Survival Gardening: How To Plan Your Low Water Garden

Low Water Crops

You don’t always need a ton of water to grow food. That’s where low-water crops come in. Here is how to start your low-water garden.

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10 TO DOs In Winter For Your Survival Garden


You don’t want all of your gardening efforts to be wasted during winter. Here are 10 steps to follow to protect your survival garden.

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3 Ways To Add A Rooster To Your Flock


Adding a rooster to your flock will bring you many advantages: you’ll have happier, safer hens and fertile eggs for hatching.

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How To Keep Your Winter Stockpile Safe


This winter, your reserves can be threatened in numerous ways. Are yours going to make it through until spring comes?

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How To Make Bannock For Survival

Bannock for Survival

Do you need a quick bread, easy to cook over a campfire? Then you need some bannock! Here is how to cook bannock for survival.

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Four Common Mistakes When Burning Wood

Burning wood

Wood stoves are great to provide heat when the power is out. Here are 4 major mistakes when burning wood, and how to avoid them.

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Leaky Cellar 101: What You Need To Know


A leaky cellar impacts the shelf life of your supplies. Let’s see what you can do to keep your cellar dry and your stockpile safe.

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How To Survive With Kids In Small Spaces


Keep your kids entertained if you are stranded in a small space in a survival situation, with these fun and creative activities.

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What You Need To Do For Your Livestock This Fall


Water, food, shelter and safety are essential for your livestock. You still have time to get your livestock ready for the cold days.

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How To Start Your Survival Terrarium


When SHTF, you’ll want to have a discreet garden to grow some survival food. You can create a survival garden inside a terrarium. Here’s how!

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What You Need To Know About Autumn Gardens


While autumn may not be associated with gardening by default, there’s still plenty you can do. Did you know these tips?

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How To Build Up Your Food Reserves For Everyday Use

17625452 - old cellar  - pantry with food

Having a complete stockpile for survival is not enough. You also need a pantry of food reserves intended for everyday use. Let’s see how to build it!

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8 Signs That Predict The Coming Food Crisis

35612251 - dry season in a corn field.

Don’t let the full shelves fool you. While the sky may not actually be falling, the world is facing a food shortage. Are you prepared?

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4 Ways To Help Your Plants Survive A Heatwave


Even if you haven’t planned for hot days, there are steps you can take to protect your plants from a heatwave. Here are four of them!

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Basic Survival Food From Your Garden: Corn


A quick look at history will show that our ancestors depended on this staple crop. This food has fed countless people and animals throughout time.

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What You Need To Know About Pet Food For Survival


You need to prepare food for your pets too. They’ll need to eat after the SHTF and you can’t run to the store and buy another 50-pound sack.

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