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When a major social unrest occurs what will you do in terms of responsible usage of weapons and items that can be used as

Shuriken were created as self defense weapons, used by ninjas in retreat, and the mold was big nails or small knives. The typical shuriken

Machetes are crude cutting machines and are well known as horrible and deadly killing devices, so learning how to use them for self defense

Here in the USA, if you kill someone in self-defense and it can be proven to be an act of self-defense, then you will

Today's article is aimed at doomers, and by doomers I refer to those folks who believe that our uber high tech society is prone

Making sure that your first gun purchase is a successful and useful one is very important for long term responsible and rewarding gun ownership.

The latest news out of the UK are the most surprising. For the first time in history, the murder rate in London has managed

Knife throwing is an ancient technique, and it has been around for centuries. It’s a known fact that American soldiers in the Civil War

It’s about as regular as clockwork. Every time there’s another mass shooting, the gun control crowd talks about restricting the Second Amendment; enacting the

When you see survivalists hunting with bows or atlatls in survival challenges on TV, they nearly always bring them with instead of making them

One problem is that basic primitive skills were essentially lost to Western society and only resurged in past four decades, so many survivalists do

The need to shoot well is central to survival, as far as I’m concerned and the challenge of learning to shoot well is diverting,

Having little or no money is not a good reason to get stuck with a poor quality gun because there are many firearms that will

When building an ammunition stockpile, you are always going to be pressed for room and money. There are ammo types that can be used

Even if you buy a good quality gun and take proper care of it, a gun is still a tool. As such, it will