October 2015

Prep Blog Review Oct 31Being a real prepper also means you’re constantly thinking of how to make the most of what you have, how to waste little if nothing at all and how to reuse and re-purpose what you have at hand.

Food falls into all of the categories above as it’s one of the most valuable resources we have and don’t afford to waste. So here are 5 articles that will help you with that.

Plastic containersIt seems that everything comes in a plastic container that typically ends up in a landfill. Butter bowls, milk jugs, take-out containers, juice bottles; the list goes on.

Most municipalities have less-than-effective recycling programs, so is there a way to repurpose these containers? There certainly is. In fact, there are several ways. The secret, though, is to know how to clean them properly if you’re going to use them for food storage.

Regular knife users have learned to appreciate the versatility and usefulness of their blade. A knife is an essential part of your survival gear. It’s an investment much more than it is a purchase, because when properly taken care of, it may end up lasting a lifetime.

Though not all knives share the same quality standards, one thing is true about the majority of survival knives: they’re designed to withstand regular use for long periods of time. The question is: how should you care for your blade and what are the mistakes to avoid when using it?

StockpileYou’ve got a ton of vegetables canned. Your jellies look beautiful in their jars and you have a good variety of fruits. That was all a ton of work but it wasn’t hard to figure out.

The question now is how do you stockpile the hard stuff like meat, butter or even eggs? There are plenty of necessary foods that you need to stockpile that may prove to be a challenge if you don’t have access to a freezer and refrigerator.

Don’t worry though. You can do it, and we’re going to tell you how.

BenghaziThis last week marked the long-awaited appearance of Hillary Clinton before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. This has only taken three years to arrange, mostly because of foot-dragging and the intentional hiding of e-mails by Hillary herself.

While it has taken a long time to get to this point, Representative Trey Gowdy has made it clear that he is determined to follow through and find out what happened and what failures caused the death of Ambassador Stevens and the others.

Bug in BagEven fans of Home Alone can tell you that when your home is your castle, you don’t need to worry about trying to live out of bag. But there is a huge difference between a problem that lasts only two or three days and a complete social collapse.

More, the kinds of situations that lead to a major social collapse are also likely to render at least some parts of your home inaccessible. For example, in a major flood, you will need to shelter upstairs, while a nuclear explosion or tornado coming through will dictate moving into the basement.