7 Emergency Essentials Preppers Always Need

Disasters can take place when it is most inconvenient, you can be grilling the burgers, in the middle of your honeymoon, or even worse, making the offering to the porcelain throne during one.

Staying prepared is the best shot at survival. For being prepared, you have to know the risks, make the plan, & build the stockpile of emergency essentials. You have seen the pictures on the news during the natural disasters, shelves of the grocery store picked clean of the granola bars and bottled water, with despairing people fight over the last pack of essential items.

Emergency preparedness is not rocket science but it is those steps which you are required to take for riding out the disaster and keeping your family and yourself alive. This incorporates those plans which you put in place as well as the supply of those emergency essentials which you eventually built.

Let’s check out the list of some emergency essentials for effective emergency preparedness –

1. Food – While the emergency shuts down the power grid, it shuts down the majority of restaurants and grocery stores as well. In an emergency, in terms of food, easier is better. In the preparedness kit, incorporate easy-to-eat food items such as beef jerky, energy bards, dried fruit, and nuts. However, don’t only grab whatever is the most inexpensive, make sure to keep foods on hand which you & your family like. Consuming unappetizing food is the actual morale-killer while you are already under pressure.

While you are planning essential items, make it a point that you include food for pets and babies too, if required. In case you wish to extend the kit for including alternatives for the hot meals, the canned food items are affordable (Put the can opener in the kit). Or, you can also avail of freeze-dried meal sachets for the lighter which is the more portable alternative. Wish to stock up on the calories without having to break the bank? Food Ration bars are convenient to toss in your emergency kit.

2. 3-day supply of water, along with 1 gallon of water daily for every person – Needless to say, it is among the most important emergency tips to keep in mind. Whether you are brushing the teeth or are drinking, water is inevitable for regular life. After any emergency like flood, earthquake, or tornado, water which comes out of the tap may not be secure to drink, if it is running at all. That is why you are required to have a minimum of a 3-day supply of the bottled water stored at your house, with a single gallon per day per person.

Moreover, don’t forget to incorporate water for pets. Keep the water bottle in every bag. While browsing through the emergency tips, make sure to throw in a few tablets for water purification along with the portable water filter, if you wish to be innovative with getting water. Almost every expert preparedness firm will recommend stocking away pouches or bottles of water besides gallons of portable water in case of any emergency.

3. Tactical Backpack – In case you are into getting the tactical backpack for outdoor adventures, then go online as there are plenty of distinctive models and brands for you to pick from. The most relevant aspect is that the chosen tactical backpack must be of the accurate size for your requirements. Most of the individuals get the biggest size of this tactical gear for which they pay a lot of bucks & over-stuff it with things so that it gets too heavy.

Aim at having the perfect size backpack which will permit you for carrying only what is sufficient for being comfortable. Also, the strap which goes across the chest might seem irrelevant at first, however, your upper back and shoulders will thank you over the long hike. Its chest strap takes immense pressure off the back muscles and shoulder that otherwise would be utilized for holding the backpack in place while you hiked along trails. So, ensure the fact that this chosen tactical gear has the chest strap or, at least, an attachment for one which you can get elsewhere.

4. First-Aid Kit – Injuries can take place during disasters. Henceforth, have the standard first-aid kit with things like gauze, sterile gloves, burn ointment, soap, pain relievers, and bandages in a range of sizes, tweezers, as well as scissors. Disasters are not known as disasters for no reason since the damage often is not limited to buildings and landscapes. When all is said & done, you (or somebody you love) might require a bit of patching up, and you wish to be all ready for this job.

Just like the other items on the list, it is the best idea for you to build the first-aid kit along with what you have already. Gather all the health essentials like gauze, bandages, pain medication, and ointment to produce a standard just-in-case set. Eventually, add items such as elastic bandages, burn cream, tourniquets, allergy medicine, along with other first aid items. Supplement this as required with additional prescription medicines, & in case you have children, make sure to add in their medications as well (such as liquid acetaminophen).

5. Communication & Light – You often rely upon the internet, cellphones, and local news for staying in touch with what is occurring, however, these communication forms usually get less credible in a disaster situation. During an emergency, knowing what is happening around you could mean all the difference between death and life. Looking for the best travel tips? Having the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio in the preparedness kit will keep you well-informed of modifications in the weather, evacuations, along with other relevant emergency details.

Now, various weather radios come as handy combination gadgets that also involve cellphone chargers and lights, decreasing the number of electronics you will be required for keeping in the kit. For security reasons, it is vital to have easily accessible individual lights as well on hand for the household’s every member. They plug into a wall & serve as the night-lights while not in usage. In case there is a power cut, they will automatically illuminate so that you don’t fumble around in the dark, and one of the major reasons why it is one of the most relevant travel tips is because they are always ready-to-use.

6. Clothing & Shelter – With food, water, light, communication, along with medical requirements covered, the next thing you require for worrying about is keeping yourself dry and warm. All the emergency kits must incorporate a minimum of an additional set of apparel for every individual utilizing the kit, besides the reflective emergency blanket. The blanket can be utilized as the emergency shelter if required, however, you might also wish to include the waterproof tarp for additional coverage. Try to get yourself the one that can assist turn tarps and blankets into shelters (along with having a range of other handy users), so it is a good idea for you to have it as a part of the emergency kit.

Along with packing the health essentials, consider the climate & pack for the most usual weather. From additional gloves and a coat to the pair of walking shoes, consider the 3 layers to weatherproof i.e., base, insulation, as well as the shell. The base layer must involve something which wicks away the moisture as well as maintains your body temperature like merino wool or synthetics.

7. The package of the N95 respirator masks – This respirator is designed for protecting you from breathing in non-oil-based particles such as sanding debris and fiberglass. Having this item is something that you shouldn’t ever forget while following the health tips. The valve attached to the masks’ front makes for convenient breathing, along with moisture and heat reduction. The simple mask can help secure the respiratory system in case you are in a condition where you are surrounded by significant debris.

Fumes, Gas, or airborne debris from natural disasters or accidents can cause respiratory issues. The simple surgical mask or painter’s mask will do the job in your kit, though more developed models can filter out an extensive range of smaller particulates as well as last much longer before they have to be replaced. Include this in your health tips – consider what you might be required for filtering out of the air, as well as purchase the right mask type for that particular purpose.


Emergency preparedness can feel like a tiring task, however, now taking some simple steps can save you from a lot of headaches later on. In the best possible situation, you won’t ever require the emergency kit, but in case the worst-case circumstance arises, you will be happy you planned & got the right one. Ultimately, just like with a majority of things in the emergency kit, it is significant to check periodically that any food, medication, or the other perishable supply (can also include pain relievers or water) hasn’t expired.

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