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Energy Sources

Under these circumstances, you have to look into alternative power generation systems that will work when ice blocks off other options.

You probably try to block the drafts, or maybe you even block off entire rooms trying to keep the house warm, but how about

Although these systems do not generate huge amounts of electricity, they offer enough power to keep you alive. Which one would you choose?

Wood is an excellent choice for keeping your home warm during the winter months and for cutting your heating costs. Do you know how

It is best to plan out what equipment you would like to run and design the solution on paper before you buy the first

Learning how to convert your vehicles to run on natural gas can enable you to keep your bug out vehicle running long after gasoline

Things have changed as technology evolved, but wind power still has many uses, especially when it comes to generating cheap, sustainable power.

If you decide to maintain a vehicle after a crisis, knowing how to maintain batteries will always be of benefit. Find out how!

Even the most epic of journeys begin with a single step. Start small when preparing your energy independence. Start with the basics, but start

Mulch and compost are biomass and as it decomposes naturally, it creates heat as a byproduct. Why wouldn't you make use of this heat?

The recent EPA rules on wood-burning stoves is an example of executive overreach through regulations. Do they affect you?

DIY projects can save money, but if you are uncertain about electrical wiring, get your DIY fix from projects that are less likely to

While solar, wind, water, and magnetic generation methods can deliver power, batteries will be important for smoothing out electricity delivery amounts.

Protecting renewable energy sources through deception may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but many of the best strategies are exactly that.

There are many different ways of using waste to create energy on a survival farm or even in your back yard!