7 ideas to celebrate the Go Fishing Day

Find a lake or stream and celebrate the Go Fishing Day in a fun way with our unique ideas and tips with your friends or family.

A National Go Fishing Day is when people take time from their daily routine life and go to a lake, stream, pond, river, or seaside, lure their hooks, cast the line, and try to catch fishes. While some enjoy the fishing day with friends or family with great enthusiasm, others want their own company. June 18th of every year is observed as Go Fishing Day.

Making the Celebration

Fun There are no thumbs-of-rules to celebrate Go Fishing Day. Different people enjoy it differently. But here are some fun ways to celebrate the day with your loved ones and create some beautiful memories of the Go.

  1. Fish-Themed Celebration: As the day relates to fishing, it will be fun to celebrate the day with a fishing theme. You can sew some fish, rods, or baits in the corner of the napkins. It will put a smile on your family members or whoever is accompanying you. Rather than making simple cupcakes, why not give them a fish shape and transform them into adorable fishy cupcakes. Whatever planning or decoration ideas you may have, try to match them with the fishing theme.
  2. Fishing T-shirts: How about some matching T-shirts? Doesn’t it give you a picnic or holiday vibe just thinking about it? Buy some fishing T-shirts for the day. You can check https://lifeofinterest.com/ to buy the best fishing apparel. If buying shirts for everyone seems like a hassle to you, use some DIY hacks. Take the old t-shirts out of the closet, pick any one colored shirt and draw some fish, hook, bait, fishing signs, or quotes with fabric paint. If you are a sewing and knitting person, you can also use them and have fun with your threads and needles.
  3. Go Fishing Mason Jar: Do not forget to take your go fishing mason jar! It will add some party flavor to the day. Now you may be wondering what precisely a go fishing mason jar is? Well, it is nothing grandiose. A go fishing mason jar is simply a mason jar containing snack items that you may like to munch while fishing. There are no must-follow rules to make one. You can easily make it at home and can decor it as per your wish. As we are celebrating fishing day, it will be fun to decorate the jar with fishing themes. You will find plenty of ideas online. Take some mason jars, stuff them with your favorite snacks, decorate them with some fishing stickers or colors, and your mason jar is ready to go with you.
  4. Games: Try to think of some fun games that can be played while fishing, especially if you have kids with you. Games can make the day more fun for anyone. Having contests like catching the largest fish, most fishes, smallest fish, fishing with only one fly, fishing with the smallest fly, etc., are some common and simple games to play. If you are many in numbers, you can also try playing in teams; it will be another kind of fun. Arrangement of small prizes and funny penalties can make the games more exciting and competitive. You can create your deck of go fish cards with old photos and put them in a little tin box to play. There are also plenty of word games suitable to play while fishing. You can also try them. You can use string, magnet, and dowel to make simple fishing rods for kids. Tie the magnet at the end of the rod and in the fish’s nose so that they can catch the fish by matching the magnets. Put the fishes in a large bowl, and let the kids have fun with their little pond, fish, and rod. Arrange small prizes like chocolates or kids fishing accessories to encourage them. Drawing the surroundings, nature, people, and fishes also excite the kids. So, don’t forget to take some colors and paper for them.
  5. Gifts: Plan some gifts for each member. The gift doesn’t have to be something grand or fancy. Simple gifts like camping mugs, bait towels, pocket pen knife tools, fish wall art prints, or even rub-away bars will do fine. Wrap the gift and put some fishing quotes. You can also add a card or letter with that.
  6. Go Fishing Album: How can a celebration be complete without the sound of shutter clicks? Pass around the camera and capture a lot of happy moments. Don’t forget the fishes; click some photos with them also. Make a go fishing album with the pics. It will surely make you happy to see the photos later while reminiscing through the old memory.
  7. Add a New Member: It is a perfect day to show someone with no interest in fishing how fun fishing can be. Some of our friends or family members may have a notion that sitting with a fishing rod while waiting for a fish to take the bait is quite dull; there isn’t much fun in that. But in reality, we know that fishing is much more than just waiting patiently for catching fish; it is an excellent way of recreation, refreshment, enjoying tranquility, peace, and creating a bond with mother nature. What can be a better day other than Go Fishing Day to prove that? If you have someone like that in your mind, invite them for fishing, enlighten them a little, and make the most out of the day with them. Trust us, it will be really fun to have a new member to celebrate with, and who knows, fishing might become their favorite hobby as well from that day.

Don’t hesitate to go with your ideas that you think will make the day enjoyable. There are no do’s and don’ts when it comes to enjoying and celebrating a day.

Tricks for fishing properly

There are various tricks for fishing properly; some come with experience, and others you can apply after practicing a few times. Here are some tips and tricks for you if you are a beginner. These will help you in enjoying the Go Fishing Day and catching a fish or two.

  • Learn how to cast correctly. An excellent trick to control the bite is to hold the rod steady with a bit of tension and check for pulsation. If there is any, then jerk.
  • It is clever to match the bait or lure to the watercolor as you don’t know what color exactly lures the fishes. For instance, while you are fishing in green water, use greenish or chartreuse color for bait. White or pearl color is the right pick for clear water.
  • It is essential to pick the right shape and size for the lure. If you are targeting to catch the big fish, the lure size needs to be chosen accordingly. If you are going to the school of small fishes, a big lure of 5 inches definitely won’t work.
  • Make sure your fishing gear is appropriately sized depending on the fish you’re targeting. If you are thinking of using one-size-fits-all rods and reels, be aware that the result won’t be satisfying.
  • Choosing the fishing line wisely is a crucial part of fishing. There are many brands and types of fishing lines available in the market. Don’t just pick anyone. Choose wisely depending on whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater. Also, check the sensitivity. Braid lines are susceptible and have good hook-setting power. So they are an ideal choice for fishing with a lure. On the other hand, monofilament lines are less sensitive and stretch a little, so it is a better choice when fish are nibbling on baits.
  • Generally, dawn and dusk are the times when most fishes bite the best as there is ambient sunlight at those times. If you are fishing mid-day, especially on summer days, try to fish in the areas with shades of cloud covers. Fish often seek shade on sunny summer days and become more active in the cool hours of the day.
  • Fishing in saltwater or ocean is different; you need to be conscious of the tides and currents and choose the time accordingly. When and where to fish depend a lot on the ebb and flow of tides.
  • Before going fishing, always take new hooks and use them. If not that, at least sharpen the old ones. Many beginners make the mistake of using the old hooks again and again. It’s not that you won’t catch any fish with an old hook, but a new one will enable you to catch many more.
  • It is a little tough for beginners to set the reel properly and drag it. The fact is many people keep tugging on the line until it feels right. Use a scale to set your reel’s drag. You can use scales to set the reel’s drag.
  • There is no alternative to pre-fishing research. Although the basics are the same, the tricks and fishing methods vary a little, depending on the location, water, season, target fish species, etc. Research as much as possible.

We wish you a happy Go Fishing Day!

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