Prep Blog Review: Autumn Preparedness

Whether we like it there’s just one day separating us from autumn so it’s time to say goodbye to summer days and start prepping for the new season.

Autumn means new chores in the garden, preparing for school, fighting colds and more so are you ready? Let us know in the comments section below!

1. 4 “Must Do” Chores In Your Garden This Fall – For A Great Garden Next Year!

Prep 1“Chances are – this time of year –  a picture of your garden would look more like a starving artist painting than a classic masterpiece.

As we head toward the end of summer – most gardens begin to show their wear. The tomatoes and cucumbers are beginning to wane, with their branches thinning and beginning to brown – while many of the other crops have begun to wither away as well.

However – even though it may look a bit dodgy – there are still some last-minute chores in your garden that can make all the difference to creating next year’s Mona Lisa. In fact – it’s precisely what you do now in your garden that can make ALL the difference!”

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2. Keeping Lights On in a Chicken Coop over Winter

prep 2“To keep our chickens laying all winter long, we do something that many other homesteaders don’t. I’m talking about keeping lights on in a chicken coop over winter.

A chicken needs a certain number of daylight hours to lay, and during the winter, they don’t get that. So, we add artificial light to keep them laying.

Now, I know what people say about raising animals naturally, and giving the girls a laying break and all, but I am going to lay out the reasons why we do this.”

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3. Preparing for a Seasonal Change “The Common Cold in Detail”

Prep 3“The common cold is the onset of systems breakdown, the weakening of the immune system due to lack of nutritional supplementation(s) overall, e.g.. poor Diet and or hygiene practices but nit limited to.

A few symptoms of the common cold can be recognized as a disorder of the respiratory tract also caused by exposure and resulting in catarrh and the invasion of microbial cleansers.

Although the affliction is usually mild and short and can be identified with effects of the  cold chills, followed by sneezing watery eyes, congestion and discharges from the nose and throughout from mucus membrane.”

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4. 3 Questions to Ask School Administrators As the New School Year Starts. You Might Not Like All the Answers!

prep 4“Kids spend a lot of time in school. As a prepared parent, you should take time to make sure that your child is safe and prepared at school like you have prepared at home.

Sometimes this isn’t always easy to do because you are dealing with others who might not have the same ideas that you have about preparedness.

So, as school gears up all across the nation, preparedness minded parents should have some questions for their school administrators. But just beware! Not all schools and administrators are the same. You might not like the answers you hear!”

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5. Shipping Containers and How to Insulate Them

prep 5“I have always liked shipping containers for storage and other uses.  My family has several and I have had one in my yard for many years.  They are inexpensive to purchase, require little maintenance, and hold up well to the weather.  In all the years I have had mine I have never had any problems with leaks or rodents.

My shipping container is currently stored under a carport to protect it from the sun.  This helps to keep it much cooler.  But recently I have decided to reorganize some of my storage and want to store some items in the container that are more heat sensitive.  Just by painting it a light color and putting in under the carport has lowered the temperature significantly, but not as much as I would like.”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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