America Through The Eyes Of Our Founding Fathers

Almost 250 years ago, a band of brave men and women stood up to a tyrannical government and entered into open rebellion against it.

These rebels were motivated by a desire for liberty, not wanting their lives to be controlled by a distant government which had no idea of who they were or what their lives were like. Their rebellion became a war, which they ultimately won, creating the United States of America.

The battle cry which brought those Founding Fathers to open warfare was “taxation without representation.” They were offended by the need to pay taxes to a distant government which didn’t look after their needs.

But even worse than that, they were taxed without being allowed any representation in the parliament of that country. To them, taxation without representation was tyranny, and they rose up against it.

The opening move in that rebellion was one of controlled violence. A band of rebels, disguised as American Indians, boarded three American owned and built ships tied up to Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. There, they bound the guards, and proceeded to throw the contents of 342 crates of tea, belonging to the British East Indian Company.

Why would they do such a thing? More directly, why would my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Silas Hubble (that’s five “greats”), a law-abiding subject of England, choose to partake in such an event? Because that tea carried a tax stamp. One more tax, levied by the English Crown, on colonists who were not represented in Parliament. That stamp became a symbol of the tyranny of England, calling for its destruction, along with the tea that bore it.

The Boston Tea Party became the spark which unified the colonies and started the war. Americans from all walks of life, gathered together to form an army, an army with one purpose – only that of throwing off the tyrannical rule of Britain.

Interestingly enough, the men who participated in this raid were very concerned about not breaking the law or causing damage to the owners of those ships. They did no violence to the members of the crews guarding those ships, merely binding them. The only damage they inflicted on those ships was a broken padlock, holding shut the hatch to the hold. They had to remove it to gain access to the tea, so they bought another padlock and left it for the captain of that ship.

This is an interesting contrast to the protests and demonstrations we see today, which are marked not only by their violence, but by their wonton destruction as well. Demonstrators, or more likely the paid agitators in their midst, make a point of breaking windows, overturning police cars and setting buildings on fire. Silas Hubble and his compatriots would be horrified.

Another huge difference between that demonstration and the demonstrations of today was their purpose. The Founding Fathers fought for freedom, which to them, meant freedom from government interference. But today’s protesters and revolutionaries are bound by the common thread of wanting a more oppressive government, one that cares for them from cradle to grave.

These demonstrators commonly call for a socialist form of government, not really understanding what that means. To them, socialism is the government giving them freebies.

But they fail to realize that for the government to do that, they must take that money and the individual freedom of their fellow Americans. Few of them have been on the other side of the fence, watching their paycheck diminish as the government took more and more away in the form of taxes.

Breaking from Tyranny

The American Revolution was against tyranny and those who joined in had a clear understanding of what that tyranny looked like. An overbearing government, far removed from their daily lives, was stealing from them in the form of taxes, while not giving them anything in return. That was tyranny.

So they went to war, an upstart collection of colonies against the mightiest army and navy in the world. That, in and of itself was remarkable. To think that untrained farmers and craftsmen would stand up against the might of the British government was truly amazing.

But to see them win and cast off the yoke of tyranny was even more amazing. They accomplished what nobody else thought was possible and so founded the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

Having just broken the bonds of tyranny, the Continental Congress wanted to protect their fledgling nation from it ever occurring again. Through much hard work and thought, hammering out the details in endless debates, they crafted one of the greatest political documents of history – the United States Constitution.

The purpose of the Constitution was to define and establish the government of this new nation. It was written with certain goals in mind, amongst which was minimal central government, creating a balance of power between the central government and the states, and splitting the government’s power between three separate, but equal branches, so that power could not be consolidated in one branch or in the hands of one individual.

That is not to say that all of the Founding Fathers were comfortable with the restraints that the Constitution placed upon the government. Some wanted a strong central government, with limited state powers. But that group ultimately lost out to those who wanted a small federal government.

Another disagreement led to the writing of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Some felt that the Constitution, as drafted, guaranteed those rights. But others did not feel so, as they were not specifically enumerated.

Ultimately, this latter group won out, and the Bill of Rights was created. Once again, its purpose was to limit government power, not to give the government power.

The Bill Of Rights

Remember that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects peoples’ right to keep and bear arms for purposes that include self-defense. The Second Amendment was written so you can defend yourself!

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Limited Government

Yet when we look at Washington today, we see a massive bureaucracy, which tries to meddle in every area of our lives. The Founding Fathers would be horrified by this, as it is the last thing they ever wanted. If anything, the Constitution and Bill of Rights give more power to the “several states” rather than to the central government. Yet the central government has stolen that power.

There is nothing which demonstrates more clearly than the Civil War how state power has been stolen.

While the main motivating factor in Southern cessation was slavery, the fact that the federal government didn’t allow them to secede, but rather went to war over it, was a massive theft of state powers by the federal government. In it, the several states lost their right to determine whether they would freely associate with the rest of the nation, or not.

Were the Founding Fathers to resurrect today, the first thing they would do is scale the federal government back. The Old Executive Office Building, originally built in 1871, was erected to be the home of the Departments of State, War (Army) and Navy. Yet today, it houses none of these functions, merely acting as an annex to the White House and holding additional staff members to the President.

To those Founding Fathers, several of the departments of the Executive Branch would be baffling, seen as unnecessary or as treasonous to the American people. They had fought for liberty and to find departments of the government which were meddling in the affairs of the citizens would bother them greatly. To them, the federal government we have today, would be even worse than the government they broke away from in the Revolutionary War.

Giving our government the benefit of the doubt (something I’m not normally wont to do), I believe that some of those departments would be accepted and understood by the Founding Fathers, after explanation and reflection. But not many.

Overall, they would see them as unnecessary meddling in the lives and businesses of the American people. In the cases of things that are necessary governmental services, such as education, they would ask why that wasn’t left at the state or even local level, as it was during their time.

But no governmental department would bother them more than the infernal IRS. Considering that they had just fought a war to get out from under the yoke of unreasonable taxation, the very idea that the American people would tolerate the existence of such an organization would be baffling. It would not surprise me if they were to rush it en masse, burning the building to the ground, as soon as they were made aware of its presence.

Citizen Legislators

The original Continental Congress, which published the Declaration of Independence wasn’t made up of professional politicians. Rather, it was made of farmers and businessmen, who left their homes to go to Boston and returned back home after the government’s business was concluded.

Alexander Hamilton, who presided over that Congress, was a ship’s captain, who returned to his ship and set sail, once the Congress was dismissed.

Video first seen on Scott Bacher

In creating the United States of America, the Founding Fathers were breaking away from the aristocratic rule of European countries. There would be no hereditary royalty who ruled the people, but rather representatives who were elected from the communities they represented.

There was to be no permanent political class either. Representatives would be farmers, craftsmen and business owners who had earned the trust of their neighbors. They would serve in government part time, returning to their communities to run their farms and businesses.

Yet today we have a permanent political class, where most of our politicians at the federal level have spent their entire professional lives as politicians. Few of them have any other skills or know any other profession than that of governing, and because of that, they are largely disconnected from the people that they represent.

I can clearly imagine any one of the Founding Fathers facing off against Congress and using Donald Trump’s famous line, “You’re fired!” They would see the permanent political class as nothing more than the permanent ruling class in England, something that they tried to eradicate on these shores.

Balance of Power

As the Founding Fathers looked closer, they would quickly see how the balance of power between the three branches of government has been corrupted. Through the years, both the Executive and Judicial branch have stolen power from the Legislative branch, reducing the influence of Congress, while increasing their own.

The idea of governing by executive fiat was never a part of the original plan, although power for executive orders are written in the Constitution. But that was only intended to give the president power to execute laws that were already in existence; not create his own or eliminate those he didn’t like.

Likewise, the judicial branch was never given power to create their own laws by the decisions handed down from the bench. Their function was limited to determining whether the laws created by Congress had been broken or not.

Decisions such as Roe vs. Wade and the supposed right of homosexuals to marry in same sex marriages would horrify them; not just for the lack of morality behind those decisions, but because the Supreme Court was adding “rights” to the Constitution which didn’t exist.

Morality & Religion

Speaking of morality, we must remember that of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 53 of them were Christians. Twenty-seven of them had attended seminary. This nation was founded as a Christian nation; the only one in the history of the world.

Yet, Barack Obama’s declaration that this is no longer a Christian nation is much closer to the truth than many of us would care to face. Christianity is on the decline, rapidly being replaced by Secular Humanism, Islam, the New Age movement and outright atheism.

Many of the original settlers on these shores came here for religious liberty. At that time, the phrase “religious liberty” referred to the expression of the Christian religion, not Islam, secular humanism or any of the other religions which are seeking to take over society. They were concerned about a government sponsored church forcing everyone to accept the “official” version of Christianity, as the Church of England imposed upon their society. Hence the First Amendment gives us the right to freedom of religion.

Nevertheless, the morals of today, or more correctly the lack of morals in our modern society, would be shocking to the Founding Fathers. They created this country to be a Christian country, expressing Christian values and living in accordance with the commandments of the Bible. What it has become today would be both shocking and repugnant to them.

Helping the Poor

The poor have always existed. The most ancient evidence that exists shows poor people populating the world. In fact, the vast majority of people have been poor, throughout the majority of history. Helping the poor was seen as a work for churches, religious societies and other “do-gooder organizations” (non-profit corporations).

Some of the poor were poor due to circumstances beyond their control. These are often referred to as the “widows and orphans” of history. The Christian Bible even makes reference to them, admonishing Christians to help them out.

But there were others who were poor because of drunkenness, laziness and a lack of a good work ethic. While their numbers were much lower than those of today, they existed.

In the culture of the 1700s and 1800s such people were looked down upon. Their problems were seen as something of their own creation. As such, they earned no pity and were not supported by the community. Any handouts were reserved for those considered to be “legitimately poor,” the aforementioned widows and orphans.

The idea that the government would be in the business of redistributing wealth to help the poor was something totally foreign to them. They would not understand it.

While they were all good men, who probably would have reached out a hand to help a person in need, they would never think that their taxes would be spent in such a way. They especially wouldn’t think that entitlements would become the single largest part of government spending.

Yet that’s what we have today. I can see these men admonishing citizens and especially the church, to take up this burden and remove it from the government. They would probably be some of the first to give, in order to make this possible.


In reality, the America of today is vastly different from the America of our Founding Fathers. We have come so far down the road of change, that it’s doubtful that they would recognize the country as being the one they had founded. While some of that can be written off to changes in society and technology, even without those changes, they would not recognize the country we have become.

More than anything, they would be concerned about the size of our federal government, both in the amount of wealth it takes from our economy and the amount of regulatory burden it puts on people’s lives. While some of that is obviously necessary, they could not accept it as it is.

Were the Founding Fathers alive today, we could expect a second American Revolution, and they’d be the ones to start it.

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This article has been written by Bill White for Survivopedia. 


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Bill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. While those days have passed, the knowledge Bill gained during that time hasn’t. He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. You can send Bill a message at editor [at]

Latest comments
  • The REAL historical FACTS, as usual in agenda based articles, are somewhat ‘compromised’ in this context above Most of the original and subsequent settlers did NOT come to America solely to ‘escape’ religious persecution as the author implies through exclusion. There were several reasons and religious freedom was only a minor one.

    The main reason collectively was ECONOMIC freedom and opportunities. Of which there were literally none in Europe, unless you were part of the incumbent status-quo. Which of course, was also the main reason, then, for the American Revolution because England’s cancerous totalitarian financial usurpation followed the original colonists here.

    Also, the author’s suggested notion that the majority of Founders/Framers were Christians because a certain number of them attended Seminaries is ignorant at best, and intentionally deceptive by theocratic agenda.

    Vaticanist clergy were a constant presence on all Ship’s passenger manifests during the early colonization era. The Vatican knew that they still had to control the brainwashing of their escaping and potential future ‘flocks’ in the new World, so they financed the proliferation of religious Seminaries/Universities in America as virtually the only game in town if you wanted to become formerly ‘learned’ and higher educated anywhere in America. (It was Ben Franklin, not coincidentally, who started the first Secular University in Pennsylvania, I seem to recall, around 1760, and ironically, as much as he couldn’t stand the Vaticanist religionism, he was forced to hire a Catholic Bishop/Cardinal as Dean of the University because there just wasn’t anyone else ‘learned’ enough yet to run a Secular Public University, LOL!)

    So citing that some numbers of Founders/Framers attended Seminaries, which were also universities, didn’t mean they automatically became priests, nor did it mean they were Christians after completing their education. In fact, you’d find that most were absolutely NOT Christians. Jefferson attended Catholic Universities and studied ALL religions and philosophies and wound up being a FreeMason along with Washington, Ben Franklin and many other Founders.

    But agenda based theocrats-you know, the ones who want Trump to revise the Johnson Act so they can be like the Muslims and start a new Religionist American Theocratic Political Party, and of course revisit in the most reviled manner, the good ‘Ol Holy War days’, only this time, in what was supposed to be an Egalitarian Liberty based society, NOT a Christian one, according to the real intents of the Framers.

    And as for the Moral Authority which those obsessed with being ‘holier-than-thou’ as the whole of some meaning in their pitiful lives, I guarantee that if you do the honest diligence, you’ll find the reality that many of the Founding Fathers were as far from traditional and especially religionist ‘moral authoritarianism’as you can get. They were gamblers, womanizers, slave owners and everything else. But they were NOT moral religionist authoritarians. Because they knew and profoundly understood that religionism and true individual human liberty simply cannot co-exist. At least not on Earth.

    “One person’s morality…is another person’s hell!” -P.J. Klipangle

    “The only thing worse than being historically stupid, is to intentionally redact or interpolate historic reality to further your own polictical agenda.” -P.J.Klipangle


  • Thank you, Mahatma. You are on the money re the Bill White article. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  • When the government decided to replace Christian values with those of secular Progressivism, the government became god to many people, causing dependence upon a god-like bureaucracy. The result has been a loss of independence, a loss of morality, a loss of personal responsibility, and a loss of a sense of Christian Community. Unfortunately, the next generation has been indoctrinated with these things to the point that it may be irreversible. We need to repent and change direction, but do we have the will to do so?

  • Hi Bill. I enjoyed this article very much. And pay no attention to Mahatma Muhjesbude. He’s probably a professor of revisionist American history. I just don’t get people who want to tear down this great land, which is why it is getting less great by the day.

    • No, DEEDEE, My advanced scholarship is in the origins and history of Ancient Religions and I used to teach Constitutional Law. Revisionism is what the agenda based Vaticanists, Theocratic Christians and their Socialists teach in their mind control education facilities.

      I teach the Reality Truth. and nothing but the Truth. so help me…???

  • Despite what the author contends, virtually every European nation “was founded as a Christian nation,” with all the English and continental royalty purporting to rule by divine (Christian) right and representing themselves as Christian rulers and protectors of the (Christian) faith. Not only that, they routinely persecuted non-Christians, and even different sects of Christians. The USA was actually founded as a Non-Christian nation, one that permitted religious freedom for all citizens, which was unheard of at the time, and was a BIG deal (see the 1st Amendment to the Constitution). Jefferson clearly stated that the USA was “in no way a Christian nation.”
    I get that the author is a Christian who thinks Christian values are great, and who thinks that our country was founded on them. He may be right about the first, but he’s wrong about the second. In fact, even a cursory look at our history will show that our philosophical underpinnings stem not from Christian values and beliefs, but from those of Natural Law as espoused by Locke and the other Enlightenment Philosophers. While these principles are not always contradictory, they can be at times, and when they are, the principles of Natural Law were given precedence by the Founding Fathers (several of whom were not Christians themselves, including Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, et al). I have no problem with Christian values in general, but it is important to realize that our nation is not founded on them. Unless the religion they used as their model were an extremely tolerant one like Deism, for example, but certainly NOT like the Christianity of their day, how could the Founders have possibly established a nation on the principle of religious freedom and tolerance for all religions? Which they did. The Anglican religion of England in their day was extremely intolerant – just look at the Crown’s persecution of Catholics (fellow Christians even!) in Ireland for well over 600 years.
    If you really believe America was founded on specifically Christian principles, try and name one or two of our founding principles that are exclusive to Christianity. Principles more widely recognized among various religions tend to be those derived from Natural Law, and it is THOSE principles our founders embraced, not specifically Christianity’s.
    Please don’t bother listing all the early Christian Americans for me by way of refutation. I am well aware that many of the early leaders of the country considered themselves Christians, but that’s actually irrelevant because it’s not what we are talking about here – we are talking about the principles on which the country was founded. So what’s important is that those early American Christians were willing to embrace religious tolerance for other religions, in spite of being Christians themselves, and establish a more tolerant religious principle for the new nation. It isn’t about what religion they personally held, but rather about what principles they were willing to establish for their new country. THOSE principles are the ones our nation “was founded on,” not necessarily the personal religious beliefs of the individual Founders.

    • That’s very good, Old Shooter, At least a few of us have learned true reality history. (if you’re interested in some very interesting long kept secret reality history along these lines, reach out to me through the editor here and i’ll direct you to it)

      The problem is that the organized religionists simply are not as Totalitarian as they once were. Which is the way ‘god’ said it should be. So now they want to once again impose their old world ‘god-like’ authoritarianism and moral supremacy upon people who always had the Freedom in America to decline membership in their craven cults without being burned alive at the stake like in the ‘old days’. Or beheaded as they are in current times by Islamic throwbacks. (Vaticanists never liked beheadings. This was too quick and easy for the poor non-believing sinner victim.}

      So they are making one last stand before they go the way of the dinosaur…think, no believe that they have enough political ‘souls’ to turn this country into a theocracy. I pray they continue to die out like those old giant lizards and bid them ‘vaya con Dios’. But just don’t try to come back to undermine a Free society having enough problems with epidemic stupidity that’s already preventing the species from advancing to higher enlightenment.

  • Some of founders did learn Hebrew and more attentive to “Old Testament”, they actually based on “Seven Noahide Laws” which are considered generally enough for civilized society:

    Do Not Deny God
    Do Not Blaspheme God
    Do Not Murder
    Do Not Engage in Incestuous, Adulterous or Homosexual Relationships.
    Do Not Steal
    Do Not Eat of a Live Animal
    Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience

    Every non-Jew is considered a “son of the covenant of Noah” and he who accepts these obligations is considered a righteous person who is guaranteed a place in the world to come.
    They are derived exegetically from divine demands addressed to Adam and Noah, the progenitors of all mankind, and are thus regarded as universal….four possible additional prohibitions against: (1) drinking the blood of a living animal; (2) emasculation; (3) sorcery; and (4) all magical practices listed in Deuteronomy 18:10–11.

  • Hi Bill,
    I find one of the most disturbing aspects of the current American government to be the permanent political ruling class. As you stated, our forefathers vehemently opposed such a notion, yet here we are with a system arguably far worse that that of King George.

    I found it nauseating when proponents of Hillary touted her decades of “experience.” Her experience consisted of being a firmly established member of the political ruling class. These same proponents doubted (and still doubt) Trump’s ability to run the nation due to his lack of said “experience.” I, like so many Americans, it would seem, find his lack of political experience refreshing.

    Thanks for a well-written, thought-provoking article, Bill.