God and survival skills so you’re kids and grandkids will be prepared.

        • You’re absolutely right. But unfortunately God has been kicked out of our classrooms, sports and almost everything public and even some private business. I keep God in my personal life, but I wonder how much He will help our country when it has become so ‘anti God and anti religion’.

          • God being expelled and banished from public America and our educational system…. I do wonder if the nation can be helped without another Great Awakening and is there time left for that to happen again?

          • At 70 and 79 we probably won’t be able to go very primative. Both with serious health problems. But I still have bug out bags and a full surgical firstaid pack sans good painkillers.
            If we have to evacuate we can do it but it must be imparative and beyond choice. Bugging in, is a better choice at this time of life.
            I still garden, freeze, dehydrate, and can food for us. I stay as strong and busy as possible. My problems are more painful than terminal. Husband has had two pacemakers and extra leads, early stage dimentia that is progressivly getting worse. Hasn’t driven except to hook up or park a trailer for the past year. Gets lost so can not go anywhere alone or driving.

          • I just read a very interesting article from Dr.Mercola regarding early stage dementia and AD. I’d sent it to you but don’t know how. Just go to mercola.com, it’s his latest. Some stuff I’ve never heard before.

            I completely understand your ‘bug in’ thoughts. Although fairly healthy myself, I have developed Bursitis in both hips and my left shoulder, making bugging out a little difficult. I could do it with frequent stretching along the way. My wife has a knee problem making walking on uneven ground almost impossible and my 16 year old daughter has Type one Diabetes. We live in a very rural area and we’re hoping and praying most problems will not make it here. Like you, we’re well supplied and grow some of our own food (green house necessary as we’re at 6500 feet in elevation). Check out Dr. Mercola. I subscribe to his newsletters and have learned a lot from him. Good luck.

          • I understand the altitude isses in gardening. I’m moving from 6800 ft. to 6250. New lower place is actually my older place I’m returning to. Going to build a greenhouse here but I started a garden here with purchased plants for during the move. It has produced amazingly well. I did amend the soil in my new raised beds with lots of rabbit droppings. We had near record heat early in the year. That helped. I just had to be sure things were watered more frequently but the plants loved it.
            A simple plastic covered frame would extend the season for tomatoes. I used to cover my garden with old bedding at night and in snow storms and have fresh tomatoes till past New Years. Many greens are fairly cold hardy and with a covering could winter over and have very early spring greens before going to seed. I have high hopes for using a greenhouse here.
            Most fruit here didn’t set because of an unusually late spring snow. Wild plums did ok but the grapes I planted 30 yearsago from cuttings are hanging full and heavy with bunches of grapes and they will be harvested a few at a time as they ripen. My new grapes planted this spring are doing great. Apples, plums, nectarenes, apricots et didn’t have fruit at all this year. My two pistachio trees planted 17 yearsago only ocassionally bear nuts but they are pretty trees and turn bright red in fall. Lol. I guess you can tell I love growing things.

          • That’s cool. We can’t grow much fruit due to hard frosts as early as September and as late as July. We’ve found our tomatoes don’t like the heat produced in our greenhouse as it can get over 100 quite regulary, even with the sides up. We get lots on fruit but most of it never ripens. Lots of green tomato salsa lol. Green beans, spinach, lettuce and hot peppers do well but we have to cover the peppers later in the season. The beets and radishes are great. We are also planning a move to lower elevation. We’re getting too old for this deep snow and cold! It seems during the winter I spend most days on the tractor pushing snow instead of sitting in front of the fire!

          • I sure understand the snow issue. Either place we get plenty of snow. I bought a pellet stove this year. No more chopping wood. I used to love it. We have a tractor with a front loader to move snow or dirt and a back hoe for post holes and tree planting.
            This past spring we got slammed by a surprise snow so deep it was three days digging the tractor out then a full afternoon clearing a path for the truck to reach the road. The only way I could
            Walk was to shovel out a path. It was almost hip high. A crazy surprise! I was blessed to have been cleaning the rabbit shed and lazy me, I left a flat shovel by the back door.