23 Ways To Compromise A Backpacking Trip

Survivopedia backpack

Backpacking should be great fun but it can transform into a death march if you keep doing these too common mistakes.

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6 Basics To Follow When Building Your Weapons

Build Your Own Weapons

When it comes to the arena of personal defense, a good quality weapon must have at least six basic features. So, let’s start with the basics!

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10 Mistakes To Avoid When Packing Your Backpack


At one point or another, each of us have fallen victim to every slip-up in the book until we learned our lesson about backpacking.

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11 Gifts Under $25 For Preppers

Gifts for preppers

Looking for the perfect gift for the preppers in your life? Check out our list of 11 + 1 useful and practical gifts ideas under 25$.

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EMP Survival: 3 Ways To Build A Faraday Cage

Faraday Cage

Keep your key electronics safe in the event of an EMP, with a Faraday cage. Learn how to build your own Faraday cage for EMP survival.

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5 DIY Survival Tools To Make From Scratch


Our ancestors used to manufacture tools from animal bones, stones or metal so let’s learn how to make some DIY survival tools from scratch.

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Surviving Blackout: 12 Survival Alternatives To Candles

Alternative To Candles

You can bring light and heat in darker times with these creative emergency candles you can make from 12 household items.

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Prep Blog Review: Are You Ready To Bug Out?


Bugging out is more than just having a bug out bag to grab when SHTF. Are you ready to bug out? What is your plan?

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5 Things That Make The Difference About Water Purification


Before choosing any method of water purification, make sure that you know these 5 tricks and traps about the process!

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How To Survive If You Get Lost In The Mountains

How To Survive In The Mountains

Here is a guide meant to increase your chances of getting home quickly, easily and safely in case you get lost in the mountains.

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Surviving Nature: How To Prepare For A Hurricane


Some years, you have nothing to worry about during hurricane season. Other years, such as the season of 2004, teach you the value of preparedness.

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Prep Blog Review: Knives, Guns and Camouflage

PBR 6 aug

Today we’ll discuss what’s important for our self-defense. I’m talking about knives, guns, camouflage and other tips and tricks. Keep reading for more.

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Offgrid Survival: 12  Ways To Move Heavy Weights


While we may not know how structures like Stonehenge were built, there are still a number of simple devices that can make life as a prepper much easier.

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13 Multi-Use Survival Items You Can Find At The Dollar Store

dollar store

Instead of talking about individual survival items that you can buy at the Dollar Store, let’s see the top 13 multi-purpose items that you should stock up on.

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10 Essential Medical Resources You Can Get From Nature


What will you do when there are no bandages, no medications, and no way to get help? Nature will be by your side to help you.

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7 DIY Safe House Projects To Hide Your Valuables

safe box

Nowadays even my monkey has something to hide. Check these 7 clever methods to protect your cash or your valuables, that you can DIY in a few hours!

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