10 Secret Places to Hide Your Valuables

They say that everybody has something to hide, but in this case we’re not talking about their past. We’re talking about material possessions such as guns, money, valuables, documents or other items that we may have but don’t want others to know about.

Regardless of their nature, regular folks usually keep these type of objects in a safe place, under lock and key; it’s common sense. Thing is, not everyone wants to or can afford to buy a heavy and expensive safe. A smaller (and cheaper) safe buried in the floor or wall can only harbor a limited amount of items and safes aren’t exactly known for their portability.

Also, having a safe inside of your residence or place of business is a clear message to thieves, making you a target, as you obviously own something valuable. It’s a common modus operandi for burglars to steal the entire safe, without even knowing what’s inside, as long as it’s manageable to do so.

A couple of other downsides that you should consider about owning a safe: a burglar can persuade you at gunpoint to open it and the same goes for the police if they have a warrant. I’m not trying to downplay owning a safe – it has its uses (even as a decoy) and provides you with a high level of security in certain situations, but sometimes it’s better to have somewhere else to hide your valuables.

Thinking with a Burgler’s Mind

Judging from the perspective of the home invaders, they have a limited amount of time they can spend searching for your valuables. They follow a basic three-point rule when they’re looking for valuable stuff in your place of residence:

  1. They look for openly displayed valuables.
  2. They look for the most “interesting” places (storage spaces).
  3. They take a closer look at other spaces that have the probability of harboring valuables.

It’s a simple algorithm that maximizes the probability of finding the interesting stuff inside of your residence or place of business in the shortest amount of time.

Having that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best ways of hiding valuables within your home, using psychology and secret compartments.

The first thing to contemplate is how to create distractions or decoys for your home invaders. The idea is to overwhelm them with a huge number of potentially interesting “stuff”, thus making them overlook the real valuables. You can achieve that by planting lots of “shiny” stuff in the room, making the real valuables pale in comparison. For example, you can keep a gold ring in a cheap origami box.

The next step is to avoid hiding your valuables in obvious places such as drawers, closets, briefcases, gun cases, decorated boxes etc.

Let me share a little psychological trick with you: burglars will always search harder when they fail to discover valuable items. The less they find, the harder they’ll  search if they’re convinced that there’s something worth looking for. You can mitigate the damage from a home invasion by planting “freebies” in obvious or easy-to-find places.

If the burglar finds something interesting and relatively valuable in the first few minutes of the search, he may very well call off the search party and leave early instead of risking a prolonged, deteailed search that could expose the stuff you don’t want him to find in the first place. Because time is an important factor, especially in the case of thieves, he may take the plant and run.

Another thing to keep in mind: home invaders will concentrate on the usual hiding spots such as toilet tanks, refrigerators, couch cushions, matresses etc. and they will disregard the boring, dull, uninteresting ones such as bottles of shampoo or toothpaste boxes. A regular home contains hundreds of uninteresting containers, ranging from detergent boxes to sugar packets. It’s very probable that those items will be overlooked.

A Few Spots to Consider

Considering that there’s no such place as the perfect hiding place, taking into account that a burglar has a very limited amount of time, your ultimate goal should be to hide your valuables in uninteresting places or to disguise them so they will appear dull, boring or invaluable.

Generally, the pantry is maybe the last place a home invader will look for something valuable. You will find lots of food cans inside a pantry and the probability that a burglar will inspect each and every can of food is practically nil. So, you can take advantage of that by placing small valuables (cash, jewelry, bullets etc) inside “fake” food cans (they must look as “new”, sealed and feel just like any other can).

Another place for hiding your valuables would be under the floor boards. Even if it may sound like a common, and obvious place for hiding stuff, it’s very hard for a burglar to investigate all of the possibilities thoroughly (there’s a lot of flooring inside of a house, you know) without using a metal detector. Hence, you can use this kind of place for storing cash, but not for coins, precious metals or guns if you really want to be sure.

Video first seen on coldduck’s22 chanel.

Burglars will not expect you to hide valuables in dangerous or messy places like under the rock bedding in an aquarium or behind an electrical outlet. During a home invasion, places like this are often overlooked because they’re too messy, uninteresting or difficult to access or inspect.

If you’re the DIY kind of a person, you can use your imagination and your skills to build fake water pipes in your basement or attic with removable screw caps that will be the access points for storing your valuables inside the respective pipes.

For long term storage that doesn’t require periodic access to the “hidden treasure”, you can bury your valuables behind drywall, finished wall or inside concrete floors. Since a regular wall/floor contains electrical wires and metal pipes anyway, even if the burglar uses a metal detector you’re in the clear.

Virtually all doors and windows, along with floor-level cabinets and stairs can make for excellent hiding places. Most windows and doors are hollow anyway so they can make for excellent stash spots for your valuables. Keep in mind that shoddy workmanship (if you don’t master your carpentry skills, don’t even try it!) will possibly attract the attention of the burglar, so be extra careful with this type of project. People used hollow furniture to hide their valuables for centuries and it’s still common practice today; there are a few companies that offer custom made furniture with secret compartments inside.

If you’re the proud owner of a large library, you can use a hollowed out book to hide your valuable items inside. This is a very common hiding spot and hardly a surprise for a home invader, however, if you own 500-1000 books or more, it would be next to impossible for a burglar to inspect each one.

Video first seen on Nextracker.

Also, you should consider the “hiding in plain sight” technique, that refers to the difficulty of observing an object that’s so nonchalantly displayed that it couldn’t possibly be valuable.

You can also hide valuable items in your yard, but keep in mind that you must use a weatherproof container. It seems obvious that (outside)underground storage places are almost impossible to find if concealed properly. You can bypass being discovered by metal detectors by placing old pipe fittings in the ground above your valuables.

One of my favorite places for hiding stuff is the exterior of a home (vents, pipes, behind bird blocks on the roof, chimneys, controller boxes etc). You can hide valuable items inside the dog house when you build it and the same goes for the chicken coop or barn.

Try one or more of these clever methods to protect your cash or your valuables, use your creativity and share some of your suggestions in the comment section below.


This article has been written by Chris Black for Survivopedia.

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Chris Black is a born and bred survivalist. He used to work as a contractor for an intelligence service but now he is retired and living off the grid, as humanly possible. An internet addict and a gun enthusiast, a libertarian with a soft spot for the bill of rights and the Constitution, a free market idealist, he doesn't seem very well adjusted for the modern world. You can send Chris a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com.

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  • I was the victim of a home robbery 15 years ago, so unfortunately I have experience. They were druggie friends of my daughter’s ex-boyfriend. He might have been with them. Two points in my case, thieves didn’t “inspect” anything like books or canned goods or meat in the freezer. They threw it all on the floor and found some jewelery I left under an arm chair when they trashed the house. Also on their list were my boxes of blank checks. There is an entire world out there of low life scumbags that honest people don’t realize exists. They sold the books of checks on the street to other low life jerks and all of them also bought fake IDs so they passed them even when merchants asked for ID.. They carried everything into the garage, put it in my husband’s car, and stole the car. We eventually got the car back…damaged.
    So: don,t keep books of checks in the desk drawer, hide them. Don’t leave your car keys on a hook in the kitchen, most modern cars can’t be jumped so they must have a key. Don’t assume they won’t turn over furniture, they did at my house. And don’t leave a car parked in the drive with a garage door opener on the visor, even if you lock the car. There are probably tools in the garage and if they close the garage door, they have time amd privacy to break down the door.
    Hopefully you won’t lose things you treasure and you won’t spend two years sending police reports to collection agencies who ignore the reports and send you monthly threats. BTW, they caught the people but the only witnesses were other felons, so their testimony was worthless. No one went to jail and we were out thousands in time, stress, and property.
    Did I feel violated? Not exactly. I slept with my shotgun and hoped they would come back.
    The upside? None of us were home and my daughter learned a very expensive lesson. She chose far more wisely in a husband.

  • Law enforcement now has something that can be on helicopters or drones that can detect guns in your house if they are not placed in something metal that can disguise them like a barbeque grill, etc. They can also see undergound.



    • Really? What is this device? A type of “radar”? I’ve heard of a device that can “sniff” gunpowder, but there are SO MANY ways that these devices can be defeated or be caused to give false readings – and prove to be a waste of time for the searchers. Citizens also still have the 4th Amendment – at least for now, and its not illegal to own guns. There is a “ground-penetrating radar” but it has limited ability (must be on the surface of the ground being “searched”) and can also be defeated with “clutter” items on the surface or just below the surface.

      • I read about it about a month ago and Ive seen posts of others discussing it. You will hear more about it. It doesnt say what it is but Im guessing that it is some long range X-Ray or something like that. Maybe it is a long range metal detector. If so, it is specific enough to identify the shape of a gun through the walls of your house.

        • I think you might be thinking about something i saw many years ago called FADD. Frisk at Distance Device. It was some kind of enhanced but compact device like the one that checks your bags at the airport. But this one has a fifty or sixty foot range and designed to be used in police cars. In other words they focus it like a radar gun on a person walking down the street and it shows the outline of the gun and everything. When i saw it at a police trade show it was primitive and the big issue was the 4th amendment that nobody who invented it were thinking about at the time. Police can’t just search anybody randomly so they were immediately challenged and it never went anywhere as far as i remember. But that was–maybe 10 years ago already.

          And if New York’s finest can stop anybody they want and frisk them even though they’re not committing a crime and get away with it, who knows, maybe they’re getting away with it to some extent now? And it certainly would be ‘improved’ by now? I’ll try to find out if they are in use and just how ‘penetrating’ through walls, for instance, they are.

          Also FLIR Forward looking infrared devices can spot you in the woods or behind a wall just like the imagery in Arnold Shwartznegger’s ‘The predator’ movie.

          Local sherrif’s get to use the fire department’s infrared devices for ‘seeking fire hot spots’ in houses. It’s kind of insulting to us to say that especially when no fire departments drive their fire trucks around like a patrol car and search for potential fires behind the walls! But the police would if they though somebody was growing pot with hi power lights up in the attic. The thermal signatures, i understand, are quite accurate.

          The also have portable ground penetrating radar which does exactly what it sounds like. Even if you stash deeper than those hi quality metal detectors can reach, which is several feet and can pretty much tell the difference between junk metal and an AK in a pvc tube by a good handler, the ground radar can go much deeper.

          So I don’t know, people. If they really want to search for some reason and you’re even slightly careless, you’re busted.

          Being invisible is getting to be a good lifestyle choice these days?

          • Thanks Mahatma, Id really like to know more about it. What made me think it might be long range metal detector is that some regular metal detectors can tell you what is in the ground when it finds something. Maybe they analyze what particular metal it is, size, etc and they definitely can pentrate round. But there are maybe 3 possibilities.

          • Tell us more about how the FLIR works if you know. Is there anything that can stop it?
            A lot of break-ins after the police see grow lights in a house these days will find that the people are growing their own vegetables

          • Hi Mahatma, I hope I’m not making a pest of myself. On Amazon, I just bought 4 grow lights that are LED and only are (get this) 2 watts to operate. They only give off the particular spectrum needed for plants. Estimated yearly cost to operate is 24 cents a year.

          • Hi Catherine,

            “the quest for knowledge deserves all of our attention..” P.J. Klipangle.

            The FlIR devices are already in common usage. They have them on helicopters and they have them on gun scopes for night work. They do a rather specific imaging and definitely can outline human shapes and guns. To some extent even behind walls from the street. The very expensive good ones can differentiate from two people sitting around a fireplace or 4 thousand watt halide lights in the barn. So if a cop vehicle–oops i mean fire marshal– is driving around your street aiming it at houses they can see right through the walls and know what is going on in there. Pretty clear case of 4th Amendment violation But what else is new.

            You can even get a cheap hand held one with a limited range on ebay for a couple hundred bucks to help you find your lost cat hiding behind a dumpster at night–or a homeless person sleeping behind it. But they just give you the heat signature compared to the ambient temp so you know its ‘something’, but the advanced ones can actually give you a thermal ‘image’.

            The real intrusive ones are the ‘frisk at distance devices’ which i’ll check on this weekend with some ‘affiliates’ and see how far along they are in actual usage and get back to post when i find out.

            That’s interesting about the LEDs for grow lights. It’s actually a good idea to grow off season crops in an old barn not used for much else with grow lights but the cops will interpret the high output of high watt halides to be growing pot. Then you have to go through all that hassle to get them to pay for what they destroyed when they broke in. I’m wondering if the can even use the imagery profile as probable cause in a search warrant. Or do they justify it the old standby saying a ‘confidential informant’ told them and the FLIR device verified that??? I’ll find out more about all this and post it as soon as i can.

            As far as LED’ lights doing an adequate ‘grow’ job on only 4 watts bears some checking into. The reason high watt halides are used becuse a certain level of light ‘intensity’ is also needed besides just the spectrum. But if it’s true, that would be great.

          • Mahama, The LED grow lights I bought are only 2 watts to operate each and give off 200 lumens per bulb. Since they are only plant light spectrum, they dont give off heat. If these work, it will be easier to grow plants in the house than outdoors with less weeds and water loss. You might even get huge vgetable like the Alaskans are able to grow due to their long light in the summmer — plus much faster.
            Thanks for all the info and please update us every time you hear anything new

          • FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infra Red. It is a heat detection device that displays Infra light spectrum in a electronic adjusted way so it can be displayed on to projection screen like a computer monitor.

          • Mahatma, Here is a great article on some of the latest devices:


      • I spend some time in jail. I was there with some drug users and they told me when the cops busted them they searched their homes with some kind of radar and they discovered guns hidden behind plaster walls.

        • Any drawer a gun is in, should be lined with aluminum foil, and it will look like a metal strong box to their radar frisking!
          A good idea is line the inside of your wallet with aluminum foil, so no one can grab your credit card numbers, ot other identity devises, with an electronic device!!

    • Place anything metal (guns, ammo) in a weatherproof container that’s long and narrow, can be buried in the ground and covered by a metal pipe. A good place for non-metal valuables is, if you please, under a bee-hive. Bees are very territorial, and will attack any stranger who approaches their hive. Very few robbers, or cops for that matter, know how to deal with bees.

      • Leslie– awesome ideas. You chase the bees away temporarily with smoke, right?
        Mahatma — It looks like the discussion is coming to an end. Both the article and discussion are so important that I hope they will be repeated on other sites.
        There are a lot of good law enforcement depts with personnel who try to do the right thing. Those that arent are rotten from the top down, and are heavily bribed and armed with military equipment by the DHS and others. The reason why it is important for people to know what is happening in Riverside County CA, it at it is most certainly going on in other places as well.
        As I have said, one thing here is that they search houses when the homeowners are not there. Some have noticed that a couple of bills are missing from their secret money stash ( any burgler would have taken the whole thing). Law enforcement out of uniform have been seen entering people’s houses.
        I dont think it is coincidence that the Riverside County Sheriffs Dept is armed to the teeth with military equipment.
        I tried to direct people to the Natural News article on taking babies. It is common practice here and the victims are people who dont do drugs or have police records.
        Some landowners in Riverside county have been forbidden to do anything with their land but still have to pay taxes on it. Eventually they will let the county have the land as they wont be able to sell land that cant be used.
        If it is happening here, you can count on it happening in other places. That is why exchanging idea on these sites is so important.

  • One item that might be considered for comment is missing.
    What is the best method of remembering all these great hiding places. I can assure you that some folks will do a great job of hiding valuable stuff and then they go on with life thinking all is safe and secure only to realize months later that they can’t remember where they put all the valuable items. I know for a fact that it will happen!

    • Write down the locations and give them to a relative to hold in case you forget. My brother and I also send each other photos of our valuable items for insurance purposes.

  • Thanks for the great ideas we’ll give some of them a try.

  • A lot of good logic and tips in this article but if you really worry about it because you don’t keep most of your valuables or cash in a bank or safety deposit box, you don’t want to keep anything worth a lot in your home, especially if you are gone a lot, unless you have a good security system. There’s aren’t any so-called Cat burglars anymore who don’t want to involve themselves in physical contact with victims and only wait until nobody’s home because they can make more money doing other things for less risk, especially with alarm and intrusion systems becoming too sophisticated to defeat in the old traditions.

    But extremely dangeerous psycho criminal predators are on the rise and the latest modus operandi is that they actually want to hit your home when you are home to avoid activated alarms and searching. Prerably during dinner time when you’re likely to not have your alarms system on and can be ‘surprised’ all in one place.

    The problem with these violent ‘home invasions’ is that they will not be searching that much for your stash. They will make you tell them where it is.
    What good is having a secret panel under your furnace that’s almost impossible to find by anybody just snooping when you are going to tell them where it is?

    And you definitely will. It’s the human psychology programming. Especially when they start raping your wife or beating your kids to a pulp. Some are even frighteningly sophisticated in that they will bring torture implements to make you tell faster. The simplest and most effective is an extended utility lighter with the windproof flame. The pain of a fire burn lingers and doesn’t go away without treatment after 2nd degree level. So when your family can’t stop screaming and moaning and crying until you tell…

    You’ll tell pretty quickly.

    Is anybody getting the point, yet?

    The point is if you are concerned about being home invaded, and almost everyone should be– don’t waste time on a ‘hidden vault’ unless you first have the highest level of property perimeter/anti-intrusion situation first.

    If you don’t, then save yourself some pain and just leave a couple hundred dollars in singles in your top bedroom drawer along side some cheap but good looking jewelry and tell them ‘that’s all you got, but they just set off a silent alarm and the cops are on their way right now’. The natural criminal mind won’t take a chance that you’re lying and they’ll grab what they found and leave. I know an elderly person who had a collection of valuable items she really couldn’t bury in the yard very easily so i set up a panic alarm for her to carry around to where if she even heard a noise she’d hit the button and a loud outside siren would go off and a flashing spotlight visible from the street. The neighbors next door were aware of the set up and would immediately respond or call the police if they heard it go off. Of course i briefed her about general awareness and not opening any doors for anybody until you know for sure who they are.

    There’s another old lady down my road who is alone and ‘vulnerable’. But she says she can’t afford to get a serious alarm system or protection dog, so i gave here some basic door and window alerts and told her i’d get her a pistol because she says she knows how to shoot. But in the meantime i told her that if she gets ‘home invaded’, to say that ‘she doesn’t have much but if they just go about a mile down the road and turn in the private driveway, there’s an old crippled dude living there all by his lonesome with tons of gold and cash stashed under his mattress because he doesn’t believe in banks, and he’s home right now if you want to go there instead.’

    Hopefully, they’ll just leave her tied up unharmed so later i can come back and release her… right after i’m ‘finished’ with the scumbag predators and call the sheriff to police up their bodies.

    After i call the sheriff to police up their bodies.

  • Good ideas and something to get readers thinking about how to get creative in concealing their valuables from loss to a home break-in burglary. Invisibility is the best protection. There are many commercial “off the shelf” devices for hiding small valuables (fake aerosol cans, fake outlet panels, heater vents, hollow books, etc.) that can “hide in plain sight” and can be readily accessible to the owner when needed. I have no financial interest, but TacticalWalls makes some decent products of this type. Other “hide” locations: behind a section of baseboard trim that can be removed/replaced without much effort – perhaps secured with spring clips, etc., hollow closet rods/poles, inside a box of dry cereal in your cupboard, inside of a lamp that has a hollow base, inside of floor vents/ductwork, hanging inside of an old coat in the closet – the point is that your options are limitless. Some basic practices to protect against “home invasion” scenarios: 1) Keep your doors locked at all times when practical, 2) Use/install perimeter or door alarms for use when you’re home 3) Don’t open the door to strangers – invest in a video/camera/intercom door-bell system so you can talk to people at your door – without opening the door – (My “family pet” is a Rottweiler and I always hold her chain collar when I open the door to speak with strangers – they see her, and notice her eagerness to get at them), 4) Be aware of your surroundings – what is going on in your neighborhood, on your street, etc. and adjust your defensive posture accordingly, 5) If there is someone approaching your home or doorway that you don’t recognize, turn and face them and take a good look at them and maybe even take a photo of them with the camera on your mobile phone, 6) When being approached by a stranger keep your hands free or hold something that can be used as a striking weapon, 7) If you have a firearm (pistol), always be aware of where its at and exercise utmost safety for your situation – if you confront someone with it and they show little fear, pull the trigger and shoot them immediately – otherwise they will take it from you and probably shoot you with your own gun.
    Don’t wait to be a victim, take positive steps to make yourself and your home “too much trouble” for a criminal to bother with.

    • Oh, forgot. Yes, the FlIR device can be mitigated or even defeated with enough ‘cover’ or insulation. I seem to remember somewhere that even one of those silver space blankets that reflects heat backwards/inwards will do a good job of defeating it. FLIR works on the ‘heat signature’ or infrared spectrum of light image that penetrates an object according to its shape

      So if you are in your four foot underground bunker it’s highly unlikely that one would pick up anthing, but one should test that before being certain.

      The Frisk at distance devices are different and much more intrusive.

    • Right on, Frank! If i personally were living in a community where my door faced the public street i wouldn’t get too eager to open the door for anyone, even a nice looking young girl, lol. Predators use them as ‘bait’. Many stories of home invasions using this ploy. Now you have to use common sense. Today there was a plane crash and the sole survivor was a young kid all bloody and the man immediately helped her and let her in. But your ‘sixth’ sense, especially if you’ve already been around the block of life a couple times, will always tip you off. If you have any gut suspicions that something isn’t ‘right’, then simply Don’t answer the door, get your gun, and call 911.

      If they break through the door, like you say, Frank, then let ’em have it. Always be careful that somebody else might be flanking you through another entrance.

      As far as just shooting anybody you had to point a gun at , Frank, I’m not sure you meant exactly what you said. ‘Showing no fear’ is not a cause for using deadly force. But it will be a very winnable lawsuit against you even if you are not arrested.

      Your advice on ‘confronting’ is wrong, maybe not ‘morally’ in many people’s minds, but definately legally. If you initiate the confrontation, and you kill someone, especially an unarmed person, kiss your house and everything you have goodbye. The lawyer will say, ‘…but Frank, why didn’t you just avoid all this and when you saw someone scoping out your house through your windows and acting suspicious, why didn’t you just fall back, call the police, and try to observe what he was doing from a distance?

      Also if you are not in very well trained physical condition, preferably a highly skilled martial artist or boxer, NEVAAHH as they say down South, confront anybody where the risk of violence exists. Carry a gun or knife instead, and only use it if SOMEBODY IS ATTACKING YOU. The pre-contact part of this, known as the ‘assault’ justifies deadly return force Only if there was absolutely no doubt he was going to seriously harm you and if you were in terrified morbid fear of grave deadly harm with no chance of immediate extrication from the situation—which is the ONLY thing you say to the cops before you shut up completely until you have your lawyer there.

      Remember this old Master Martial Arts aphorism: “…the fight you never lose…is the one you never get into.” And sheister mouth pieces will use this logic in court to take away all you have.

  • I took the liberty of getting some large cardboard boxes, covering one side with aluminim foil, and putting around the walls, around my bed and hidden alongside my davenport, so their scanners will think I have the biggest gun safe in the world!! I glued the aluminum foil to the cardboard with Ross Glue Stix then painted the cardboard to match my wall…During inspections by Housing, they have never spootted it!!

  • I built a false bottom for my nightstand drawer, where I conceal a spare handgun and several boxes of ammo. All I did was cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood the same size as the inside dimension of the drawer, then bought and cut a piece of 1/2″ dowel into about 8, 2 and 1/2″ pieces. The dowel pieces, I glued in the 4 corners of the real bottom of the drawer with the other 4 pieces half-way between the corners. I stained the piece of plywood to match the interior of the drawer and tied a thin ribbon tightly around the plywood false bottom at 90 degree angles to grab and pull upward if access to the “hidy-hole” is necessary. Then, I put a layer of old magazines and unimportant personal papers in the drawer to camouflage the ribbons.

    • Love it! Years ago I did that to our lowest drawer in our kitchen cabinets…it was the bread box. Took out the drawer, cut down the middle of the board underneath, then glued the board back together, putting a cross brace under it!
      To open it I took out the drawer, liften up underneath the front of the cabinet on one side and it came up and out, put back by pushing all the way back, and slide in to the left to get into the groove, then pressed down. Used about 12 years until we sold the house, was never found out!! though I did show it to the buyers of the house!

  • Oh, forgot. Yes, the FlIR device can be mitigated or even defeated with enough ‘cover’ or insulation. I seem to remember somewhere that even one of those silver space blankets that reflects heat backwards/inwards will do a good job of defeating it. FLIR works on the ‘heat signature’ or infrared spectrum of light image that penetrates an object according to its shape

    So if you are in your four foot underground bunker it’s highly unlikely that one would pick up anthing, but one should test that before being certain.

    The Frisk at distance devices are different and much more intrusive.

  • A detail. Jerry was close on FLIR–he offered: FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infra Red. It actually stands for Forward Looking Infrared Radar. Don’t mean to nit pik, guess I just did, but correctness counts.

    • Okay folks, here’s the real deal on all our 4/A fears.
      You can check this pretty easily. Here’s one of the websites to search ‘Science Daily–see through walls technology/Lincoln labs.’

      I searched others, including the DOD info because of my military employment i still have some proprietary access and there are probably others getting in on the competition for the eventual profit angle.

      It IS a modified Radar wave similar to your wi-fi, which penitrates walls, but ‘on steroids’ and highly sophisticated. Due, doubtless, to the amazing things computers can do now in super fast real time. So the whole business of spying on citizens is changed forever!

      Supposedly it can see through solid concrete walls even at around fifty feet away. AND even across rooms on the inside! This definitely is a new generation of the stuff i saw years ago and far more penetrating than the stuff at airports.

      At no point in any of the info did they mention the device’s inanimate object detection and resolution. But in one article they said it easily detected two people swinging/carrying a pipe. How did they know it was a pipe? And if they can actually ‘see’ what people are doing, your most ‘private’ intimate actions then become no longer private!

      So far they are using the lame excuse for justification of this ‘device-from- privacy-hell the same way they justified the thermal devices to enhance the fire depts ability to detect fires…with the old bullshit ‘public safety’ rationale. With this thing they are claiming how wonderful it will be for the troops in urban warfare. Does that include future Domestic URBAN warfare, as well as Foreign warfare?

      Since it’s probably even easier to radar bounce off of solid objects than organic tissue, especially for resolution and definition once they tune and tweak it, there is no doubt in my military mind that this thing will be right under the crowd flattening non lethal sound wave machines with a waiting list from every sheriffs’s dept and major city in the country after the military gets theirs.

      This thing will likely be ‘perfected’ within weeks from this posting as the companies developing it will be in hot competition for stock investors once its announced and demonstrated.

      But I can tell you with absolute certainty that ‘pro-disarm-anti 2-A’ fascists are licking their chops in anticipation of the blanket usage of this. And if Hillary gets in guess what ‘trickle-down’ civilian versions will be ‘donated’ to Police State departments along with their Iraqi Armored assault vehicles? The perfect combination when the ‘order’ is given to turn in all your weaponry or face summary incarceration in one of the ‘camps’ if they have to go in and get it after they see it from the street!

      And remember, all they need is something that ‘appears’ to be a weapon on their screen! Like when you wave a toy gun in front of police to justify them firing at you.

      Don’t let your kids have any toy guns or BB guns as i’m sure– just like the shoot first and ask questions later cops–this device might be accurate, but still might not tell the difference between toys and real guns?

      The only thing that might save us before it happens is that without a warrant this still amounts to an illegal search and seizure.

      Sure, they can get around it in an in progress emergency like the Boston bomber pursuit where they home invaded every house in the cordoned off zones, under the exception of ‘hot pursuit of a dangerous felon in progress’, but that won’t be what they ‘really’ will use these for. Just like the Boston Bombing home invasions were really an ‘experiment’ in public mind control.
      They didn’t have to resort to that. And the people actually lined the streets to cheer after their 4/A rights were defiled! Reminds me of the quote “the most tyrannized people will cheer the loudest for their dictators”–?

      Just like the bullshit excuse of the ‘Licence plate’ scanners on top of police and municipal vehicles (even garbage trucks) in cities that adapt them supposedly to facilitate recovery of stolen vehicles, lol! (can’t for the life of me comprehend how stupid people are to actually pay with their tax dollars to have the police know everywhere they were and go for the rest of their lives?)

      So fast forward to 2017/18. Too much social dissent for the new Clintonian socialist regime’s liking. They do another false flag to end it once and for all…in their favor. We’re out of major wars so there are a lot of troops available. National Guard’s at full manpower. Full para-militarization of police has been accomplished. Lead ammo has officially been banned and between the prohibitive expense of hard to get copper bullets, it’s literally killed the entire ammo supply for the American Patriots.

      The Perfect Storm

      After the martial ‘order’ was given for the specious ‘public safety’ emergency, you are wondering why this police van keeps circling the block you live on day and night? Then suddenly you know. Several more pull up and infantry clad storm troopers systematically go door to door and if you don’t answer immediately they come in fast and furious. Maybe even blow your eardrums with flash/bangs first.

      The FADD device in the vans pinpointed ‘suspicious’ objects appearing to be weapons in your walls/rafters/ floors/etc. They also bring next ‘generation’ metal detectors/ground penetrating radar and find the stuff in the special hole in your basement concrete floor! They seize all your weapons, even the silver and cash you had with the buried ammo. They take note of any special equipment or stores of supplies for future reference. After all, once ‘legally’ inside anything in ‘plain view’ is suspect.

      They then take the husband away in cuffs for failing to turn in on previous ‘order’ as promised. They tell the rest of the family that for security and ‘public safety’ there are no visitations at the camp detention facilities. So if they ever want to see him again, they better find out who else has ‘stuff’ that they haven’t seized yet and report them immediately. Soon, everybody is informing on everyone else. Just like they did in Germany once upon a time.

      The first wave of specific searches would have happened even before the above mass house to house operations. They would have checked all FFL sales, and cross matched with car plates and then with the ‘licence plate scanners’ and after they ‘visited’ those people, they’d check everywhere they went (storage facilities/etc. and anybody they happened to stop by and see, first!
      You know, people of ‘like minds’? They’ll check the NSA records of all the computers/websites these people visited and what they bought/said/did/etc.

      Before you can say…”i take the 5th”, They would have effectively disarmed a devastatingly large part of the proactive populate.

      Okay, i don’t like to be a messenger of doom without offering a solution. First of all this shouldn’t surprise anybody who has been paying attention all along?
      They really never tried to hide their public disarmament agenda. They even admitted lying about spying on us for their agenda? Why didn’t we all demand and accomplish the immediate shut down of the NSA/DHS?

      It’s still violating our Constitution by spying on us.

      The tragedy is that we are doing NOTHING about-except maybe pissing and moaning about it! We should be ashamed that we are letting them get away with it when we should be able to slap them harder than your momma used to do when you were really bad?

      We did a good job firing a lot of these corrupted assholes this midterm but we should have learned we can’t just leave them alone to do what they want. We gotta keep a serioius eye on them.

      The plan to disarm the general public has been the wet dream of every power elite government regime since Roosevelt allowed the 1934NFA for no reason and the evile Johnson admin created the 1968 GCA to make everybody Forever forfeit their Constitutionally guaranteed gun and even voting rights…for Christs Sake! (and there’s a very important agenda reason to ban your voting rights, just think about it?) Just for committing almost any crime! Crimes against society are punished accordingly and if you are unsafe to be in society, you get locked up. But you don’t get punished FOREVER. Back in the days when you did your punishment, you got back in the saddle of life with all your freedoms and rights, unless you did it again. Since everybody fell for this scam, it would be only a matter of time before they made EVERYBODY a criminal not able to have guns, when it would suit their agenda. HOW? just by making laws for their purposes! look at the new bills coming soon, to a theater near you, if we didn’t fire the Democratic legislators last month. Temporarily put on hold…until Hillary gets elected.

      Most people don’t have a clue, but those few of us who pay serious pro-active attention to the threats against our natural inalienable liberties see some ominous indicators. New York has a thing where they encourage citizens to report on other citizens to turn in their guns and the police will come out and question the person(s) and do an illegal search if they feel like it. In other words if that neighbor’s dog keeps shitting on your front sidewalk and you finally had enough and tell the bitch that if she doesn’t keep it in her own yard you’ll put the garden hose on the mutt and then you’ll sue her fat ass! You have a perfect legal right to say and do this.

      But not in their agenda based world. Your good neighbor then calls the police and because she saw you going hunting once she tells them that you are ‘a crazy person threatening to hurt her dog and you have guns’.

      Knock knock knock. ” Police! We have to see your guns and talk to you immediately!”

      Barbara Boxer and Feinstein had a National bill called “Pause For Safety’ going that would have been this sort of thing on steroids, had we not recently removed her voting comraderie in the House/Senate.

      Essentially it amounts to anyone who knows you, including neighbors family friends co workers leaving barely complete strangers, not withstanding, having the ability to immediately initiate a warrant-less search of you and your property for weapons by the police! They literally make a law which allows them to seize your guns only on the discretionary assumption by unskilled untrained cops that you are ‘potentially’ mentally ill…and a danger to ‘public safety’ therefore unfit to have a weapon. Oh, and by the way, there are a couple questions on the yellow 4473 form that ‘facilitate’ this ’emotionally disturbed/on meds/addicted (which is what you are if you are on even prescription drugs) etc.’ cause for violating your 2/A rights. And two new questions on the form from what i’m hearing coming soon along these ‘lines’ of future confiscation agenda.

      Lowest step in the underground bunker is this:

      Before this electronic search -through- private- wall device even gets momentum, we should order our legislators to install a law absolutely prohibiting its usage without a clear specific warrant (not the easily facilitated Patriot Act type warrant).

      Then we should start really pushing OUR NEW EMPLOYEES to all out REPEAL a lot of these draconian gun laws which do nothing but help agenda based tyranny. Including the useless Patriot Act coming up for review.

      There’s not much to live for without privacy and freedom. We got off to a good start a few weeks ago and we must all continue the momentum.

      “Slatternly complacency is not a personality characteristic of a true American Patriot. They are always vigilant, pro-active, never forgetting their gift of liberty and justice for all. And as the great poet said, they have ‘promises to keep…and miles to go before they sleep. “–P.J. Klipangle.

      • On the ting about being mentally ill. There was an article about Veteran And Former Cop Sues After Guns Confiscated Because He Sought Treatment For Insomnia.

      • Mahatma, Awesome series of posts. Please update us every time you hear something new.
        Id like to go back the previous discussion of whether plain old foil glued to boxes like one is doing is the same, different, better(?) than those mylar foil emergency blankets, and if so, what makes them better? By the way, you can get 10 of those blankets on ebay for $4.40 including shipping. I just ordered 20 of them. I imagine most of us would be interested in at least making our bed activities off limits to law enforcement.
        Most of us Americans are terrible procrastinators, but they will get their just deserts eventually. Some of us wont still be around by that time.

        • Not sure at allo that those aluminum looking blankets are in fact aluminum, that will stop radar, flir or anything else…There is no aluminum in them!! no metal in them! Had an xray taken through on, and it barely made a shadow! Mylar blankets will stop Flir!

          • It’s hard to imagine that something that flimsy could do that. Can it shut out all types of radio waves?

      • Mahatma, Search warrants are meaningless to law enforcement at least where I live. From getting away with it 100% of the time, they think they can do whatever they like. Here, some law enforcement not only search houses without a warrant, but ALSO do it while the homeowners are not home. The homeowners have no idea that they have even been searched. One lady couldnt find any evidence that her house had been searched except that whoever had been there had let her cat out.
        There is an awesome discussion on Naturalnews.com following an article about children being seized by Counties.

        • Catherine, there’s a lot of myths out there about ‘tin foil’ primarily that most of it is not tin but aluminum. but i do know for a fact that i bought a light sheet of nickle and something else to shield my aircraft radio from unwanted ‘noise’ radio waves, and they used to line fall out shelters with something called ‘lead foil’ if that’s a fact. And lead shield’s superman, lol, so if they make a cheap roll of foil out of lead, that might work? There must be something that can work? But you gotta know for sure before you waste your time and money.
          While we are waiting to simply change the laws back in our favor, maybe some electronic genius can enlighten us?

        • Based on that famous case of the teenage girl being taken from her parents that Fox news ‘championed’ because a snake doctor wanted to ‘use’ her case in his research, provoked some new law changes that hopefully will be coming down the pike.

          What ‘Police State’ do you reside in?

          • Riverside County CA

          • Sorry to hear that. I’ll pray for you.

  • There is a lot of advice and comments about lawyers and Courts. I went through all that. Lawyers will charge at least $2000 for short consultation. If you want to make it cheap just plead guilty to any charges they throw at you and hope you get a good Judge. The other alternative is to contest. You will spend millions and then go to jail. Cops go after soft targets. Real criminals mostly get away.

  • Inexpensive hollow core interior doors can be easily used for storage; buy one a bit wider than the ones you’re using, ripsaw off the hinge side and put stuff inside, rip the old panelling off the cutoff side and glue it back in. Finish paint and long-term storage is achieved. A variant to this is to use the door for shelves or a counter top. This is better because the cut end doesn’t have to be glued in. A table saw is really necessary for a decent job. The inside of these doors is reinforced with cardboard spacers and careful consideration of how you restore function is in order; the doors are remarkably strong for what they weigh. I have books on my shelves with no problem.
    Now I’m going to proofread this to weed out the typos…wish y’all would do the same…………………

  • If you’re thinking your pantry, fridge or freezer will be safe from thieves. Think again. With the food prices going the way they are, if they don’t destroy the food and they have some way of carting it off, they will. This happened to me 30 years ago, so for sure it can happen now. BIG TIP: be sure to have two copies of complete inventories, if it’s not a total collapse, then the insurance companies can pay back. O you should have see the agent’s face when he said the company couldn’t pay for food because they had no way of know what had been taken. 😉 That’s when I went and retrieved my inventory. With dates of incoming and used all on there, no way they couldn’t deny. lol As to the rest, well…’hiding in plain sight now works well for me.