Prep Blog Review: Make The Best Of Your Food

Being a real prepper also means you’re constantly thinking of how to make the most of what you have, how to waste little if nothing at all and how to reuse and re-purpose what you have at hand.

Food falls into all of the categories above as it’s one of the most valuable resources we have and don’t afford to waste. So here are 5 articles that will help you with that.

1. Ten Tips for Processing Big Game

processing game meat“1. Torch the hair. No matter how careful you are while skinning, some hair will end up on the meat. You can waste time picking it off with your fingers, or get down to business by burning it off using a quick pass of the butane torch.

2. Sharpen knives before (and during). When helping friends cut meat, I don’t know how many time I’ve been handed a dull blade. That’s one of the reasons I travel with my own knife roll. I start every butchering session by running each knife over a hone, then use a steel throughout the process to maintain the sharpest edge.”

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2. 15 Fruits and Veggies You Can Regrow From Scraps

regrow veggies“You don’t need seeds to plant a garden. Believe it or not, there are many fruits and vegetables you can regrow from table scraps. Just buy them once and you can have a never-ending supply! In this article I’m going to focus on fruits and veggies that are relatively easy to grow.

Note: Sometimes conventional produce is sprayed with chemicals to prevent sprouting and other re-growing tactics. For best results, choose organic or farm-fresh plants for your initial re-growing attempts.”

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3. Homemade Cold and Cough Remedy

homemade remedies“Last winter I ran across a video on You Tube with a recipe for a homemade cold and cough remedy that looked really easy to make, so I decided to try it.

It is simple to make and it also works, making you feel better and I believe get well faster.  The best part is that it is made from all natural ingredients.  Since the cold and flu season is coming, I thought this was a good time to share it.”

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4. 50 Organizing Tips for Food Storage & Emergency Supplies

food storage“Place like items on the same shelf store your most used foods where they are easiest to access. Devise a system that works for you. I like to keep baking goods together, fruit storage together (canned and dehydrated), soups together, grains together, etc.

Some folks like to alphabetize because it’s how their brain works. Don’t be afraid to try a few different ways until it clicks for you. Mark Expiration Dates with sharpie in a clearly visible location Rotate – first in first out is a good rule of thumb.”

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5. This Do-It-Yourself Garden Hack Is The Secret to an Abundant Garden

vegetables and greens in the garden“My grandfather always had a robust garden filled with vegetables. His secret was rich, nutrient dense soil. He taught me that the plants we grow and soil have a symbiotic relationship.

If the soil has nutrients, the plants will thrive. That said, many gardeners forget this vital tip and tend to lean towards chemical fertilizers as a way to quickly replenish their soil and grow their plants. Overtime, this can cause the soil to become depleted of vital nutrients because the fertilizers kill or leaches out the nutritional aspects of the soil.”

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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Brenda E. Walsh loves nature and all its wonders and has took up gardening as well as canning whatever thrives in her urban mini-garden, being especially interested in herbs and spices. She also loves animals, traveling, walking long distances, hikes and reading. You can send Brenda a message at editor [at]