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First Aid

Without good follow up treatment--especially with infections--gunshot fatalities increase to almost 90%. Learn from a vet how to survive.

What if you face the squirting, bloody mess of a gaping blackish red hole in someone’s shoulder from a blast of AK fire?

We need to control our healthcare costs. We can't count on going to the doctor for anything, we need to be able to take

Do you know the proper treatments for winter injuries so that if you’re caught with no access to medical treatment, you’d know what to

When it comes to medical supplies, there are many items that you have around the house that are superstar substitutions for the “real thing”.

If you’re a pet owner (or even if you’re not, but love animals), pet first aid will be a valuable skill to have when

If you're reading this, you likely feel the same way I do

First aid isn't anymore about knowing your ABC's

Any animal can pose the threat of a bite, especially in a survival situation, and humans are no exception

If a disaster happens, a diabetic is more vulnerable than the average person. He must take special precautions to ensure that he will handle

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, and even many cancers can be avoided by eating properly.
Enter the Paleo

In any SHTF scenario, one of the first priorities is providing emergency care. However, a lot of this care is focused mostly on tending

If you’re planning on keeping your pets with you in a SHTF situation, it may be helpful for you to have alternative ways to

In a world rife with ready access to affordable medicines and professional medical care, many people worry about how to handle their medical needs

In emergency situations, a properly prepared first aid kit can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or your loved ones.