7 Steps To Prepare For The Second Pandemic Wave

Until this year, most disasters Americans were preparing for a threat that they could see and react to it, with some sense of confidence and available skillset.

Most of the SHTF events we thought of, such as economic collapse or natural disasters, generally presented their threats as other people.

However, we soon realized that a pandemic can become a real threat to our future and is not just a screenplay for an apocalypse movie. Even more, as we see today, people are only a part of the problem.

The pandemic brings a threat that is invisible to the naked eye, and we can only see its effects when we are forced to respond to it. While many of the tips to prepare for such a scenario are similar to bugging out, most are unique to this situation.

Considering that many experts estimate that the COVID-19 virus is here to stay and that soon enough, we might be dealing with a second wave, we have put together a 7-steps plan to prepare for this pandemic.

7 Steps to prepare for the current pandemic

1. Avoidance

As you’ve seen by now, the single best thing you can do to prevent catching the virus is to avoid people entirely. Since the disease has a rather long incubation period and it varies from one human body to another, it may be difficult to know if a person you get in contact with has been exposed to it or not. Many secretly harbor the disease even during its active phase without showing any symptoms.

The best thing you can do is not to come in contact with people you don’t know. Some had decided to bug out when the first signs appeared, and if you feel confident that you can get to your bug out shelter without unjustifiably exposing yourself, you should probably do so. However, keep in mind that your vehicle is not suited to prevent the transmission of airborne diseases and your car filter may not stop the virus.

If the route you chose to get to safety is not crowded by vehicles and you won’t find yourself traversing a densely populated area, bugging out may be an acceptable risk. If, however, you live in the city, your best bet is to stay inside and not let anyone enter your home. Every delivery should be contactless, and you should disinfect any foreign object that found its way inside your home.

2. Clothing

You’ve seen in the media people walking around in Tyvek suits and all sorts of improvised protection clothing. The Tyvek suits are used by medical professionals, and they are the ones who need them the most. For your personal protection, use what you have available or what you bought at the last minute.

A mask that is sealed and filters the air, topped with eye protection are proper accessories during these times. Wearing thick latex or plastic gloves made of non-porous materials are also a great addition to keep you safe from contracting the virus. However, when to wear the clothes is a matter of perspective, and you shouldn’t walk around your home in protective gear.

While you may not necessarily require completely filtered and sealed clothing, it is likely a good idea to have as many sets around as you do party members plus one or two spares. Once again, if you know and you are sure that everyone in your home is not infected, wear this gear only when leaving your home. You would expose the protective gear to less wear and tear, and it will last longer, especially when it will be truly necessary.

As you’ve seen at the start of the epidemic, the mode of transmission was not well-known, and most reports where either estimations or false information. We learned soon enough that we could not rely on the reported cases of transmission that China was pushing, the incubation estimations that were changing from one week to another, and the survival rates being reported. This was a hard lesson for some, and we all learned that in such a scenario, we should play it safe, rather than listening to certain “authorities.”

3. Consumables

This area of preparedness was of great help for preppers, and most of us kept a safe distance watching on TV how people were fighting over toilet paper and other consumables. The only difference that made some of us take a risk was the number of supplies we have and how well-stocked our homes were and how the scenario played out for most people. Some decided to bug out while others had to bug in and wait it out.

The topic of having enough supplies in one’s home to survive for a few weeks was extensively debated during the last two months and preppers, were suddenly no longer seen as crazy hoarders.

By now, you should have learned that having a large store of sealed foodstuff and water supplies becomes mandatory, although it is a bit tricky to accommodate all these resources inside your home. When bugging in, most people were using tap water, and it was a real support for them that the tap didn’t run dry. However, this may not always be the case since certain diseases can be spread through water and the water flowing from the tap may not be properly filtered. It is highly recommended to have some filtration methods available in your home at all times.

All the consumables you’ve used since February and the rate at which you used them should help you figure out how to prepare for the second wave. If you didn’t count and kept a list of what you have used so far, you will need to start doing it from now on since it will help you figure out what you need to buy to re-stock. You’ve seen that some items were in higher demand than others, and it will be the same case in the near future.

4. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is mandatory when dealing with the spread of infectious diseases and we’ve all notice the price gauging of hand sanitizer and various disinfectants, antiseptics, and such.  It is obviously important to understand that your house and body need to remain clean at all times. Even more, you have to make sure that all body parts which remain covered in heated conditions–like your feet–as well as any open injury you might suffer, are disinfected properly.

Cleanliness is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not get sick during a disaster scenario. However, it is especially important during an epidemic. This means that both your bodies and the surfaces of your environment should be kept free from all bodily fluids and outdoor contaminants.

Soap and water are your friends, and they are generally effective to kill most viruses and bacteria. However, antiseptics and strong disinfectants that are designed specifically to break down organic matter and kill it are preferred.

Just remember, antiseptics are used to disinfect the body. Disinfectants are used to disinfect non-living materials and should be used for surfaces only. Some will use disinfectants for their body as well, but that’s not recommended. Even so, if that’s your last resort, make sure you rinse the areas with clean, purified water afterward to prevent any health reactions (rashes, allergies, etc.).

We talked more about DIY antiseptics in this article. Make sure to check it out!

5. Lockdown

Lockdown measures were soon put in place in certain states, and we have no guarantee that it won’t happen again in the future. These are mandatory procedures when it is established that the virus is mutating, and it becomes airborne. It is important to have a plan and methods to keep your house sealed and mostly airtight. Filtering the air and purifying it needs to be considered since, in most cases, that air comes from outside.

While this may not be the case for those not having neighbors in their vicinity, it is mandatory for those living in enclosed spaces like condo buildings where air may be re-circulated by the ventilation system.

If at all possible, it is a good idea to have a ventilation system that is detached from your building’s ventilation system. This system should be used only in case of such emergencies, like the one we are currently experiencing. This system should be fitted with filters that are designed to purify the air from disease and other microorganisms. The system should only function to bring fresh air in and pump the exhausted breath of CO2 out.

6. Quarantine

Once you manage to minimize your exposure to the outside world and reliance on others as much as you can, you need to have certain protocols in place, in case something occurs and the infection manages to find its way inside your home. This often occurs when the virus has a long incubation period, and when one of your family members contracts it before the lockdown was initiated.

One of the first steps to implement such a protocol is establishing the place of quarantine, which can be a single room in your home. Ideally, said room should have as few porous surfaces as possible to avoid lining them with plastic sheets. Get the carpets out and only leave a small one at the entrance. That small carpet should be constantly soaked with disinfectant and be used to wipe your feet before and after exiting the room.

Only one member should be allowed to enter that room to provided assistance to the quarantined person, and he or she needs to wear protective gear. There is no point in exposing more people and risk to infect everyone in the family.  Upon exiting the room, the gear must be washed and disinfected properly for later use.

If possible, use disposable plates and eating utensils, and discard of them properly. One method to disinfect plates and other items (non-metal ones) is to use your microwave. Keep in mind that once two days (if not daily), the room should be cleaned and disinfected, and if you have the chance to install an air purifier in that room, do so!

7. Self-quarantine

As preppers, we also have to think of the possibility that we may find ourselves falling victim to the epidemic sweeping our nation. It is our job and responsibility, to avoid infecting others and think how implementing the quarantine for ourselves will affect the dynamic of our family, and how they can adapt to our absence.

It is important to be strong and follow your own protocol, and let your natural antibodies help you get better. You need to remain calm and rational; otherwise, everyone will suffer from your actions.

The first thing that occurs when you get infected is your mind starting rationalizing that you, in fact, are not sick. You will look for any excuse or justification that you don’t need to be in quarantine. It’s the “it won’t happen to me” attitude we see nowadays when people are ignoring the imposed quarantine or protective measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

If you start showing symptoms that clearly tell you are infected, you need to fight your mind and quarantine yourself. If you fail to do so, chances are, you will suffer the same fate you have likely seen others undergo. Keep in mind that your family needs your knowledge and support to survive and that alone should be a strong push in the right direction. Plan ahead and make sure that every member of your family knows what to do in case you become incapacitated. You shouldn’t be the only one with the knowledge and survival skills.

A final word

As we can see in this article, preparing for a pandemic is similar to some other scenarios, but it needs more attention to detail. The insidious nature of this new coronavirus will definitely alter some of the steps you’ve taken for the SHTF scenarios you were preparing for.

The main takeaway from this article should be:

  • Avoid other people at all costs when the pandemic is in full effect
  • Ensure your home and your family members are secure and clean
  • Develop a quarantine protocol and stick to it at all costs

The current pandemic is no joke, and we have no idea what the future will bring, and if the second wave will be more destructive than the first one. There is always time to prepare better, even if it seems that everything is working against you.

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Bob Rodgers is an experienced prepper and he strives to teach people about emergency preparedness. He quit the corporate world and the rat race 6 years ago and now he dedicates all his time and effort to provide a self-sufficient life for his family. He loves the great outdoors and never misses a chance to go camping. For more preparedness related articles, you can visit him at Prepper’s Will

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  • Step number one is get your head out. The airlines in 2019 were full of chinese. Then then the whole world got sick at one time.The only way for that to happen is the whole was seeded at the same time.. Get the message

  • Seems like this article is paranoid. I realise the virus has had serious effects for some. Over 80% of deaths from the virus are people who live in long term care. The same people who were panicking about the virus, sent sick people to the nursing homes. People there are very vulnerable. In addition people are being listed as Covid 19 deaths who are not. Sometimes this involves money as the pay for Covid 19 cases is huge and our nursing homes and hospitals need the money. In the spring when the Flu would come the staff would call it Spring cleaning. Not because they didn’t care but because everyone knew the Flu would take a large anount of nursing home pts due to their general health.. Other than people with underlying health conditions and lung conditions the virus is not a true pandemic. For ages 60 to 70 death rate is 6%,70 to 80 is 16% . Young people without underlying conditions almost non existent. Consider who is pushing this as a pandemic and are shutting down the economy even though most workers are not at risk. The same people who are allowing the riots,,who had a false Russian investigation that was discredited, and was found to be spearheaded by a former president,printed a article that was discredited and had to be withdrawn, trying to say that hydrochloroquine is not effective when it is, and the study used false data. Ran an impeachment that was a lie, tried to ruin the reputation of a Supreme court nominee falsely,.Tried to make an issue of our normal immigration rules. And on and on. Be careful . Many exaggerations being printed by our activist media JR

    • It is not the virus people have to be afraid of, but rather their government’s reaction to the virus. I never thought America would fall to communism because of cold and flu season. I also never thought the Mark of the Beast would be a vaccine. However, live and learn.

  • Think about what you are advocating…unless you are elderly and/or have co-morbidity issues, this ideology is WRONG. If the young, healthy population actually manages to avoid contact with this virus, it will hit when they are older and more vulnerable! I am old enough to remember getting mumps, measles and chicken pox as a young child, thereby ensuring I did not contract smallpox as an adult…or mumps/measles ( one of ) which can cause death or sterility in adults. And where are you getting your information? Yes, the virus can/may mutate, but there is NO evidence that it will change from droplet contagion to aerosol contagion. It could well mutate to totally harmless to humans like MERS or SARS…one of which simply stopped being a concern…no vaccine developed, because it was No Longer Needed. There is no evidence that Co-vid 19 will disappear on its own, but there’s no evidence it will not! Prepping is good, living in fear of an invisible virus is not.

    • Yep. This virus has the mortality rate of the common flu. How come we never shut the US down because of TB which has a mortality rate of 15% compared to the 0.1% for CV19? TB is also very highly contagious. Things that should make a thinking person go hmmm. However, most Amerikans (intentionally spelled that way) are anything but thinking people. Order followers leads to a dictatorship.

      Also, all of the advice they give people about wearing masks is wrong. The wearing of masks destroys a person’s immune system. Masks also force people to breathe in air that gets trapped by the mask. That trapped air is high in CO2. The breathing of air that is higher in CO2 acidifies a person’s body. A humab bodybis supposed to have a slightly alkaline pH (opposite of acid). An acidic body is more prone to diseases and cancer. I mean it is not as if our government has lied to us about health before. Oh wait, the food pyramid I grew up with as a child (the one that recommended a ton of grains) is similar in nature to what they use to fatten up cattle. Who would have known?

  • If any of the ones writing in their comments that Covid-19 is only dangerous for the elderly would have personally lost friends and members of their social groups, comments would certainly be different. But if it´s only numbers and not people you know, there is little compassion. This is exactly the attitude mentioned in this article: “oh no, it can´t touch me because I am young and strong”. I have sadly lost 1 very special business partner aged 38 and an athlete to Covid and a dear friend. His 20 year old sun moved home before the lockdowns and carried the virus without knowing it, Infected his 56 year old dad who died from it. Mom got nerve damage from Covid and is confined to a wheelchair since. Would you like to carry this burden as a son all your life?
    It´s not being a communist to put life and health first. Being a prepper for many means to care for a community, family or prepping group. At least we (should have) learned to think first, then act. Egoism and missing compassion has led our society to be what it is today. Remeber the pioneers…? They would be good role models.

  • As a T1 diabetic who’s had this disease, and who has a wife who’s also had this disease. And with a wife who’s a microbiologist…

    I am not scared of “the virus”. The real problem here is the response to that virus which is nuts.

    We’ve essentially shut down our economy which sucks but it’s worse than that. We’ve also essentially shut down the medical system in many regards, stopped prevention and outbreak detection for other, far more lethal diseases both in the US and worldwide and we’ve crushed the world-wide food supply chain.

    We’ve stopped cancer screening AND cancer TREATMENTS in some places (my aunt was told her chemo treatments were suddenly “elective”, cause, ya know, untreated cancer is less dangerous than CoV-2). We’re not treating people for other conditions either. Then there’s the fact that we’ve taken our eye off the ball on TB and world-wide food distribution. The food thing, world wide, could starve 50 million+ people in the next 18 months. TB is 15% lethal for active infections, keeping people with latent infections from becoming active is critical and just in the US there are ~13 million people with TB. That could kill 1.95 million Americans and leave hundreds of thousands with severe lung damage that leaves them vulnerable to a ton of other lethal lung issues including a CoV-2 infection that they would have survived if their lungs weren’t ravaged by an active TB infection. Worldwide TB could kill another 35 million people this year.

    These numbers are rapidly exceeding what CoV-2 could possibly attain. We need to be very careful here not to kill more people with our response to this disease than the virus itself is capable of killing.

    The problem is we’re not being careful. We’re arguing about how long the baseball season is going to be or if we have to stay in lockdown until there’s a vaccine.

    Now, my wife’s research director actually spent his entire professional life studying bat-based Coronaviridae. His professional opinion is that depending on what type of vaccine you want (like an MMR type vaccine vs. a seasonal flu shot) the chances we have such a thing that’s both safe and effective in the next five years is 5% (semi-permanent vaccine) to 15% (seasonal shot). OVER THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. Now science is always fits and starts, so it could be way faster… or longer. Or never. We’ve never actually made such a vaccine against the Coronaviridae family. Ever. Simply put: We need to start thinking about alternatives because we can’t do what we’re doing now for another year, never mind half a decade. But that’s what’s being discussed in public now. People are even saying the vaccine has to “prevent infection” which is impossible, that’s now how any vaccine ever made works because that’s not possible.

    There’s a very, very real possibility that CoV-2 isn’t the real problem here, that the response wipes out many TIMES more people through our panicked reaction to a disease that, if we’re being honest, isn’t that big of a deal. Yes, it sucks for those that have lost family and, yes, it’s scary but it’s not the Plague. It’s nowhere close and many are acting like it’s somehow worse.

  • lol great info luckily not needed due to fake hoax covid. the underlying condtions are not lung disease as much as they thought its diabetes and being overweight. my 74 year old in law rode it out like a champ… a long flu and has one of the worse underlying conditions. flu flu flu fake fake fake. be a sensible person…having a few items as the article mentions is good and great for all the time now just for this nonsense plandemic joke. its my opinion from my own research and conclusions personally so leave it alone if u don’t want it. good day all. and I am a front line health worker exposed daily to actual cases. tested positive and had zero symptoms myself but now I have the antibodies so my family is very safe.