Prep Blog Review: DIY Survival Gear

There’s a lot to be done outdoors in the spring, so we made a round up of the DYI preparedness and survival videos that will make your work easier and will save you some money.

Whether building tools out of scraps, light sources or fire props, we got it all gathered for you in the videos bellow.

1. Homemade tools that help you dig dirt on the homestead.

“Digging’s no fun, but it sure helps to have the right tools. I’m gonna show you two tools that I use at my homestead a lot, very inexpensive, if you’re a scrounger like you’ll probably make both of these or find both of these and have no money invested.”

Learn how to make by yourself these tools on Southern Prepper 1’s video.

2. How to build a fire can

“In this episode, we show you step by step on how to build a fire can. We also demonstrate what it looks like when being used out in the field. Hope you take something from this and thanks for watching!”

Learn how to build a fire can on Black Scout Survival’s video.

3. Solar mason jar light build for prepping

“In this video I show you how to build a solar mason jar light by re-purposing some materials that you may already have laying around at your house. Hope you enjoy and it’s a blessing to you.”

Learn how to build a solar mason jar light on 7 Trumpets Prepper’s video.

4. How to make homemade wet fire fuel cubes

“Today I’m gonna show you how to make your own version of the wet fire, fire starter fuel cubes. Before you get started I wanna tell you: make sure that you get some wax paper, ok?”

Learn how to make your own wet fire fuel cubes on The Survival Channel video.

5. DIY the “Sidewinder” Paracord Survival Bracelet How To

“The design is inspired by the Solomon bracelet and the sidewinder snake that leaves zig-zag lines in the sand. Designed By Shawn of BoredParacord.”

Learn how to make your own paracord survival bracelet on Bored Paracord’s video.

This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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  • Well that solar mason jar looks like the perfect survival gear for prepping, so I think I’ll try it out sometime. Nice list! Great job.