[VIDEO] Pocket Survival Kit (PSK) – Modified Rule of Threes

Three hours without shelter, three days without water, three weeks without food. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. It’s the rule of threes – probably the oldest and most widely used mnemonic in the survival world. But your Pocket Survival Kit (PSK) is meant to make you survive anything.

So Cache Valley Prepper is here to teach you what other “threes” you should be considering in your survival path. For example three seconds without thinking – because that’s all the time you’ll have in most gunfights. Watch the last part of his PSK series to find out the key of three to your survival needs!

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Cache Valley Prepper is the CEO of Survival Sensei, LLC, a freelance author, writer, survival instructor, consultant and the director of the Survival Brain Trust. A descendant of pioneers, Cache was raised in the tradition of self-reliance and grew up working archaeological digs in the desert Southwest, hiking the Swiss Alps and Scottish highlands and building the Boy Scout Program in Portugal. Cache was mentored in survival by a Delta Force Lt Col and a physician in the US Nuclear Program and in business by Stephen R. Covey. You can catch up with Cache teaching EMP survival at survival expos, teaching SERE to ex-pats and vagabonds in South America or getting in some dirt time with the primitive skills crowd in a wilderness near you. His Facebook page is here. Cache Valley Prepper is a pen name used to protect his identity. You can send Cache Valley Prepper a message at editor [at] survivopedia.com

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  • The original rule is straightforward and has been proven effective for a reason. Introducing too many variations might dilute its simplicity and clarity. Sometimes, sticking to the basics is the best approach.

  • Well all I NEED IS MY AR-15 just to be clear

    • I hope you’re joking. I really do.

      While an AR-15 is good to have, it’s literally not all you need. You can’t drink it. You can’t build a shelter with it. You can hunt game with it, but you can’t cook with it. You can’t purify water with it. And more.

      Hopefully you get the point that thinking like that could cause major problems in a lot of situations. Because that kind of thinking is too simplistic and based on ignorance at best, and totally dumb at worst.