7+ Tips To Survive When Camping In Winter

Winter Camping

Winter camping is not for everyone, but if you want to test your winter survival skills, follow these tips and enjoy a unique experience.

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DIY Winter Water Heaters For Chicken Coop


Water is important for your chickens during winter. Make sure you keep your chicken’s water from freezing with these DIY projects.

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Winter Survival: How To Start A Fire In The Snow

How to Start a fire in the snow

Winter time is arguably the hardest in terms of outdoor survival. If you can’t start a fire in the snow, you’ll end up dead.

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Projects For The Urban Survivor: DIY Tripwire Alarm

Tripwire alarm

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on home security devices, here is how to build a tripwire alarm dirt cheap and crazy simple.

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Winter Survival: How To Build A Snow Shelter


Winter presents many challenges but also many lessons as you can practice your survival skills. Here is how to build your snow shelter.

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DIY Basic Project: How To Build A Ladder


Let’s be serious, who doesn’t need a ladder? Follow the steps in this easy DIY project and build a ladder for your homestead.

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8 Survival Hacks Using Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap Hacks

From first aid to building a shelter, plastic wrap has many uses if SHTF, so keep several rolls of it in your stockpile.

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DIY Fuel: How To Turn Wood Into Briquettes 

Wood Briquettes

These DIY wood briquettes can help you prepare for a crisis, save money on your heating bill and increase your income.

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How To Make Briquettes From Daily Waste


Nothing gets wasted, everything gets transformed, even daily wastes you can transform into a source of energy – briquettes.

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5 DIY Survival Tools To Make From Scratch


Our ancestors used to manufacture tools from animal bones, stones or metal so let’s learn how to make some DIY survival tools from scratch.

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3 Medieval Remedies To Heal The Common Cold

Cold Remedies

Instead of taking cold medicine, try these 3 revived ancient remedies and you’ll feel alive again.

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5 Great Survival Uses For Whiskey, Beside Bartering


Having the perfect tools and/or supplies at your disposal in a SHTF situation is a pretty rare occurrence. What if all you have is whiskey?

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This Is How To Fireproof Your Home

32320556 - family of mother with children at burning house background

if you’re surrounded day after day by open flames, a fire is an accident waiting to happen. Take these steps to prevent it from happening!

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How To Use Concrete: 5 Projects For Your Homestead

Using Concrete

Concrete is a homesteader’s best friend and the ideal choice for building lots of stuff. Here are a few DIY projects to try on!

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5 DIY Cooling Devices For Your Off-grid Survival

air cooling

How can you deal with a heatwave when it comes to off-grid survival? This is how to DIY your own air conditioner in case you need it.

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How To Build Your Own Irrigation System

irrigation system

DIY irrigation systems will save you dollars and they are easy to build using readily-available materials. Which of these 4 projects would you choose?

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