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Energy Sources

Even the most epic of journeys begin with a single step. Start small when preparing your energy independence. Start with the basics, but start

Mulch and compost are biomass and as it decomposes naturally, it creates heat as a byproduct. Why wouldn't you make use of this heat?

The recent EPA rules on wood-burning stoves is an example of executive overreach through regulations. Do they affect you?

DIY projects can save money, but if you are uncertain about electrical wiring, get your DIY fix from projects that are less likely to

While solar, wind, water, and magnetic generation methods can deliver power, batteries will be important for smoothing out electricity delivery amounts.

Protecting renewable energy sources through deception may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but many of the best strategies are exactly that.

There are many different ways of using waste to create energy on a survival farm or even in your back yard!

Why freeze or starve to death when one easy way to make fuel for your fire can be achieved by even a beginner prepper?

These fuels can help you prepare for a crisis and lower your heating bills at the same time.

This particular device can provide 5 volts of power at 2 amps for several hours efficiently and reliably

Solar power will provide you enough energy to put you ahead of the 99.9% of the rest of the population! Can you harness it

With oil prices going through the roof, and a looming economy crash, the idea of making your own fuel has never made more sense.

If SHTF, protein supplies will run short, food sources will be scarce, and water will be polluted. One easy-to-cultivate resource could help with all

Gel fuel is safer to use because it won't spill out and cause a fuel fire, and it doesn't produce noxious gases if burned

In a SHTF scenario, knowing how to convert used vegetable oil into usable oil for biodiesel at home is going to be critical. <br