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You have to be able to sustain your family when food will be hard to find, and have the skills to find it when

Knowing how to hunt may save your life in a survival situation, and if this is your hobby, here is what to know about

Remember that frogs are a delicacy when you survive in the wild, and the idea of hunting gives you chills. Here's what you need

Why is honey a survival food? Well, besides being used as a source of food when stranded in the wilderness, honey has miraculous healing

Tracking animals and humans in the woods is an art form worth mastering for survival needs.
How good at it are you?

Knowing how to hunt using what nature provides abundantly may save your life one day. It's a matter of when, not if, so be

Dressing game is not the most pleasurable thing to do, but knowing how to hunt and how to dress small/big game might really save