Senior Preparedness: What Types Of Food To Store?

Here are a few senior preparedness tips for building your survival stockpile so that you’ll have what you need when SHTF.

Gun Control: A Holocaust Against Our Soldiers And Veterans

When people trained to defend us with guns are called incompetent to own and use guns, an abuse is made by those who sent them off to war.

13 Ways To Fight Aging Naturally

How is it that we all feel 20 in our minds, yet are betrayed by wrinkles on the face in the mirror? Looking young is just a bonus, health is more important.

Winter Survival: How To Snow Shovel Like A Pro

Did you know that a significant part of the deaths were caused by heart attacks linked to shoveling snow? The stress of activity and cold air are a fatal mix for many.

Survival Plans For Disabled: How To Escape From Fire

If you are disabled, you need to understand how your evacuation plans might differ from those created by someone that has other options.

3 Important Reasons To Join A Survival Group

There’s a reason for the timeless aphorism ’misery loves company’. It’s one of the foundational concepts for the proliferation of the species.

Top 10 Types Of Meds You Need To Stockpile

You should have at least a month’s medical supply. What if you don’t have access to what you need, though? Find out how to build your medical supply!

Prep Blog Review: Tips For The Vulnerable Preppers

We know that prepping under these circumstances can sometimes be down right frustrating, so we gathered 5 articles that deal with these kind of issues.

Survival Preparedness For Veterans

Surviving combat doesn’t necessarily mean one is ready to take on the next disaster, especially if they don’t have the supplies stockpiled.

Preparedness Tricks For People With Disabilities

Having a disability doesn’t make you helpless but it does mean that you’ll have to make extra provisions for your own safety and welfare in case SHTF.

6 Survival Items To Hoard When You’re 60

There are some things that you really have to consider when making plans, and some special items that your younger counterparts may not need.

Martial Arts For Street Fights? 5 Myths Debunked

The average diploma mill black belt holder DOES NOT have a better chance of winning a street fight than the average guy. So why is that?

Weak And Lonely Prepper Or Greatest Goldmine Of Skills?

Preparing for a serious crisis or disaster can be a challenge for a normal, healthy person, but what about those who are elderly and weakened?

Prep Blog Review: Your Family’s Survival Plan

Many of us prepper know that all the plans, strategies and struggles are to keep us, but more importantly our family safe!

Pros and Cons for Building a Container House

There’s a reason why shipping containers are one of the most sought-after “materials” for building a bug-out retreat. Find out why…

Easy Preparedness Plan for the Oldies

Surviving a SHTF situation as a healthy 35-year-old is tough enough but if you happen to be a bit more seasoned, your hill just got a little steeper. But knowledge and experience can’t be replaced by youth, so you still have a tremendous advantage.